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Ritaro Kabu

Little Cub


Female Female






78 pounds


October 5th

Hair Color


Eye Color


Blood Type


Professional Status

Naked Mummy

Guild Mark Location

Upper left thigh



Personal Status



Arrow Magic

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Ritaro Kabu (リトル ritoru kabu) is a mage in the Naked Mummy guild, and is currently on her way to becoming an S-Class mage, her biggest dream.


Ritaro is the youngest in the Naked Mummy guild, and holds up to her age: mysterious whoope cushions often appear under people's seats, and sometimes a stray bug will ''wander" under pillows. When faced with danger, however, Ritaro is said to go into "crazy mode" and act much more mature, like a war-hardened solider. Despite being childish she does take her work very seriously, and wont let anything get in the way of her goal.


Ritaro wears a sweatshirt-like bear costume, that has a hood and claws, and goes down to her lower hips, The bear costume is made of soft material, and is walnut in color. Two dark brown buttons are down across the middle, and above that is a red and black bandana that she wears on her neck. She wears knee-high dark brown stockings, and large bear slippers on her feet.


Ritaro uses Arrow Magic, (アロー まほう, mahou arou) a type of caster magic that allows the user to summon magical arrows, each with their own elemental properties and varying amounts of power and damage.

Arrow of the Phoenix

(アロー そのフェニックス, mahou sono fennikkusu) This arrow takes on the element of fire, and can be shot in many different ways:

  • Fireball- Offensive, surrounds the arrow in a ball of flame
  • Flame Wall- Defensive, shot to the ground and blocks attacks with a wall of fire
  • Fire Flurry- Offensive, a spinning whirl of fire, speeds towards the opponent
  • Blazing Tornado- Offensive, a tornado that surrounds the opponent in flame

Arrow of the Blizzard

(アロー その ふぶき, mahou sono fubuki) This arrow takes on the elements of snow and ice, and can be shot in many different ways:

  • Ice Spike- Offensive, sends a razor sharp spike of ice flying towards the enemy
  • Snow Globe- Defensive/Offensive, caster captures the enemy in a ice globe, inside there is a blinding blizzard that drains magic power quickly from both the enemy and the caster, used as a last resort.
  • Slippery Floor- Defensive, causes a slippery ground, making the enemy stumble, and can cancel out spell casting

Arrow of the Storm

(アロー そのストーム, mahou sono sotoumu) This arrow takes on the elements of lightning and thunder, and can be shot in many different ways:

  • Typhoon- Offensive, overwhelms the target in a wave of lightning magic, immobileizing them.
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