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Reticulum the Net is a silver key in the possession of Sengoku Orichiba .


Reticulum appears as a large floating orange eyeball with several tentacles protruding from all sides of it which entangle like a net hence his name. The iris of his eye is blue and the tentacles can also extend and contract.


Reticulum doesn't appear to think to higly of many people but has strong caring emotions for his owner and fellow spirits. He also has an opinion of most people's magical abilities be it poor or great. He also cannot speak through his own body but by controlling the mind of a nearby person he can exert his opinions.

Magic and Abilities

Nekousoku Tube : He uses a form of antimagic which allows him to bind and stab the enemies with his tentacles. While binded the enemy cannot utilize magical power. He can also create spikes on his tentacles to increase lethality, they can also be fired like projectiles.

  • Oblivion: He extends all of his tentacles at the foe which all bind them, preventing them from using their magic
  • Hunting Lash: he lashes two tentacles at the foe which slash them as if they were sharp, he can also repeatedly slash the foe leaving open wounds.

Spy Magic : He can also create eyes on any surface he wishes air, earth water and even living beings such as animals, humans and plants.

  • Eye Shower: He creates several small floating eyeballs around the enemy and himself which can then pummel the enemy or be used for the main purpose, spying.
  • Assisstance: He places eyes all over his owner's body like on his clothing or the back of his head to aid him in detecting sneak attacks.

Mind Controlling : He can also contol the mind of a person which he usually does to speak through them, when the person is being controlled they loose their pupils until they regain their will.


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