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"It's best if you keep your nose out things, young prince. It'll prevent you from getting hurt in the near future. Take the warning to heart, lest you regret it later on." — Gilvan Astraius
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Requip - The Magician
The Magician



Rekippu: Za Majishan


Holder Magic
Subspecies Magic


Timaeus Houdini

Requip: The Magician (換装魔法·魔法王の千形態(レキップ・ザ・マジシャン), Rekippu: Za Majishan; lit. "Express Equipmentary Magic: Thousand Forms of the Magic King")


Unique Powers & Capabilities

Various Armors & Weaponry


  • This magic was created as a reference page as to relieve the intended character article with any extra information, making it readable to others.
  • The term for this magic is derived from the word "Magician" — people known to practice magic. This fits in with the overall theme of this magic, as it ties in with the various classifications of magicians & the tools used by them.
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