Renyen is an S-Class mage of the Watcher Eye Guild.


Renyen has had a lonely life. Both his parents died when he was young and so Renyen turned to stealing to survive. Renyen also taught himself how to use magic.

After a few years, Renyen tried to use his magic to steal money from a man he mistook for just an ordinary guy. However, the man noticed Renyen and told him that he shouldn't be belittling his magical talents by using them for simple theivery. The man introduced himself as, Marco the guildmaster of the Watcher Eye Guild, and invited Renyen to come find a home with him and his guild.


Becuase Renyen's life before joining Watcher Eye, Renyen values his guild more than anything. He will not hesistate to sacrifice his life for his guild. Because Marco is the one who took Renyen off the streets he is especially loyal to him.

In battle Renyen keeps a cool head, remaining calm through most situations. Renyen is able to easily analyse his opponent's abilities and find their weaknesses.

Magic and Abilities

Like Gray, Renyen is a user of Maker Magic, except instead of manipulating ice Renyen manipulates rubber.

  • Rubber Make: Fists: Renyen creates several fists made of rubber.
  • Rubber Make: Cannonball: Renyen shoots giant cannonball made of rubber out from his hand.
  • Rubber Make: Bullets: Renyen shoots out a hail of bullets
  • Rubber Make: Dome: Renyen creates a dome of rubber around himself and any others protecting any under the dome
  • Rubber Make: Doll: Renyen creates a duplicate of himself made out of rubber.
  • Rubber Make: Armor: Renyen creates a suit of rubber that he wears decreasing the shock from an impact.
  • Rubber Make: Ropes: Renyen creates thick ropes made of rubber to bind his opponent
  • Rubber Make: Springs: Renyen makes rubber springs on the soles of his shoes that he can use to jump great heights.

Marionette: Renyen is also able to guide his Cannonball and Bullets by controlling them with this magic.