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Dakkon no Gi
Ritual of Ecstasy



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Ritual of Ecstasy (脱魂の儀, Dakkon no Gi, lit. Ritual of Ecstatic Trance) is a Black Art which is utilized by the demon Maricia. Like most variations of the Black Arts, Ritual of Ecstasy revolves around the manipulation of life. However, its field of manipulation is rather limited, as it can only bind the will of those who activate the effects of this magic to the caster. In addition to being subjected to the control of the caster, those who activate the the Magic will also receive certain aspects of another Magic which the caster possesses. In the case of the members of Faux Babylon that eventually became known as Les Atouts Maudits, they each received an aspect of Maricia's signature Curse, known as Legend of Kage. Due to the fact that Legend of Kage possesses a wide repertoire of effects, each and every recipient received a unique Magic which can be perceived as highly dangerous.


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  • The name Ritual of Ecstasy is derived from one of Komachi Onozuka's skillcards in Touhou Hisouten ~ Scarlet Weather Rhapsody.
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