Renji Yoso

Renji is one of the seven warlords of the Dark Guild Necessarius.


Renji has the appearance of a teenager despite being over 25. He has long brown hair, reaching past his waist. He wears a poncho that covers his upper body, although at times, he wears it as a cape. He has no upper body clothing, and is revealed to have quite a toned body. He wears fingerless gauntlets with four small protrusions where the knuckles are (two on each hand, imprinted with his name) and as well as a pair of baggy pants with two sections each with a set of three straps on each leg and shoes with two studs protruding from the toes. He also wears a belt embedded with an insignia and the straps are lined with it as well.


He is often calm, cruel and sadistic. Although he loves to watch strong mages battle, especially ones from Rosenkratz. He rarely gets angry, but when he does, his fury is unimaginable, reaching the point where even the Ten Wizard Saints fear his anger.


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Magic and Abilities

The Four Kings

His magic allows him to summon four different elemental giants, he states that it is similar to celestial spirit magic, as each spirit has a specific power and time they can be summoned. The four spirit's elements are Fire, Water, Wind and Earth.

Behind the Scenes

He is based off of Asakura Hao in Shaman King.