Rose Kuchiki is a trainer at the Griffin Wing Guild. Rose is a member of Griffin Wing before it has become a guild.

Like Tsutisumi, Rose is entering in a tournament called ROC. His current record is 9-2-1. As of right now he posses a ROC title at the age of 26.

"Fighting is not all physical. It's mostly mental... It is not always about how hard you hit it is also about not getting hit and how you recover from getting hit."
— Rose Kuchiki to Tenga Law

Rose Kuchiki
Name Rose Kuchiki
Race Human
Birthday February 26
Age 22
Gender Male
Height 5.10 feet
Weight 155
Eyes Yellow
Hair Blonde
Blood Type O
Unusual Features none
Professional Status
Affiliation Griffin Wing
Previous Affiliation Team Navone
Occupation Mage
Previous Occupation None
Team Team Navone
Partner None
Base of Operations Griffin Wing Guild
Personal Status
Relatives Not Known
Marital Status None
Alias The Relentless
Magic Iron Skin Magic




Magic and Abilities

Iron Skin Magic: This is a caster type magic that allows Rose to turn his entire body into iron. The iron is said to be extremely hard and almost impossible to break. As of yet no mage has ever been able to break through the iron skin magic when it was perfected,

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