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  1. REDIRECT Template:Character Template (Other)Rosconne (ロスコン Rosukon) is a non-mage and the Mayor of Sterhorten.


Rosconne is a very eccentric looking individual, standing at a meer three feet tall. He ironically possesses rather disproportionate features such as his dramatically thick lips and extended nose, under which he sorts a small, twirled moustache. Roscoe's penchant for extravagance and drama is expressed through his choice of clothing: he dons a green pinstriped one-piece and high-collared, yellow, tailed jacket. His shoes are curled and he wears his mayoral sash over his shoulder. His signature piece is his large top hat which has a crown like ornamentation and the words king emblazon the front of the fabric in red lettering. The top of the hat has a furry white ball, similar to the large mesh of black curly hair which is left exposed at the back of it.


Rosconne is a rather pompous individual and takes great pleasure in his wealth and high social status. His pride in his high standing is evident in his attitude towards the 'working class' such as those who are members of mage guilds and thinks himself better than these people and that he would not sully himself with such demeaning activities as work, feeling as though his mayorship grants him the ability to say and do as he pleases.


At some point in the past, Roscoe was appointed the Mayor (市長 Shichō) of the town of Sterhorten, on the sky island of Ox.



  • His name comes from the spanish dessert "Roscón de Reyes" meaning "King's Ring" hence the reason for there being the word "king" on his hat.
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