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Ring of Draupnir



Ringu no Doraupuna


Holder Magic
Ten Rings of Norvino



Ring of Draupnir(ドラウプナー Ringu no Doraupuna Lit; "Ring of the Dripper") Is one of the Ten Rings of Norvino that was handed down from the Norvino Kingdom Royal Family from generations to generations, until it was passed to the hands of the current queen, Aivenna Solus, who then passed it on to one of her knights, Raniya, for her serious and very determined nature.


When the user begins to channel their Eternano into the ring, it slowly begins to glow, creating a bright aura around the user as the ring itself slowly begins to multiply, moving from one finger to another until all ten fingers have the same replica ring. When the rings are on both user's hands, this allows the user to use multiple forms of abilities depending on what each ring does, though the result can be random at best, and unpredictable when used. However, like the other rings, there is a certain risk to it, one being that despite the rings ability to replicate itself and use different abilities, the abilities are relatively weaker and cannot deal much damage. In addition, the rings themselves are seen to be very vulnerable and can easily break when they are hit by an outside attack. 

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