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Replacement Magic
Replacement Magic



Kainin no Mahō


Caster Magic



Replacement Magic (改任の魔法, Kainin no Mahō) is a variation of the extremely difficult-to-master Space-Time Magic. It revolves around the replacement of one object with another within a given radius.


Replacement Magic functions through the use of the individual's Magic Circle. By using this as a medium for their magical power, the user proceeds to create a pathway within the fourth dimension which then connects to any other area defined by a magic circle; or if none is defined, themselves. When this connection is established, the user may proceed to use magic as a medium to travel across this connection at an extremely high speed. Depending on the distance, one object may be replaced with another in a matter of an instant, leaving enemies bewildered as to the nature of the movement present. Nevertheless, there are drawbacks to this very convenient magic. Due to the nature of creating magical pathways within a fourth dimension, the time spent within the fourth dimension has to be extremely limited, for one can easily die due to the lack of oxygen within it. Furthermore, the amount of magic and focus it takes to sustain multiple pathways at once makes it ideal for only one-on-one combat situations. However, this also makes the user rather predictable, causing surprise to be exchanged in favor of high-speed attacks. Nevertheless, it is a highly useful and dangerous magic if employed to its fullest.


Alastor's Spells

  • Encircle (回り込み, Mawari Komi)
  • Transpose (スイッチング, Suicchingu)
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