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Roseblood family

Rose magic (or Rose chi, energy, blood etc.) is a caster magic that uses magical energy in the form of roses.


Spells may vary with theme, from rose thorns, petals, leaves, vines, etc. Rose magic can not be learned and is only naturally gained at birth. Mages with this magic can form weapons like cannoncs swords and bows, but doing so costs a large amount of magic energy from the mage. Usually, light energy blasts are used instead by novice mages. Unlike some magics, rose magic can combine with other magic types for different utilities, since powerful attacks are so magic consuming.


  • Fists of Bloom Fists of Bloom is a simple spell using energy that coils like a rose vine, studded with thorns, that starts above the inside of the users elbow and rises to the hands to form a mass of energy in the shape of a rose. Unlike the aggression and roughness of a slayer-mage, The Roseblood family uses gentle accurate blows that affect the opponent internally.
  • Arms of Rose This spell allows the user to summon or form physical or energy weapons.


  • It is called Roseblood because the magic is passed on through genes, known as a dominant gene.
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