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Rhea Cybele

リア シベル


ria shiberu


Devouring Earth Dragon




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Dragon Ragnarok

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Miyuki Sawashiro

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Rhea Cybele (リアシベル Ria Shiberu) is a member of Dragon Ragnarok , a guild of various generations of Dragon Slayers created by Zelretch Kenos in order to one day conquer Pangaea. She utilizes Cavern Dragon Slayer Magic via implanting a lacrima.



Rhea is a young girl with purple eyes and medium length brown hair which is tied up into large twin tails and she has a well-endowed and curvaceous body. She wears short-sleeved one-piece orange suit, boots with five crossed laces that extend almost up to her knees, and two finger-less gauntlets of a blue-grey leathery material covered in shiny steel stud

Rhea Cybele's appearance


Among the girls of the guild, Rhea is considered a pure example of a muscle head girl. She prefers to always punch first and ask questions later while she doesn't care about the damage she causes in her area, needing her partner Typhon to restrain and cool her down. Also, she tends to be easily infuriated, causing her to rampage and crush anything near her. Rhea is also prideful, never backing down from a challenge or insult, with her giving it her all.

Magic & Abilities

Immense Magic Power: Rhea possesses a lot of magic power, having enough to make her magic's effect and range cave in a whole village and a great part of its surrounding area.

Immense Strength

Enhanced Senses: As a dragon slayer, Rhea possesses incredible senses like hearing and smell.

Mediocre Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Unlike the rest of her guild members, Rhea is not skilled in close combat, relying on her brute strength and magic to defeat enemies.

"The Cavern Dragon splits the earth in order to throw enemies to their death. That's what i will do with you lot!"

Cavern Dragon Slayer Magic

Cavern Dragon Slayer Magic (岩窟の滅竜魔法 Gankutsu no Metsuryū Mahō) is Caster Magic, Lost Magic, an Ancient Spell and a form of Dragon Slayer Magic that allows Rhea to generate, manipulate, and presumably consume (like other forms of Dragon Slayer Magic) the element in question, which in this case is earth. Rhea is able to become one with the ground in order to travel safely while the magic itself is about disrupting the earth in her area, creating explosions of stones and leaving fissures on the earth among other things. She herself can eat earth magic and rocks to restore her magic power or strengthen herself.


  • Cavern Dragon's Roar (岩窟竜の咆哮 Gankutsuryū no Hōkō ): Cybele gathers magic power in her mouth and releases a vortex of rock shards that inflicts blunt and slashing damage to those hit while also pushing them back.
  • Cavern Dragon's Earth Collapse (岩窟竜の大地崩壊 Gankutsuryū no Daichi Hōkai): Cybele gathers magic power in her hands and slaps them upon the ground and destroys the earth in a relatively large, explosive radius, which not only destroys her foes' footing, but also leaves them bombarded with the extremely large boulders fractured from the ground.
  • Cavern Dragon's Rock Fist (岩窟竜の地球拳 Gankutsuryū no Chikyū Ken): Cybele gathers magic power in her hand and encases her hand in rock and punches a target.
  • Cavern Dragon's Crushing Fang (岩窟竜の砕牙Gankutsuryū no Saiga): Cybele gathers magic power in her hand and encases it in rocks before swinging it in an arc, striking the target with her fingertips, leaving a trail of rock shards.
  • Cavern Dragon's Wing Attack (岩窟竜の翼撃 Gankutsuryū no Yokugeki): Cybele gathers magic power in her arms and coats them in stone and slams the target. Alternatively, she brings down her arms to release numerous stones that barrage her targets.
  • Cavern Dragon's Collapse (岩窟竜の崩壊 Gankutsuryū no Hōkai): Cybele gathers magic power in her hand and by bringing her index and middle fingers down while pointing in a specific spot, she creates a small hole. This spell is mostly used to restrain targets or creating traps.

Advanced Spells

  • Cavern Dragon's Scales (岩窟竜の鱗 Gankutsuryū no Uroko): Cybele gathers magic power and spreads it to her body, encasing it in scales of rock and dirt. The scales offer increased offense and defense.
  • Cavern Dragon's Veins (岩窟竜の静脈 Gankutsuryū no Jōmyaku): Cybele gathers magic power in her hand and extends her hand towards a direction, creating a rising, explosive pillar of earthly magic energy.
  • Cavern Dragon's Morning Star (岩窟竜の契木術 Gankutsuryū no Chigiriki): Cybele gathers magic power in her hand and covers it in rock and dirt, creating a morning star. The weapon is incredibly hard, being able to damage bones in one hit.

Secret Dragon Slayer Arts

  • Gaia's Chaos: Fissure Mouth (ガイアのカオス:割れ目口 Gaia no Kaosu: Wareme Kuchi): Cybele gathers huge amounts of magic power in her hands and slaps the ground, causing the ground beneath the target to split.Then, between the splitted ground sides numerous spike layers akin to a mouth appear and once the target falls, the two ground sides become one again, with the target being pierced and crushed.
  • Gaia's Chaos: Rocky Rain (ガイアのカオス:ロッキー・レイン Gaia no Kaosu: Rokkī Rein): Cybele gathers huge amounts of magic power in her feet and then breaks the ground around her with a stomp, causing countless shards of rocks to be thrown up in the air and fly upwards. Then, she turns her hand into a rocky lance and the shards stop and point towards the opponent, before she and the shards rush towards the opponent.

Trivia & Notes

  • Rhea or Rheia (/ˈriːə/; Ancient Greek: Ῥέα [r̥é.aː] or Ῥεία [r̥ěː.aː]) is a character in Greek mythology, the Titaness daughter of the earth goddess Gaia and the sky god Uranus, Gaia's son. She is also the older sister and wife of Cronus. In early traditions, she is known as "the mother of gods" and therefore is strongly associated with Gaia and Cybele, who have similar functions. The classical Greeks saw her as the mother of the Olympian gods and goddesses, but not as an Olympian goddess in her own right. The Romans identified her with Magna Mater (their form of Cybele), and the Goddess Ops.
  • Cybele (/ˈsɪbəliː/ SIB-ə-lee;[1] Phrygian: Matar Kubileya/Kubeleya "Kubileya/Kubeleya Mother", perhaps "Mountain Mother";[2] Lydian Kuvava; Greek: Κυβέλη Kybele, Κυβήβη Kybebe, Κύβελις Kybelis) is an Anatolian mother goddess; she may have a possible forerunner in the earliest neolithic at Çatalhöyük, where statues of plump women, sometimes sitting, have been found in excavations. Phrygia's only known goddess, she was probably its national deity. Greek colonists in Asia Minor adopted and adapted her Phrygian cult and spread it to mainland Greece and to the more distant western Greek colonies around the 6th century BC.
  • Rhea's appearance and powers are based on Diane from Nanatsu no Taizai.