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Rika Groundhogg (リカ・グラウンドホッグ Rika Guraundohoggu) is a Mage from the Flying Fish Guild.


Rika Groundhogg is a young girl. She has light grey hair and golden eyes. On her hair, she wears a black cap.

She wears a black outfit: a black dress with a white collar, with puffy shoulders. Underneath the dress, she wears a gray shirt. Her Guild stamp is located on her left foot.

When walking through the forest and the wilderness, she is seen wearing a white dress and her hair is worn loose.


Little is known about Rika and her life. She clearly has a very mysterious personality. She doesn't socialize with her guildmates very much and is seen, most of the time, taking on requests.

She enjoys taking walks on the forest and watching landscapes on her crystal orb.

Magic and Abilities


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Rika's Hermes Orb

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