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The country of Ca-Elum the home of the Bailong's Legion. The home of many powerful Human dragon hybrid's was in the sights of Nul-Zar De-Ceit and his allies seeking a challenge from the so called powerful legion. Nul-Zar wanted to test his strength so to draw attention he started killing those who tried to stop him from going closer and closer to the nest of the legion. He knew if he got too close he'd get swarmed by powerful opponents so he bid his time slaying patrols of the legion as they hunted for him. His allies would take their corpses back to their base for research but Nul-Zar was far from satisfied by slaying weaklings he knew a challenge would emerge soon if he was patient.

Having heard of a group of strangers that slew innocents, Diarmuid went out to face the group with a small group of hybrids under his command. Listening to the information of the people he encountered during his search, he eventually came close enough to the camp of the group that slaughtered the innocents in his country that his eyes could see them without being found out. Motioning for silence from his troops, he kept observing the intruders until night came. Looking up at the night sky, Diarmuid showed a small but gentle smile to his fellow fighters when he saw that there was a full moon high up in the sky, his ice magic would be strengthened a lot more than normal that night. While his ice related magic was already a potent threat at day, the night increased the strength of his ice-magic by a factor of two, and the full moon gave an extra boost of a factor four to the boost that the night already gave, which in turn meant that his ice-magic would be only that much deadlier that night.

Focussing his magic on the camp, Diarmuid strangled eleven of the warriors without making a sound, simply by freezing the very liquids in their body. A clean, cold death was better than they deserved, but he didn't like exposing his own troops to these warriors of unknown origin. Placing an ice crystal at a few spots in the camp, to give him sensory information if needed, he switched his body to ice before reappearing in the camp while leaving his escort behind as back-up. Killing the last of the warrior through freezing his heart, he spoke for the first time since he picked up the camp of the invaders. "Who ever the leader might be of this group of intruders, show yourself to me and explain the reason for murdering all those innocents or face the wrath of me and the army i brought with me."

Nul-Zar watched from the shadows the deaths of the mercenaries he hired were of little use at this point but they served one purpose to distract and help him learn his enemies abilities or magic, which he learned via his one true asset Crevan Sytiki who was aware of the legions arrival since the beginning via Crevan's Spatial Magic he watched as his soldiers were slain. He signalled to Crevan to ensure no one interferes and be ready for a quick get away if needed then went out observant but ready the camp was made specifically to tip whatever attack to his advantage. He walked out calmly with no sign of worry or concern and stared at the demon general of the legion, he had interrogated patrols for as much information as he could so he knew a little about the ranking of the legion he calmly spoke with an arrogant tone in his voice "So this is a Demon general? Sorry to say this, but I'm not impressed, killing those mercs I hired does nothing. Anyway explain yourselves, before I show you a real demon." He said calmly keeping an eye out in case any of Diarmuid's men tries to attack him.

Solidifying his body again from ice to flesh and blood in a faint azure glow, Diarmuid his eyes got a cerulean blue glow for a few seconds as he looked at Nul-Zar. Keeping his voice soft, with a rather gentle tone in his voice he directed his attention to the strange man in front of him. "It doesn't matter if you are impressed by your encounter of me or not, since intruders don't have any use in my eyes. So explain yourself first why you intruded my country with just these weak mercenaries or face a demon general of this country." Keeping an eye on not only his opponent, but also on his surroundings, he prepared a few spells in case his opponent would prefer to speak with his fists instead of words.

Diarmuid knew that the rankings of bailongs legion where not that well known outside of the country, so either got his information through depraved manners or through bribing. Both of which made Nul-Zar an opponent he would rather deal with quickly but as long as he didn't know where he picked up the ranking in the legion it was better not to kill him.

Nul-zar starts laughing, seemingly enjoying the demon general's demands a bit more then he should be. "I'll answer your question with one word: Revolution." He stopped laughing seeming serious in his statement. In truth he just wanted to get blood samples of strong members of the Bailongs legion for research purposes. He wanted to try and lure a royal general to try and get a stronger sample but the current opposition he is facing to him is considered his test, if he can't take a demon general he can't hit anyone stronger. He contemplated for a moment before deciding to speak once again "If your curious on how I know this, its quite simple. I Tortured the heck out of any patrols I came across, Oh their screams were so intense, but they are dead now. You are a fool who has entered my camp, I'll deal with you myself." In the distance behind them the sounds of battle begun as it appeared the warriors Diarmuid brought were being ambushed by an invisible force "Ah, seems my knight has begun to fight, time for the King to do his duty too." He drew his sword as his left hand begun to channel magic as he taunted "Meet the tool of your end!" He made no move and took a defensive stance ready for Diarmuid's attack.

Hearing the sounds of battle behind him, Diarmuid his eyes glowed for a second before the sounds of battle turned into a single scream of annoyance before silence returned to the area. It was a rather simple protection he used on his warriors, but its strength and durability where a lot higher than one would expect from its simplicity since it covered the targets in an ice-prison with the molecules aligned in such a way that penetration would not be possible. Blunt attacks would get dispersed without dealing any kind of damage while piercing attacks would not be quick enough in destroying the protection before it repaired itself again. Elemental attacks made with a different signature than the one of its creator only got absorbed to make it stronger as well, although the downside was that his warriors wouldn't be able to fight while they got protected in that ice-prison.

"A fool you say? I am sorry to disappoint you, but i am afraid i am no fool. And torturing to get information? Only barbarians and idiots do that, it lacks any elegance and finesse if you ask me. Too messy, too loud and too time-consuming with the different items you would need, not to mention the cleaning of the items you used." Ice make, Dragonfly. The moment he spoke those words in his mind, he fired off one of the spells he had readied so far, around 30 dragonfly's made of ice began to home in on Nul-zar in order to hopefully damage the strange man in front of him while placing his hands actually in his pockets as if he didn't find his opponent that dangerous.

Still, that knight could turn out rather troublesome if that knight and this stranger would team up against him. "Don't call yourself a king until you actually become one okay? It is rather distasteful to hear someone spouting those nonsenses without having a lineage to back it up after all." Depending on the unknown second opponent, there was a possibility he would have to fight serious with his lance and ice magic in combination after all.

Nul-zar could tell this guy had some skills in ice magic so keeping his skin protected with barriers was probably a good move for now while also blocking the incoming attack with a powerful barrier. In the background, gun shoots could be heard. Nul-zar knew from who it was but what Crevan was shooting at was anyone's guess. He looked carefully at his opponent before saying something "He won't interfere with our fight but he probably will kill all of your men before spectating our fight, and he will do so don't underestimate us." His sword then strikes the ground and 2 streaks of flame then started to go in different directions following a light path in the ground going somewhere only known to Nul-Zar.

As the streaks of flame reached their target the surrounding tents and buildings burst into flames completely enveloped in flames "Flaw 1 You let your opponent decide the battleground without considering whether or not the entire camp was rigged from the beginning." The flames nearby were influenced with magic and as Nul-zar continued to explain several wood planks began to fall in the surrounding area but did not become engulfed in flames. They were not normal what they were were known to Crevan only Nul-zar did not know. "Flaw 2 you were so confident in your own abilities you let your opponent monologue without taking the initiative, You'll regret these 2 decisions very soon!" Nul-zar then began to dash at his opponent sword in his right and barrier magic in his left. The fight has begun.

"Good, if he joined in with our fight i might have been forced to use more strength than i am willing to use anyway. Not really liking the fact that he would kill my escort, but whatever. I'll deal with the fall-out of the queen when i'll come back to the nest after i dealed with you..." Diarmuid kept one of his eyes on the streaks of flames, noticing how both of them seemed to be aiming at a specific place for what would most likely be a trap against him. Sending out his dragonflies against this Crevan guy before the streaks of flame reached their targets, mostly to keep Crevan a bit busy while Diarmuid tried to deal with this unknown man.

As the flames reached their targets, the surrounding parts of the remaining camp bursted into flames around the camp and formed a circle of fire. Trying to influence the flames and the area outside of the flames, the hybrid noticed that while the flames itself seemed to be able to resist his ice, the ice that he created out of the ring costed more than it should. Both of which could only mean that the fire was some kind of diffuser for magic and would made it too costly to use his magic on what ever was outside of the fire ring.

Then as Nul-zar charged at Diarmuid, who actually ignored the explanation regarding his so called flaws during his own testing of the flames, Diarmuid made with his left hand the kanji for 斬 ( Zan ) to fire of against Nul-zar his left side while he made the kanji for 貫 ( Kan ) to fire against Nul-zar his right side. As Diarmuid prepared other spells in advance, he took a few steps behind him in order to create some space behind himself and Nul-zar, leaving a faint glow on the ground for a few seconds where he stood for later.

Nul-zar knew the techniques that were fired at him as he had fought a user of such techniques before. He then created a barrier that redirects magical attacks, redirecting both the Zan and the Kan attacks. Then his blade turned to a blur as he send several magical sword slashes towards his enemy slashing through the ground that used to glow and through the air towards Diarmuid. Crevan simply shot the incoming attacks that where coming at him down with little effort.

Crevan kept watching from the distance as he chuckled at them, then as the battle raged on he spoke for the first time since this showdown began "Nul-Zar i'll make sure no one else tries to interfere. i've dealt with the canon fodder and luckily an ice coffin was already prepared for them. I thank you ice general for sticking them into those coffins for me!" He chuckles as the battle continued.

Merely a glance was needed to determine the properties of the sword slashes that this Nul-zar fired at Diarmuid, sword magic usually tended to have a combination of metal and unstable magic. Normally the user would channel and solidify their etherano into a specific form before firing, or as others would sometimes call it, ejecting etherano the concentrated attack towards an opponent but this opponent fired off the etherano the moment he got them in the form he wanted. Which meant two things, either he was showing off and trying to distract him or he didn't care about wasting his etherano... First one would imply that Nul-zar needed time to finish with a trap while the second one implied that Nul-zar either had an immense amount of etherano or he lacked caution and went for quantity instead of quality. It didn't matter to Diarmuid at the moment which of the possibilities would be correct, this opponent was way too flashy and open for his own good. Writing むなしい ( munashii ) in front of himself, Diarmuid managed to cancel the sword magic related attacks as his mouth turned to a scowl when he heard Crevan speak about his fellow soldiers as nothing more than mere cannon fodder.

"You will pay for their lives dearly stranger, but first... I will have to deal with this one here." Focussing on his ice-make again, Diarmuid released a soft sigh as he used this one. "Ice-Make: Diamond Cage" As he finished the name, Nul-zar would be covered with a diamond-esque sphere of unmeltable ice from what he had heard from fire-mages whenever they tried to melt the ice of this specific ice-make. While the unmelting part of it was nice and all, he disliked using this one for two main reasons. First was for the few weaknesses that he could find in it, and the second reason was because it slowly tried to kill the one that got imprisoned through crushing their body within a few minutes. "Stranger, if you want so save this Nul-zar, i advice you to take him some-where away from me since the strength weakens with a distance that can't be achieved within this circle of fire."

Shame if Diarmuid his opponent would be defeated this soon already, but with what Nul-zar showed so far it would only be more bothersome to continue when there was no strength, no focus in his magic. That other stranger on the other hand, if he managed to break through the ice-protection Diarmuid gave his fellow warriors, then he would possibly be an opponent that he couldn't take lightly from the start.

Crevan started to laugh, almost as if he had heard the funniest thing in his life, he even sat down as if he'd fall over from laughing too hard if he didn't sit down"Ha you're too funny, you seriously think I care about him? He can take care of himself! You on the other hand are in WAY Over your head!" Nul-zar at this point started to chuckle almost as if he found Diarmuid's attempt to stop him comedic in nature. "You seriously think this is going to stop me? People have tried before and all of them failed. Like your attempt to protect your fodder, this is as futile as that void you used." As he spoke his body seemed to melt into darkness as he used his magic to turn his body into shadow, and his presence completely vanished.

Crevan looked at this in surprise. "Aww you've got him to tag out impressive, you've made him mad. Too bad that spell can't be cast rapidly, or it takes a lot of magic to cast. Not that I care, you'll never hit me with it. Anyway I'll play with you at least until Nul-Zar returns which shouldn't take that long." Crevan stood up and with both his Spatial magic and Illusion magic he jumped to the floor and taunted Diarmuid to bring it. No matter what Diarmuid would try to do, if he could not see how Crevan is blocking or what Crevan is doing, he cannot counter it. He would throw taunts and insults at him until Nul-zar returned. He took his gun and pointed it at his own head while using Spatial magic to open a window that would send the bullet at Diarmuid's blind spot while using his illusion magic to make the windows invisible that he created through Spatial magic while making sure that there were no signs of something out of the ordinary, and then he fired.

"They are no cannon fodder, they are hybrids just like me. " Raising his eyebrows at Nul-zar his speech, followed by the retreating that he did Diarmuid switched his attention to Crevan. "You might wanna teach some common sense to that Nul-zar. That void and my cage did more than what i would call futile attempts." Diarmuid wasn't so sure if it was that impressive to get this Nul-zar to tag out, or even to get him mad. He didn't even use that much besides what he himself deemed as only a few parlour tricks against that opponent. Shrugging at Crevan's guesses as to why Diarmuid didn't use that diamond cage from the start, he readied himself to face this new opponent. Even if it was a cocky one like this one. Seeing Crevan point his gun to his own own head instead of at his target, Diarmuid got a bit uneasy for there was nothing that indicated a trap as far as he could see or sense. Connecting his senses to a few of his hidden crystals, he quickly created more in hiding for later while making sure they could not be felt nor found as long as Diarmuid didn't connect to them. Connecting his senses through his crystals gave him a wider area of sight, covering his blind spots while giving him an increased awareness of the area. As nice as it sounded, it also had a rather simple side-effect, namely the manner of information acquisition through the senses.For example, normally, visual information would be gathered through the eyes with a focussed gaze and a peripheral vision. Anything outside of even the peripheral vision could be deemed as unable to be seen unless one would change the spot one would look at with their focussed gaze through eye-movement or moving their head or body in general. But when the visual information was acquired from not only different angles, but also from different heights and locations, the brain would start to experience trouble in piecing together all the different bits and pieces of information, which in turn could lower the overall reaction time depending on how many different sources gave their information at once. Since Diarmuid connected to four at the same time, the sudden influx of visual, auditory and haptic information all at once gave the hybrid a small headache while trying to readjust with the increased awareness.

Seeing a blurry bit of space where Crevan his gun pointed at while that same blurry bit of space could be found near his back, Diarmuid barely managed to evade the bullet as it tore through his clothing, leaving a bullet hole in his vest as a sign that he wasn't seeing things. Seems his uneasiness around this stranger wasn't as unfounded as he first thought if he could pull of something like this. "Mind telling me your name stranger, as well as fighting without those tricks you showed just now?"

Crevan merely grinned "Me? Oh i'm flattered, My name is Crevan Sytiki I've heard much about you Diarmuid. your warriors tell me much about you. And even in death they respect you, Even if..." His form blurred for a second as his form changed into that of Diarmuid. "I'm their executor" He pushed his hand through a window and pulled out a monstrous scythe, its blade still dripping in blood. "Oh their faces! Their surprise of their leader executing them one by one! It's priceless! I left one alive but he won't be looking at you with the face of a hero or a leader." Crevans smiles and starts shooting a volley of bullets all not aimed at Diarmuid but with Spatial magic he'll send them on a constant loop around him until they hit or are destroyed.

Bastard, using illusions to make them think that their leader would kill them. Taking a few deep breaths to steady his heart and mind, his increased awareness dispelled the illusion that Crevan wanted to show against Diarmuid. Dispelled was probably not the correct word for what Diarmuid did since it didn't dispel the illusion as much as reveal the illusion in itself. Extending his awareness to where he had left his fellow warriors made him see the dead body's still left in their ice protection with their throat being sliced through as if the freezing happened after they got killed. Retracting his awareness to the battle at hand Diarmuid placed his right hand on his lance while evading the bullets with his eyes closed before crushing the bullets with a single of his left hand.

"You like to dabble in illusions right? So, how long long before i can send both you and that nul-zar back to where you two came from?" Casting 時刻 ( jikoku ) on both himself as well as on the ground beneath him, his body glowed blue for a moment before the glow subsided. Firing 崩落 ( houraku ) at Crevan, Diarmuid was curious how long it would take for his opponent to catch on.

Placing his pistol back in its holster, he put his hand on his scythe and looked at Diarmuid to answer his question. "Quite simple. We are an issue that cannot simply be sent back home, beat us and we come back after we are healed with knowledge of another foe that must be shattered. Quite simple really." He tossed a Sotoba onto the ground, absorbing whatever the Houraku was meant to be. His attention shortly drifted towards the camp's burning status before looking at a pocket watch seemingly waiting for a certain time before quickly putting the watch away again. He then slowly breathed in and out and appeared as a blur, quickly blitzing in on Diarmuid's position in the near blink of an eye, and swung his scythe right at Diarmuid's mid section. As he did this he tossed a Sotoba near the feet of Diarmuid which had the words むなしい (munashii) on it.

As this went on, a very powerful Aura could be sensed approaching the flaming camp. It was most likely an unknown aura to Diarmuid, but from its intensity it was clear that either it was getting closer or the source kept increasing the output without moving. Crevan knew it was Nul-zar, seemed like he finally stopped playing around. Crevan grinned "Once Nul-Zar returns, i'll go spectate again. That is if you survive my attacks of course!"

As Crevan sliced through what seemed to be Diarmuid, the image soon faded away into nothing but thin air as the real Diarmuid stood close to the circle of fire before stepping out of the circle. That way, he would have a wider area to fight in with these opponents instead of having such a small area that would make it harder to move in when using weapons.

As for how he survived the attack that sliced him in half, one could call it a little parlour trick while others would most likely call it the tricks of cowards, thieves and murderers. Both sides wouldn't be wrong but neither would they be correct as well since the basis for the technique was a parlour trick but the execution of how it was done was more akin to the tricks a thief would resort to.

Before Crevan's munashii could affect his own jikoku, Diarmuid used the jikoku he applied on himself and the ground to not only grab a hold of the sotoba, but also throw it in the flames surrounding them before dodging the slice of the scythe as well. Not an easy feat at all, and he would've probably failed the feat if it wasn't for the combination of his own speed, reflexes and the letter magic that he had used. To all who would see the hybrid after the trick, it would appear as if he did it seemingly without a single problem, almost as if he didn't even had to exert any effort in his actions. How wrong would they be if they could feel what Diarmuid was feeling at that moment, using letter magic while it kept being destroyed through the void so that the sotoba would give him a way out of the ring in combination with the multiple moves he had to use so that he could safely escape and make it seem easy at the same time...

Hopefully, this opponent would back off now and take that nul-zar with him since Diarmuid wasn't sure if he could keep using those tricks without damaging his body or mind if he kept using that high a speed. "Surviving your attacks is not as hard as i thought, so mind killing yourself and that companion of yours? Saves me the trouble of pulling the trigger myself so to speak." Disengaging his own crystals except for one, Diarmuid prepared the wider area for his coming fight if he had to fight both while regaining his breath as natural as possible so that the opponent would hopefully keep the illusion of the opponent not even having to exert any effort at all.

Crevan laughed at Diarmuid's suggestion. "And miss out on all these parlour tricks of yours? I think not. Nul-Zar should be back any time soon and I doubt mere parlour tricks will work as much as they have been, especially if he decides to go all out so far. i've been going at 20% yet, Nul-Zar may be going at 45% or higher can't tell yet." He was serious, at least there was no direct way for Diarmuid could tell. The smell of gunpowder suddenly started to fill the air. Crevan grinned. "Ohh it seems that the camp is in the final stages of its life, as we have hidden ourselves among Gaia! Ashes to ashes! Dust to dust! Sayonara Diarmuid!" Underground the camp was an entire storehouse of gunpowder and large scale Lacrima bombs and the fires had finally gotten to the barriers blocking the path to them.

Nul-Zar overhead the camp using gravity magic to float "Well, I need to get rid of this camp's existence anyway, let's test your worth Diarmuid." He then channelled an incredible amount of etherano in the air combining the destructive powers of Crash and the force generated by Gravity Magic into a giant fist aimed at Diarmuid, even Crevan looked at shock. Crevan spoke quickly "Well this ain't good for either of us..." as the attack begun to reach its final launch preparations Crevan used his Spatial magics along with his Sotoba, a ring surrounded Diarmuid they had one effect "Cannot be affected and opponent cannot leave for 45 seconds" Crevan quickly retreated using Spatial magic as the attack begun its way to hit Diarmuid, an attack from above, a bomb from below.

Hearing Crevan speak about how much of their power they had used so far, Diarmuid actually relaxed instead of tensed. If this crevan had only used 20 percent so far, that meant that he would only be five times as strong when going for the full one hundred percent. Nul-zar would be weaker than what Diarmuid had expected if the statement of 45 or higher would be correct. After all, it would mean that the opponent was already using roughly half of his full power and still hadn't forced him to resort to stronger technique's. Placing his left hand on the ground, the hybrid's first plan was to use erosion on the ground beneath him so that the earth and ice combined could make a simple but effective first line of defence. Noticing the barriers his ice encountered, he made a quick connection to his crystals for just a mere moment to find out what was hidden in the barrier. This might turn out a bit more troublesome than i first expected

Covering the barrier with his own ice-magic and freezing the flames that already ate away at the barriers, strengthened his ice-barrier with a rather simple and quick form of letter magic to keep the bombs and gunpowder away from the fire and heat he at least made sure that nothing would explode from beneath his feet. The combination of gravity magic and crash magic was a bit more troublesome to deal with on the other hand. The gravity magic seemed to be similar to a gravity push, which was not that big of a problem. The problem here was the usage of crash magic, which pulverized the magical particles on impact, which in turn meant that conventional solutions wouldn't work in the first place. He could use his full physical strength to counter it, but the gravity related layer could pose a trouble with that option. If the gravity layer could affect him when the crash weakened his defences, that would also mean that he was wide open for another of those attacks and that was something Diarmuid would rather avoid.

Getting an idea with the gravity that Nul-zar added in, Diarmuid erected several spikes and circles that he linked together at the moment of creating them as well as rotating them in the opposite direction as this attack of Nul-zar was doing. Gravity would pull everything towards the centre after all, so by adding counter-rotations to the attack would slow the attack down at the very least, if not disperse the gravitational pull completely. After the gravitational pull was taking care of, Diarmuid erupted a small bit of the ground surrounding him in the circle that Crevan had sealed off, resulting in ice-spikes aiming towards the coming attack. Lets see if i still remember the things about centrifuges and the related G-forces... Spinning his little ice-spikes in different directions before shooting them at the coming attack, he got a small smile adorning his face as the gravity magic dispersed while the crash magic seemed to get weaker through the defences related to the gravity part.

Using his letter magic, he strengthened the defence and endurance of his right arm with a factor of 4 followed by Diarmuid punching the crash magic with nothing but his pure physical might. For a bit, it would seem as if the crash was damaging Diarmuid his own arm with how the orb seemed to push against his fist as well as how he pulled his arm a bit back. "Catch." Was the single word Diarmuid spoke before pushing his arm and fist forward against the remaining orb of crash in an effort to send the orb back to its creator.

Seeing the sotoba remove the barrier after punching the orb back, Diarmuid pushed the sotoba out of his way, walking out of the ring of sotoba afterwards. This might turn out more interesting than i thought...Moving his right arm for a bit aiming towards the sotoba, Diarmuid noticed a stinging pain in his muscles while stretching his fingers as he fired of a simple fire through his letter magic on the sotoba but also while moving his arm in general. Seems the old man was stronger than i gave him credit for, didn't think he would give me this much damage with what he had shown me. "If that was all you had Nul-zar, i am not impressed. So either get serious and make me draw my lance or run away like you did when i used that little cage on you. " Outside some of the other hybrids in the nest, none of his opponent managed to make him exert his muscles to the point that he could feel them sting so it was a rather curious feeling he experienced at the moment. That there existed opponents that strong while being as dumb as this one seemed to be, it was interesting so to speak for Diarmuid. Hopefully, this opponent could make him feel more of this feeling he was feeling at the moment.

Nul-zar simply used barrier magic to absorb what was remaining of the attack. He observed the scenario he had to deal with, to push back against that attack would have taken a lot of know how about how crash worked in the first place, this puzzled him. He did not think Crash users were previously in the region, and to successfully defend against it was rather surprising as well. He grinned at this strange opportunity to test something he wanted to test in battle. He looked around for Crevan only to sense that he left but was still nearby. "Impressive talents you got but I'm impressed and even more interested on the Bailong legion then before now. After I deal with you i'll probably bolster my forces and actually take members of my organization to properly test your group out taking research samples from strong adversaries as I go."

Nul-Zar slowly descended to the ground with his gravity magic, his magical aura slowly increasing in intensity the closer he got to the ground. Nul-Zar's eyes had a symbol in them that only ever appeared if Nul-Zar's magical aura went above 75% of his own magical limit. "Suppose I should go full power to show you my true power then, yes I should warn you only one person has ever survived me going at full power and that person only survived due to outside interference." As he finished the sentence, his magical aura grew even more intense then before. It kept growing and growing until it was near impossible to see Nul-zar except for a phantom like apparition. "Some people call this a Monster Aura and they aren't wrong. You wanted me at full power now reap what you ask for."

Nul-Zar extended both hands forward in preparation for a spell closing his palms down as a dark orb appears between Nul and Diarmuid He speaks 2 words then focuses it "Black Hole." As the orb grows it starts to create its own gravitational field drawing in everything even the debris from behind Diarmuid along with the fire. "Defeating this spell and getting back up afterwards are 2 different things. Let's see your worth again Demon general." As time goes on the orb grows and gets stronger.

Okay, Diarmuid didn't expect his opponent to take his challenge that serious and go straight to the full power that Nul-zar himself seemingly possessed but it actually worked out better for himself than if they would keep playing around like this. Seeing the omega symbol Ω in the eyes of his opponents made Diarmuid curious how the man in front of him did that little change, and about the meaning behind it. Going with the different symbols and their meaning, it could mean that Nul-zar was at his ultimate limit with how much stronger he could become but it could also mean that it was the end of everything the moment one saw that symbol in Nul-zar his eyes.

Seeing the monster aura with the explanation, Diarmuid made a few vague movements with his fingers before relaxing them again as his opponent had created a black hole in front of him. "Seems you really want me to draw my lance then it seems." Making another vague movement with his right hand this time, Diarmuid placed his left hand on his lance while looking at the black hole rather interested in the structure itself. There was no object to start from as far as Diarmuid could see after all and the gravity collapse still happened to the point that the density and gravity combined into what was seen in front of him now. Luckily for himself though, the black holes generated through gravity magic seemed to be mere fabrications of the real deal if all of them would be build and structured this way. This black hole was actually visible to the naked eye, which would imply that the strength of its gravity was not yet at the point that even light itself would be sucked in.

Generating three twisters of diamond dust, Diarmuid showed a simple smile to his opponent, probably the first one he showed since the beginning of the battle at all. As Diarmuid his eyes began to glow faintly, he manifested the twisters carefully around the black hole to stabilize the centrifugal force of the black hole at least a bit, creating the same centrifugal force below the black hole. "Impressive gravity magic, to be able to create a black hole through the gravity magic, even if it is a weak reflection from the real deal, it is still an impressive feat. Bur it has the same inherent weakness as that other gravity spell you added in that crash magic." Using letter magic, he first stabilized the gravitational fluctuations through tweaking the rotations so that they didn't spin in different directions at the same time. Followed after the slow stabilizing, he used the centrifugal force he had been using so far for stabilizing the black hole and brought the twisters closer to the centre with each passing moment while the black hole got more compressed with every passing. Getting the black hole compressed to the point that it could barely keep itself in the air, Diarmuid used a few of his traps to send the orb up in the air where it detonated with a shockwave that could not only be felt by both but also seen if they would look up at that time to see something resembling the Aurora Borealis while the remnants of the camp got blown away through the mere aftershock of the shockwave. "Didn't expect the explosion to be that strong, a few protective layers around it next time could do the trick maybe..."

After brushing some dust from his clothing, the hybrid finally removed the lance from his back with his left hand. Taking a solid and stable stance with his centre low to the ground, it was not a common stance for a lance-wielder that Diarmuid showed. The stance bore closer resemblance to martial arts than what was shown during matches between lance-users since Diarmuid his stance seemingly had none of the flexibility and range that the more standard stances where known for. The stance Diarmuid was showing was more useful for defence and grappling, two things that a lance-user normally would try to avoid doing in the first place. The second strange thing about his stance was that while he had his left hand on the proper lower half of the lance, the right hand was placed a bit weird on the staff of the lance. Holding the lance not with his complete hand on the upper half, he placed the lance beneath his index finger and middle finger while his ring finger, thump and pinkie slightly curved around the staff part.

"If you want, we can continue our fight now or just decide on a draw, that way neither of us will get killed or hurt more than what already has happened. You and that Crevan will leave this country with your lives still intact that way. Or we can continue our fight now that the warming up is done." If his opponent would want to continue the fight, Diarmuid had still a few traps lying around but if the opponent would quietly withdraw like he actually hoped then he would allow them to withdraw from the country. Either way, playtime was over as far as Diarmuid was concerned.

Nul-Zar's aura seemed to calm down from its intense monster state, his body seemed to have lost no energy despite using such a powerful spell. He calmly smiled and seemed to creek his neck and hands a bit. Nul-Zar observed Diarmuid's stance "Irregular stance, close quarter style, not so good at medium and long range, very reckless way to wield your lance." Nul-Zar seemed to be in a zen type state taking in his opponent along with the environments current state. He tapped the ground with his right foot sending a shadowy pulse around the current arena surrounding where-ever a magical trap was around with shadow. "Powerful traps, they take much mana." He cracked his fingers near his ear and out of the trance he went. He grinned "Do not underestimate me, I may have underestimated your abilities but that does not mean you can underestimate me."

His shadow seemed to infect the traps Diarmuid had placed around the area doing something to them but there was no way for Diarmuid to tell what was happening to them. He creaked his neck again "Whether you want to admit it or not I can see you're exhausted, whether you want to admit it or not we did a number on that stamina you have. I'm not backing down, I won't go for the kill on you but i'm not afraid to cut a limb or 2 off." He drew his sword slowly it seemed to glow "Unlike you, I'm not afraid to use my sword's full power." He swung it at the ground creating a massive cut even reaching the ice barriers he put up and cutting through them.

A massive plum of fire emerged from the cut his sword made, it had ignited the bombs below but due to the barriers their power was focused up through the cut he made. "Your third flaw, your overlooking my experience." He touched the ground "Dark Bog" Shadow covered the entire arena. The shadows seemed like a liquid and seemed to slow down whatever they touched, some of the debris seemed to sink into the ground. Nul-zar seemed to disappear in the blink of a eye as he appeared behind Diarmuid. Using a fencing style he launched a volley of fencing type jabs at Diarmuid, using his gravity magic to unset his footing while boosting his sword with crash. Hands appeared from the dark bog that were attempting to grab Diarmuid and distract his attention from Nul-Zar's attack. And even larger hands emerged from the sides dripping shadow and darkness before attempting to crush Diarmuid after Nul-Zar's attack.

As Nul-zar did his own analysing on the area, Diarmuid kept his eyes on the opponent as well. He knew that to most lance-wielders his stance was a reckless one, a stance not fitting for a lance if one was not able to adapt to the quirks and weaknesses that came with using that stance in combination with a lance. Noticing the shadow pulse through his own crystal, he created three more to connect his senses too. Expecting his opponents to remove the traps, he was a bit confused when Nul-zar didn't destroy his traps. Hearing Nul-zar speaking about how he wouldn't refrain from using the full force of his sword unlike Diarmuid, the hybrid grinned a bit.

Seeing Nul-zar disappear to the naked eye, he turned as swiftly as possible to defend. When one disappeared that way, that usually meant the opponent would attack in the back. Grinning as he noticed the gravity magic that was used on him, Diarmuid managed to not only block the attacks done through the fencing style, but also allowed him to use a little trick that was more situational than most of his tricks. As he deflected the jabs that Nul-zar used, the ground beneath them got cut and even glowed faintly before dissolving again. Since Diarmuid didn't know what this opponent had done through the shadow pulse, he didn't trust the usage of his own traps but if one would believe that he could be beaten by removing his reliance on traps they would be sorely mistaken. "Are you done with your lecturing now? If not, go finish the rest towards that Crevan that came with you." What followed could only be called dangerous, if not downright suicidal by the onlookers. While dissolving the dark bog that Nul-Zar had made with a few munashii, the full explosive force that was stored beneath their feet surrounded Diarmuid and Nul-zar as they stood in the camp. The sole reason the amount of gun power and large scale lacrima bombs, both of them enough to fill a storehouse to the brim, didn't explode at that moment was because of the ice-barrier that Diarmuid had applied on the gunpower and bombs.

Disappearing from sight, Diarmuid actually distanced himself from Nul-zar so that he was within arms reach of the ice-barrier instead of attacking him from the front or back like his opponent had done. "Last chance Nul-zar, back down and leave this country, or face the consequences. I am ready to die for my country after all, can you say that you are ready to die thanks to your own weapons?" As Diarmuid spoke, he had a bit trouble in maintaining a steady voice since the effect of this battle began to catch up with him in how he had fought so far. Either this would mean the end for both of them and maybe even for that Crevan or the invaders would've been forced to back down out of the fight.

Nul-Zar grinned and then started to laugh insanely so, it was almost as if he cared little for his own safety and life. He seemed carefree almost to the point where he lost his mind. He spoke "I was simply a Vanguard to poke a hole into the legions armor or serve as a distraction. It worked, we got what we wanted. Only one thing remains that must be cleaned up this ruin and the bombs below. All that's left is us. I'm going to take us down with a big bang!" In both his hand he began to channel an incredible amount of crash magic enough crash to cause the explosion to be worse then it would already be. He spoke 2 words "Big Bang!" He raised his hands ready to hit the ground and cause an immense explosion.

Before he could hit the ground he stuttered and blood started to go from his mouth. He looked down and Crevan's blade the Yutkiza was impaling him "Crevan... You!... Traitor..." Crevan merely grinned before shooting into Nul-Zar's shoulders preventing him from being able to launch an effective counterattack he slumped to the ground as he did Crevan threw him into a Spatial window leaving his fate unknown. Crevan re sheathed his blade, he then spoke quickly "Well Nul-Zar's forgetting about my lack of immortality I would have gotten caught in that blast too. Congratulations are in order Diarmuid, you proved the value and strength of the Legion, a war is coming." Crevan simply waved farewell as his body dispersed into light both Nul-Zar and Crevan's presences have disappeared.

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