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Requip (換装, Kansō) is a Caster Magic and Spatial Magic that allows its users access to a personal storage vault of sorts inside of a pocket dimension, allowing them to contain items and equipment within.


As previously stated, Requip allows the user deposit and retrieve items in a personal pocket dimension that they can summon at any time. This is done by channeling their magic power into either their hand(s) or their entire body, focusing their energy until they reach out, either pushing their equipment into the dimension or pulling it back to their person with a concentrated flash of light. This process is quick enough to do in the midst of combat, switching equipment before continuing the combat sequence.

A depiction of the swapping process.

For all intents and purposes, the user's personal dimension seems to function much like a large closet, only capable of storing things they are capable of carrying and wearable items. The maximum known record of items held within one's Requip dimension is 260. For the most part, the items and armaments summoned by their users often seem to have magical properties, giving them access to new abilities or boosting their existing prowess. With enough practice, users are also capable of summoning multiple items simultaneously if they so desire.

Those that specialize in Requip, particularly in summoning a particular genre of equipment, often give their form of Requip unique title, such as Erza Scarlet's The Knight or Bisca Connell's The Gunner. While it can be used for combat purposes, Requip is a useful day-to-day magic and can be used from anything to simply changing outfits or summoning a sword in the midst of battle.


Title Creator Free Use
Arcane Science AtlantisUchiha No
The Amazonian Zetarion No
The Anarchist Zetarion No
The Angel Of Death MaouOfConquest No
The Archer Rukiryo No
The Black Knight Zetarion No
The Crossbowman ThatHuoRen10 No
The Crusader ArtistOfTheDaleks No
The Dark Knight Nearó No
The Demon Skullguy123 No
The Dominus/The Master PixelGuyTV No
The Exorcist GranCrux No
The Gunner Canon Yes
The Heavenly Alya145 No
The Hoplite ThatHuoRen10 No
The Huntsman Zetarion No
The Knight Canon Yes
The Legionary ThatHuoRen10 No
The Liberator Zetarion No
The Librarian Flame Lizard No
The Locksmith Ourainia No
The Magician Zetarion No
The Mercenary Zetarion No
The Musician Avater13 No
The Pallasite Zetarion No
The Paladin Underachievee No
The Protector Great Achlus No
The Puppeteer M No
The Reaper Zetarion No
The Shaman ArtistOfTheDaleks No
The Storm Empress BlueJaytheWizard No
The Survivor Arukana No
The Valkyrie Zetarion No
The Warmonger Zetarion No
The World TartCrimson No


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