"I swear, if killing wasn't against the law, I'd kill over 30 poeple now. Though, I flipped off the law and already killed over 40...Back to the topic, you should eat your carrots already, Frank, you know it's good for you, especially as a rabbit!"
— Roger to Jericho.
Name Roger
Kanji ロジャー
Romanji Rojā
Race Human
Birthday 18th January
Age 20
Gender Male
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Blood Type A+
Unusual Features Bipolar
Professional Status
Affiliation Himself
Previous Affiliation Unknown
Occupation Dark Mage
Previous Occupation None
Team None
Partner Jericho
Base of Operations Wandering
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Relatives Jericho (Pet)

Unnamed Grandfather (Deceased)

Education By Grandfather

Self Taught

Magic Teleportation Magic
Ritual Magic
Nullification Magic
Alias Mumei (無名, Nameless)
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Roger (ロジャー, Rojā lit. Famous Spear), also known as Mumei (無名, Nameless) due to his real identity being unknown, is an infamous Dark Mage who wanders Earth Land along with his "pet" rabbit Jericho, who he calls Frank. He is known for being an unpredictable and odd in terms of personality, but a powerful combatant as well.



Powers & Abilities

Master Hand to Hand Combat:

Enhanced Strength:

Enhanced Speed & Reflexes:

Enhanced Endurance:

Enhanced Durability:

Teleportation Magic (瞬間の魔法 Shunkan no Mahō):

Ritual Magic (儀式魔法, Gishiki Mahō):

Nullification Magic:


  • Roger's appearance is based off Kojirou Fujita from PARA-SOL.
  • This article is based off the author, Highestbounty123, after being intrigued into doing so.
  • Roger is named after my rarest but most favored nickname.
  • I am NOT Bipolar, it is simply something added to Roger's personality.
  • Roger is how I see myself as a character, only the personality is the same as mine.
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