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"They have forced us to suffer for so long...Now we must fight...for a better tomorrow!"
— The Retribution Army vow.

Retribution Army
Retribution Army
Kanji 報復陸軍
Romaji Hōfuku Rikugun
Status Active
Founder(s) Eric Byrne
Katherine Hu
Headquarters Isles
Leader(s) Eric Byrne(Commander)
Ayane Hakaisareta(Corporal)
Robert Kalyfrin(Corporal)
Purpose To bring down the Isles Royal Family.

The Retribution Army (報復陸軍 Hōfuku Rikugun) is the unofficial army of rebellion representing the citizens of the Isles. Their purpose is to bring down the Isles Royal Family through war and strategy. Although they are similar to Paradonix, the do not kidnap children and experiment on them. Instead, they act as a army and will accept anyone into it.


Name Rank Team Status
Eric ByrneCommanderNoneActive
Katherin HuSecond-In-CommandNoneActive
Ayane HakaisaretaCorporalSquad AyaneActive
Robert KalyfrinCorporalSquad AyaneActive
Ayato HarlyneAssassinElite Assassination Team No.36Active
Eren HakaisaretaAssassinElite Assassination Team No.36Semi-Active
Hundreds of Unnamed SoldiersSoldierVariousActive
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