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The tyranny of the dragon, perplexed by the talons of war, hidden within the horrors of the deep, blanketed by an aspiration for regicide. An everlasting conquest that forsakes all else for a throne, for a crown, for a mere title. As the hour of the Dragon King Festival draws near, only a single man —no, dragon, stands his ground, awaiting the final battle. A battle he knows, shall forever be etched into the domains of history.

The hour of the Dragon King Festival arrives at long last.

Royal Mischief

Seated upon a boulder, his back slouched on an acute angle, his feet stamped against the rocky terrain, Silvius Alvar patiently awaited the arrival of his opponent. As he waited, he could not help but think that a proper throne would be more befitting of a man such as he rather than the rough surface currently beneath him. The stench of a stranger in the distance kept his senses sharp.

Growing further in his patience, Silvius brought his hands to grip the air around him as if it were a solid object. Into his mouth it went, one handful at a time, his eyes gazing blankly at the space between his feet, a frigid aura seeping from them into the many layers of earth beneath.

The wind beat naturally against the many rocks of said terrain. The various mountains letting off pure clouds of stream at their tops, those were so thick somehow that the current of winds couldn't drive them away that much of a distance. A bit far away, there resided a sword still on the ground.

Around its hilt, there was some kind of clothery wrapped in such a way that it looked like a hero's cape. The wind made the piece of cloth go up as the current beat against it. There were times when the cloth would almost cover the sword.

And when it happened, suddenly a man's hand showed itself wrapped around the hilt of the sword. The cloth with flaming designs had been hit by the wind many times, in a way that it almost covered the man's figure. Looking in the far distance, he smirked in happiness.

Without looking up, Silvius offered the newcomer his salutations, his voice muffled by the presence of "food" between each of his cheeks. "Took you long enough." Stuffing one final helping into his mouth, he stood to his feet after sometime, exhaling a frosty breath that tainted the air before him with a soft cloud of white mist. "How's about we introduce ourselves to one another? That is unless you're in a hurry to begin."

Damon smirked genuinely "Indeed...quite stuffed there, aren't ya'?" He looked at the man taking a breather "I'm in no hurry, don't worry. I think I have all the time of the world.." Damon looked fiercely at the man "It's a pleasure to meet you. My name is Damon Mohi Dammy Sitriver Draco!"

The wind blew again, this time putting the piece of cloth away in such a manner that the Slayer's figure could be shown. He had a smile on his face, his eyes were sharp and looked fiercely at Silvius. Indeed, he was in no hurry, but that wasn't because he had all the time of the world "And you are?"

"Oi, oi… such a long name?" Silvius closed his eyes, a finger sliding into the root of his ear, pricking dirt free. "Can't say I'm completely unfamiliar with it, though.

Silvius Alvar. I'll leave out any glamorous propositions for now," he said, moving his head from side to side, rusted joints snapping within his neck. His mustard gaze fell upon Damon for the very first time, looking up and down his frame. "Well, that's enough formality I need in a day. Let's get started."

It was bizarre, almost as if Silvius had never truly intended on opening up to this other man in the slightest; as if he had only gone the extent of asking him for his name and enlightening himself with smalltalk for the sole purpose of challenging himself. Indeed, it was something of a difficulty for Silvius to speak with others; there was simply such a prominent lack of interest for him, to the point where he hadn't even caught the name of any of the others he had come across during the course of the tournament.

"But before that, I'll spare you a few more words: I'm no fan of trivial exchanges. So if it's alright with you, let's skip the warmups, hm? If you have any secret strategy or some sort of ace up your sleeve —whether that be a nifty transformation or a super-cool-awesome technique— I'd like to see it now rather than later. Or who knows, perhaps that opportunity may escape us?"

His hands dug deep into his pockets, his supposed fighting stance. "One final thing: this title you bear, I've no real interest in claiming it for myself. Still, I'd like to see what all the fuss is about. If nothing else, I've looked forward to this day based on the idea that I may potentially unravel that mystery. So see that you do not disappoint me… 'Dragon King.'"

A grim expression overtook Silvius' face as the wind surrounding his being howled beside his ear, flowing past his cheek, as if per his own direct command.

Those words, words that were good songs to Damon's ears. This man seemed quite straight, he had heard that name somewhere he was sure. Yes, he was sure. Silvius Alvar. A man he considers a superior, indeed, Damon didn't consider him at the top of anyone for being considered the Dragon Slayer King.

"I'm not interested much in the title, but it's a convenient thing I needed to do certain things...People do hype me huh...tch. Let's see how far it goes" Damon replied as soon as the man finished, also mentally telling things to himself.

A bright fire burnt in Damon's left palm, his right hand taking off the grip from the sword as he looked excitedly towards Silvius "I'm excited for it" Damon took a very deep breath, ready. Under his pants, his legs were already shifted into shadows, compressed downards as if they were springs. Damon extending his left arm forward as a great fire ball was shot towards Silvius.

Damon's left hand continued to burn as he bent down just a bit, ready to move around with his speed. He did so. Upon doing so, an explosion was provoked on where he previously was, making smoke and rock rise. Various other ground explosions happened in the nearby vicinity, all of them going straight towards the other Slayer, along with the fireball.

Damon stopped for a tenth of second just before the fireball, using his Shadow Dragon's Rage to punch throughout the entire fire, causing air shockwaves in the form of punches to mix in with the fire. Various flaming punches continued at it, supposedly blocking most of Silvius' front vision, close to their target as Damon continued his fast-explosion-causing movement, with a recent one causing a wider explosion.

Secretly, Damon had covered his being in fire, although not much. Mostly to regulate his temperature, giving himself a fire aspect.

At the sight of the fireball, Silvius stood his ground, having already prepared the surrounding winds to do his bidding. Its force amplified by the addition of Damon's punch, the fireball was the first to seemingly hit its mark, weaving a large cloud of ash and smoke in front of Silvius. Thereafter, the impressive volley of attacks came together at the same time, chaining a fusion of shadows, flames, explosions and shockwaves into one havoc mess of utter and complete chaos. As Damon moved away after his completion of the assault, the smoke cleared away, in its stead revealing, rather surprisingly, Silvius' form in its entirety, without so much as a scratch on his person.

Though Damon would have been unable to come upon the conclusion based on sight alone, Silvius —as he had demonstrated earlier in his hour of feasting— had forced the air around him to solidify into a large wall, naked to the human eye. Garnering its impressive defensive ability, strengthened by his own magical power, Silvius had escaped harm's way rather effortlessly.

As a member of Fable's Eight Seeds, Silvius was renown for having mastered each individual aspect of combat; not omitted from that list was his sensory capabilities. In fact, amongst the other Seeds, as a Dragon Slayer, of whom naturally possessed greater senses than the average human, it could be argued that Silvius' prowess within the field is virtually unmatched. Without the necessity of his eyes, Silvius kept track of Damon's every move. With his ears he "smelled" the scent of his body; with his eyes he "heard" the movements of his feet; with his nose he "tasted" every trinket of sweat trickling down his spine.

With proper timing, Silvius began to solidify more of the air around him. By predicting Damon's movements carefully, he would see to it that as Damon traveled, he would force him to collide with these walls; given air as an element is essentially invisible, there was a good chance Damon would have been caught off guard. This technique would turn Damon's speed against him: the faster he traveled, the greater the force of collision between he and each of the air walls.

Damon wasn't that much surprised when his fireball combo didn't produce much effect "As I thought...he isn't a simple Dragon to figure out the element..." The Man had a quick thought as he took a hard step, producing another big explosion. He disappeared with such, only to quickly appear at the back-side of Silvius' person. With such, Damon was going straight for the guy, but hearing the little wind currents taking shift he started to run instantly again but this time around his opponent who had began to form that solid-air wall.

"Air?!...He did seem to be touching it earlier..." Damon couldn't spend much time thinking indeed, so he had to be quick.

Damon couldn't be careless, if he would've been, he'd have crashed against that wall and have a bad time despite lessening the damage with his powers. From before, he was still covered in fire aspect, something which changed his smell to that of fire. Even when going to the side, which decreased his speed significantly, Damon noticed another wall, widening his eyes as he tried to dodge it, further decreasing his speed and momentum.

Damon gasped briefly as another wall stood in his way. Would a wall form every time he dodged it? "This guy" Damon was happy, trying to dodge another wall, although barely, his speed had decreased so he could properly try and dodge. The Slayer would try to keep dodging in a random row, he tried to clean his mind of thoughts, using his shadows, he tried to limit how much noises his muscles and bones would make.

His movements shouldn't be exaggerated, he shouldn't wait much stamina. Using the soft side of his shadows, Damon would try to take soft steps, even the slightiest sounds or movements would be fatal. He continued to do so, theorizing it would help with the dodging as he did so against many of the walls that appeared in front of him, trying to not increase his speed. Any chance of rhythm could change the battle somehow.

When much far away from his opponent, Damon suddenly stopped as his mouth inflated quite a lot. A wall of air behind him as to stop his advance, although he did stop by himself "There isn't much magic energy in these walls...he may be using already pre-existing air for them to form this fast and this far..." Upon finishing his thoughts, Damon noticed the many walls through the place, the ones he left behind at least.

They could be faintly seen due to the few energy in them "Shadow Flame Dragon's Roar" Damon thought while releasing a large breath to collide against the many walls. They were made out of the atmosphere air plus a bit of Silvius' in order to manipulate them. Atmosphere air got oxygen which is flammable.

Damon made sure to put enough temperature and enough blunt effect into his roar, as if to try and strike them all down. When colliding against them, an explosion would be made and aftewards the shadows would kind of cover the place temporarily.

At this point in time, coming to a sudden stop was the biggest mistake Damon could have made. For halting would have allowed for the barriers to eclipse the interval between both Damon's movements and their own; in that short timespan, however far the Dragon King may have been, the air walls had not only caught up to him, but also surpassed him.

Just as he was in the midst of unleashing his roar upon the approximate location of the barriers he had come across earlier, another barrier appeared over Damon's head, another at his flank, at his sides, at his forefront, pressing down at him from all angles as if encased by a invisible cube fitted for a mime. To the ground would he have been forced under such grueling pressure. He would see that his attack, however powerful, had gone interrupted; even still was it enough to form cracks of varying degrees into the frontmost wall, drawing a frame of glory that was quite bizarre in every means of the context, in that it appeared as though cracks had formed out of nothing within the very fabric of space itself, before plunging a large hole through, eroding area of air temporarily.

The most ironic part of it all was that, while Damon had managed to place a hole within the frontal wall, the absence of air registered an immediate absence of oxygen, negating the roar within its entirety as the shadows had been intertwined with the flames for greater effect. Very swiftly had another wall appeared behind the severed wall, supplying an additional layer of protection as the surrounding winds returned to conduct their repairs; almost as quickly as it had been broken, the wall had begun to piece itself together.

With Damon trapped within the solidified cube of air walls, Silvius sought to unleash the trap he had set into action previously. With nothing more than his feet, the supposed Dark Mage had sent his cold energy into the many layers of earth beneath the ground —freezing the water that existed below— and thereby gained control over it, piecing the preexisting element to his whim just as he had done on the plane above, with his use of the winds. As the cube pressed down against Damon from all sides, the ground beneath him erupted, giving way to a series of sharp glaciers made from ice that came to take advantage of the little room he had to move about within, and pierce through his flesh.

Despite being concentrated on doing his roar, he wasn't really completely focused on it. Damon enhaled the air around himself deeply, while covering his upper torso in shadows and focusing flames on them, all of it before the walls completely pressed against his person. By concentrating himself in a quick time skip, Damon'd also arm the effect of Pyro's Essence to his arms.

That spell had him basically compress magical particles in a tight spot, releasing them in a sequence as to provoke an explosion. He could do so even from far away with a gesture, and the closer it was to his being, the stronger it was. Even the kinetic energy would help in increasing the explosion. Damon elbowed the nearby air walls in a quick sucession as they went to press down against him, due to his strength and the spell, the nearby ones were set in a powerful explosion. Air was flammable after all.

The spell could technically set ablaze any target due to the air around them, and since the walls were pratically connected, all of the nearby ones would explode. Although in fact the ones closer to Damon would first, leaving him a path to escape as the little pressure they put into him was enough to burst open the ground beneath. Various sharp glaciers could be seen below.

"Ice?! How the...does he alter the temperature of the a dual element mode" All while thinking and quickly after getting rid of the first walls, Damon jumped away, this time in a zig-zag random movement should new walls appear over him. This Damon couldn't be in an area without oxygen, he'd be in real trouble even with his shadow power. The slayer wouldn't stop moving, but he didn't go neither away nor close, trying just to keep in motion, he had stamina for it.

Still with the fire aspect he had since the beginning, Damon ignited more in his arms in order to perform a much more powerful Pyro's Essence as to get rid of all the walls in the area and maybe put a stop to their appearance. Not that he would be damage a lot by the suceeding explosion, just a few bruises. He also made sure to step on the right ground, not wanting to fall down on the ice glaciers, doing so by using his nose in order to track down the cold smell. Ice didn't really have any scent, but it cooled the air around itself and with his enhanced senses and very trained nose, Damon could keep track of it.

Silvius had Damon right where he wanted him: on the ropes. Not only did Damon have his hands full trying to predict where the previous air walls were, but also where the new ones would sprout up next. On top of that, he had to worry about each and every step he took, as one wrong move and it may have very well been the end of him. As if all of that was not enough, Damon was also in the midst of charging his own spell, and furthermore, had his senses on full alert to survive into the next second. It was inhumane what Damon had been able to accomplish thus far. But no one could keep such a perfect slate for long. Sooner or later it had to give. If not by the air walls, then perhaps by the ice beneath. If not by the ice beneath, then under the sheer pressure and stress of trying to do anything and everything all at once.

On the flip side, Silvius was calm, even relaxed. He had yet to move from his spot since the battle had begun. The spells he had cast thus far required very little if any effort to be executed; that is, if they could even be considered spells in the first place. What he had exhibited thus far was no more than mere concepts. The true terrors had yet to awaken.

With so much time to himself, Silvius helped himself to some more of the air around him. This only further increased his own power, refining his senses, defenses, offensive capabilities, and the like.

Countering fire-orientated spells was of no immediate difficulty for the Sky-Forst Hybrid Dragon Slayer. Damon had seemingly found a method to shatter the air walls, though in the process, was dealing damage to himself. Damage that would surely, and eventually, stack up. Even so, having the walls be present was of more benefit to Silvius in the long run, or so he decided. He would raise the stakes behind the game. How might Damon respond without his flames?

The air was Silvius' domain. From every flicker of wind to each breath exhaled by nature, it was his for the taking. Manipulation of the atmosphere was but one of the many wonders he could work to his favor. Without relying on his sight, Silvius could "feel" the compressed magical particles searching for his air walls. They were made of fire, courtesy of the Dragon King. What Damon had not accounted for was how easily fire could have been beaten by air. Or rather, a direct lack of it.

The many magic particles were devoured, fading from sight before they could erupt. It would have been difficult for anyone to comprehend what had truly happened based off sight alone, and Damon should have hoped, for his own sake, that he did not truly understand what had happened to them, for it would have placed him further into the depths of Silvius' trap. What Silvius had done was detained the air that existed around each of those particles, however small they may have been. Size was but a negligible factor for him when his playing field extended to the entire atmosphere. Without air, the flames empowering those particles subsided, converting them into nothingness.

Still, there was a more efficient way to defeat Damon's flames once and for all. Silvius planted to feet firmly in the ground, using his ice to hold himself in place. By his next command, the wind began to blow in a single direction, with such vigorous strength that the many rocks floundering the field were forced to fly away in the very same direction. The space occupying Damon's flank was solidified into one gargantuan wall, all others vanishing from existence. With such an intense breeze, the flames around Damon —and those he attempted to form thereafter— would not have been empowered in any way shape or form —as some would have believed— but rather, would have been blown out like a candle.

Were it not for his feet having been planted, Silvius would have surely lost control over his body and began to blow away with the wind as well; even now, he was forced into a struggle to maintain his balance entirely, skidding forth every so gently. Without a proper hold to withstand the surging wind, Damon would have fallen back against the solidified air wall behind him, only to be pelted by the many rocks that would have been flying his way.

Damon analyzed as Silvius seemingly got rid of the explosions caused with no gesture at all "Amusing, people like this still exist...I wonder how long the body lasts" Damon analyzed how the air vanished suddenly, Silvius could also null it out somehow, maybe eat it completely. Just in case the devouring fest would reach where he was, Damon inhaled quite some air into himself, expanding his chest just a little. He had also to count in, the fact that devouring the air would mean that Silvius would also devour his walls, without air, they won't form.

But that was one of the scenarios.

There was also the possibility that Silvius just took the air off around those particles, which'd need to be extremely accurate, they'd just continue to travel with energy alone. Indeed, while Air Mages could possibly cancel out the air of the atmosphere, magical ethernano still resided in it, although some of it could be devoured along with the air, even without the air, they'd still exist. However, Damon's spell was still basic, the fact it needed fire to work would ultimately result in its non-activation "Tch".

"Just around them huh..." Suddenly, with a gesture of his opponent, wind formed strongly near him in a very quick instant. Damon had assumed that a powerful wave of wind would come, with his eyesight he could see that his opponent was going to stand tall and using ice this time "The frozen rivers and that just confirm Ice as another of his elements...not a like me?" Damon needed to do a similar thing in order to stand still.

Both his legs while covered in shadows, pressed against his feet as if they were springs, in the next instant Damon seemingly did a high-pressure kick against the ground, provovking an explosion and making smoke rise. Then, the very fast gust of wind instantly hit. It cleared the smoke away and revealed Damon a few feet ahead than what he was previously. He had created two fire stakes from the sole of both his feet in the underground, several meters below as if to hold him in place.

Additionaly, while the wind was beating very hard against him, Damon could make more clones by using his previous spell Pyro's Essence. While he could explode things, he could simply light them up and bring them together in order to give them shape, doing so and giving them their shape, sucessfuly creating a non-usual fire clone of himself. Both had appeared behind him and they used both their arms to press against the man's back, as if to support his stand. Various other clones appeared in the nearby area on a group of three, two backing up one.

That didn't change the fact that they were made of fire, so the wind beating against them was quite damaging, although not really enough to disintegrate them. Damon had concentrated himself to create them and it wasn't that difficult, groups of three backing each other as if to not be pushed back. This all happened in very quick time skips, instantly aftewards various rocks flew in the Slayer's direction mainly. Damon looked at Silvius and observed how Silvius was also struggling to keep in place, he was also affected by his own doing. However, before they would even hit their target, the other groups did the following:

The two behind took a rougher hold of the frontal one and simply threw him at the incoming rocks. Exactly two groups did such initially as to stop the barrage of rocks that came along, they were made of pure fire after all, air being flammable, and also with Pyro's Essence, with Damon's command, they could explode even if the fire would be washed away instantly aftewards by the wind, what mattered was that he got rid of the rocks.

Damon could also simply replace those clones after it, stakes below his feet as well as his clone's in order to hold everyone up. They did struggle to keep themselves standing, the clones holding themselve as to not dissipate. Damon'd focus to restore some of their parts at times.

With the heat of Damon's flames greatly diminished by the presence of the high pressurized flowing winds, the rocks would have been able to survive the onslaught of what was the heat of those very flames in the form of Damon's clones many times over, passing on through the clones as if they had never existed. Yet, they were charred black when they had sheered through, further power being awarded to their masses as they sought to plunge through and against Damon and his many clones.

The way Silvius saw it, however, was something along the lines of perfection. Everything had gone accordingly to his plan thus far. He was a firm believer in reverse psychology, and for good reason: he was so very darn good at switching between various styles of play. Often times, to get the outcome he desired, he had to go about it a different way. He had at last stopped Damon's movements, forcing the opposing Dragon Slayer into a literal standstill, where he hoped he wouldn't be plunged back nor forth by the face of the wind.

And that was where Damon was most vulnerable. He was stuck by his own accord, like an infant nibbling on the bulk of his mother's mammaries. He knew darn well of what would have happened had he dismissed his clones and the stakes beneath the ground —what Silvius was about to do was make him regret ever having challenged the wind in the first place.

Relieving himself of his frozen shackles, Silvius took to the skies, his being hovering in immediate and well coordinated flight. In such a state, he had returned to his element within its raw form; despite the winds, he was able to remain completely stable, through the guise of concentrated manipulation over the air surrounding his own body. Thereon, his hands sprung from his pockets, climbing up over the top of his head.

"Rise asunder, empowered by thy words of reason; beckon from the darkest chambers of this torn world and wreck havoc in eternal dismay!" The chants of an improvised technique flourished with the wind. A stern demeanor took ahold of Silvius' crisp visage. Golden eyes illuminated beneath the face of the wind, identifying Damon as their target. "Frost Dragon's Graveyard!"

The ground tumbled momentarily, giving way to a horrific sight, all the while erasing Damon's chances of escape, through the means of tightening his stakes beneath the ground. Like zombies turning within their graves came a series of elongated ice crystals, shaped into pronounced spears and the like, their height towering into over and above dozens of feet. Immediately were the charred rocks headed in Damon's path shattered by the protruding spikes; it would have seemed as if had even an elephant fallen upon the field of flowers would it have failed to overpower the solid strength of the ice!

They left no gaps between their neighbors, loitering the field to its entirety. Turning what was once a firm battlefield gripped with a rough terrain into a bed of spikes, leaving impossibility as far as the eye could see. "A war is fought through the means of establishing an identity upon the battlefield. I have now garnered possession over that which lies beneath, that which resides above it, and naturally, the skies have always belonged to me," Silvius declared, "I wonder; how might you proceed in battle when I've left you with no where else to run?"

Because Damon was so comfortably situated on the ground —his feet burrowed beneath the ground, clones holding his position around him— there was a good chance he would not have been able to escape the spikes in time, especially not with the winds upholding his position. They would have plunged several holes into his legs and thighs, limiting his movements greatly for the time to come, so very refined that a mere layer of an element would have not been spared from its pierce. His frame airborne, Silvius breathed calmly, inhaling the aroma of the sky, much to his pleasure. Here was a man nurtured by the winds, growing in his powers with every breath he drew.

Damon tch'ed as soon as Silvius took those icy shackles off himself, he was certainly up to do something. The slayer now would need to height up his senses and instincts to another level, in contrast the entire focus he had put into the clones would be lost and transferred mostly to himself and the surrounds. He needed to be aware of the surrounding space with extreme accuracy, it was then that Silvius had jumped gracefully off the ground as if to pass through that violent mass of wind.

Damon didn't doubt in the slightiest that doing such was possible for someone like him, he felt as if he was facing a dragon "Going to above huh...he is gonna attack from there using the winds..." Damon had felt the magical flown change within the time frame of an instant as a very faint magic aura was felt from below "or...the ice from below?!" Damon's way of thinking and reacting could be that fast due to his use of attributes after all.

Of course he needed to do something about it, what and how was the thing. Against this guy, he couldn't take him lightly. This wasn't the Dragon Slayer King and a fellow Dragon Slayer facing off, these two were mere and manly men. In fact, the title of King didn't mean much to Damon, he never abused of it or even thought of so when alive and bearing the title.

If he didn't do something, he'd be in trouble. Damon had a fire dragon lacrima implanted on him quite some time ago, time enough for him to train his powers possibly to their fullest if not to a very powerful degree. The lacrima had enough time in order to fully adapt to Damon's body, completely merging with it. Damon was also a very adaptational individual, without any doubt.

"Fuck reasons" Damon had a very brief mental debate on whether he should do this or not. But something told him that this man, no, this dragon right there wouldn't leave any openings after this. The time seemed to pass on really slowly, Damon was that fast, although it was also due to the reaction time. His legs, coated in shadows, acted like springs again as he prepared himself to go against the mighty air, the fire stakes below his feet would also explode in a way that they'd burst his leap.

Due to the lacrima implantation, Damon was turned into a Third Generation Dragon Slayer. Those were capable of acessing powers like the Drive and freely, Dragon Force. However, not acknow by most mages, the Third Generation's Dragon Force could be quite different from the usual, they only tapped into their inner lacrima power and didn't need to eat any outside elements. Aside from the training he got due to his special case, Damon's body had also merged with the lacrima.

Activating Dragon Force had two ways. The slow one where Damon'd draw power from exterior sources while also tapping into his inner power, having full control of himself. And the very fast one where Damon'd just need to tap into his interior power, although he wouldn't rettain his consciousness for some time. Due to being a Dual Element Dragon Slayer, both his elements would be employed within the use of Dragon Force, both would be strengthened, including Damon's own physical attributes.

Time went back to normal as suddenly, by using his previously mentioned stakes and spring legs, Damon disappeared, giving room to various and various icy spikes coming from below. Despite the amount of things happening and being described at the time, the timeskip between Silvius rising, Damon activating his Force and the spikes ascending was very quick.

It could be impossible for normal mages, but Damon was pretty skilled at it. Now, the drawback. Normally, Damon could react to and barely catch up to near-to-sound base speed. While also stretching the entirety of his right arm back, Damon rose against the wind current using his powers and the boost he gained given the situation. He couldn't be seen by the normal eyes though, a faint figure giving its looks right below Silvius before vanishing faster than an instant.

Only to reappear at the back-side of the Dragon. Damon's entire body structure was covered in thick shadows, some fiery tattoos going through this same entirety while giving off a flaming aura. His mere presence was atonishing, enough to frighten most mages both in power and sheer vibe. Normal ice could probaly start to melt in such presence. Damon's arm still strecthed backwards as suddenly it went straight into a punch, the arm notably covered by some sort of fiery gauntlet.

Damon moved with immense speed and brute force, employing the use of his shadows in order to give a boost as if it was a spring and the use of flames in order to provoke an explosion and even burns from it. The fact that Damon had scretched it back only contributed to the force and speed applied, all of it happened much more faster than before-mentioned events. He aimed for Silvius' back. In Dragon Force, all of Damon's attributes were enhanced, hence why he could surpass the wind's strength and travel at such an atonishing speed in order to catch Silvius.

He wasn't thinking straight though, he was mostly dashing at his opponent with very brute force. That was one hell of a drawback which came from the use of the fast-activated Dragon Force, he couldn't think good for now. It had allowed him to escape those spikes from hell, albeit he was probaly scratched in the legs by them, and also surpass that strong current of wind along with probaly catching his opponent off guards.

Silvius' eyes widened, his ears twitched, his nostrils flexed. What was that just now? It had all happened so fast, there had been little time, if any, for him to completely comprehend it. But even then, he found himself peering over his shoulder in time to gaze at the monstrosity a second time, before a blow was met by his chest, hurling him backward like a furious rocket.

Silvius gagged, choking on blood that spewed from his mouth. Who —no, just what exactly was this being? Its magical signature was so ominous, much too dark to be considered Damon. As his frame soared through the sky, rupturing the breeze he had accommodated earlier, various ideas jolted through Silvius' mind: smeared black and set ablaze, what sort of debauchery would have attributed to such a horrific form?

In mere moments alone, Silvius found himself colliding against the very same wall of air he had prepared to disdain Damon; only now, amplified by the force of the latter's punch, the wall —while sufficient enough to halt his sweeping motion— had been decorated by ripples and cracks alike about every inch of its visage. A grave expression accompanying his illicit mustard gaze, Silvius wiped the blood from his lips and spit a wallop of it toward the ground, still having managed to remain afloat throughout the midst of the fiasco. He took a deep breath, relishing in the comfort of air provided to his lungs.

"Who are you?" he finally questioned. "You can't be Damon. I simply refuse to believe that boy would have ever accounted to such malevolence; so allow me to ask you a second time: just who the hell are you?"

The crazy Damon would land at the top of a large rock, located nearby the destruction caused. His eyes hovered over the many ice stakes on the ground, also looking at the large air wall and then at Silvius who had been floating around. The man had split blood, the beast looked at it undifferent, he rarely felt any emotions at it.

Then, using his ears the beast could catch the question given off by its opponent. It had hit him like a large rock, said question. Then, in the same moment, it stood on both of its legs, opening both of its arms while its hands trembled. Its fingers twitched oddly as the beast looked at Silvius, its eyes without pupils and its mouth open and showing the rows of teeth.

"W...Wh...ho..." It suddenly muttered. Only wind, the ice and some geysers could be heard in the background as crazy Damon had said something. He barely rettained consciousness right now, it just looked like a very different person, a different mind.

"Am....a-am...I.......?" Its body trembled while it looked at both of its hands. They were pitch black right now, with fiery markings throughout them and quite some claws.

Who. Am. I.

Those words pondered through the beast's head as it continued to stare at its own hands. Neverthless, it still was completely aware of any movement in the area. Just who was it? Who was this man? This thing? Silvius would wonder this exact same thing. Dragon Force Damon had surged quite some time ago, when Damon his lacrima forcefully implanted.

In fact, lacrima implantation is quite risky for mages. Some barely make it out alive from it, gaining some flaws here and there. Some of these could be psycological yes, brain being damaged in the slightiest can still cause some changes. The implant had Damon's brain slightly damaged, the event occuring during the time he was passing through the process of Honorium saving him from Dragonification.

It had never been discovered how Damon's dragonified personality would be trapped in a way. Although it cut the process, saving him from Dragonification, it still lingered there for whenever he used that slow activation. Damon felt shame, deep within, of having such a thing in him. But even so, he had learnt how to surpress it recently. Why was that beast out?

And more importantly, why was it questioning its existence.

Who. Was. It?

Its legs shifted into spring-like again, all while it looked at Silvius. Suddenly, Damon jumped from where it was, causing an explosion atop the rock as it blindly dashed through the place, all while trying to maintain itself away from the spikes. A long fire whip was formed from its left arm, it launching it towards Silvius.

Being launched straight, in a way, the fire would be concentrated on Silvius, should the wind current still be strong. The beast's punch could've had desorientated the mage in the slightiest or maybe...even more as it was hinted, after all. Even when doing such a thing, Damon was still unseen by the normal eye when dashing through the air, its right arm also was engulfed in flames.

This time, Silvius brought himself to raise his left forearm in time to deflect the attack, pitting ice against fire. Sparks flashed from between the collision, and very faintly, he found himself to be overpowered. Forced backward slightly, Silvius was quick to rebound from the attack, the air about him circling into complete unison as if to aid this process. His eyes focused onto Damon, onto the red and black tint residing over his flesh. It was a very familiar sensation, one he hadn't quite felt in a long time.

"I see. Invoking the force of a dragon as if by second nature; so you've elected to abandon thought in an effort to play on my level, have you?" His fierce gaze turned to a sly grin, hands curling to fists at his side. "I'm becoming very excited… do not disappoint me, 'Dragon King!'"

Although one would agree with Silvius, that power was still a bit far from a real dragon's, plus Damon wasn't restrained yet. As soon as his attack had countered against Silvius', the beast brought its right arm forward in a violent manner. This time, the fiery gauntlet had appeared surrounding the right arm as Damon thrusted it in order to hit Silvius' jaw.

Fire sparked slightly from Damon's knee which didn't move, he doing all those actions as Silvius said something to him. The beast's mind froze in time "Dragon...who...king...excited" It thought briefly before going back to combat in instants, his left arm went backwards as if already prepared to pack a punch after the right one was sucessful.

The thoughts stil wandered inside the beast's mind as some memories lurked inside it. He tried to maintain his balance and instead of waiting, he used his right leg in order to try and do a very powerful blow to Silvius' side, blow which would throw the mage away. It was powered up by Damon's flames.

Silvius virtually absorbed the blow to his face, flinching but barely. The fat of his cheek inched closer to the other, fumed by the flames of Damon's hand, but even so, he held his head in a manner in which he was able to decipher the rest of Damon's movements, his body refusing to budge from its given position. A second blow was met on the opposite side of his face next, and yet again did he fail to be swayed backward, or at the very least, flutter to the side. Instead, he merely retained his stance, as if ignorant to the pain his charred cheeks would have suggested.

Following in hot pursuit were Silvius' swift arms, which grappled onto Damon's right leg as he attempted a blow to his hip. One hand fastened itself around the blazing calf, the other sinking in to the cushion of his thigh with its fingers. It was a bizarre turn of events; only moments before did Silvius look completely outclassed by Damon in his transformed state. And while Damon's lack of forethought left his actions nearly impossible to predict, Silvius had still adapted, strikingly so.

"You better quit wasting time," he said, looking to Damon with a smirk. "It'd be in your best interest to kill me as fast as you possibly can. You see, I have this very intricate tendency to grow stronger by the second. If this battle ends up dragging on any longer than it already has, then you'll find the tables turn increasingly within my favor."

The man was, of course, referring to the fact that so long as there was air for him to breathe within, his powers would continue to increase. Slayers of varying elements were limited to consumption of their element through the sole means of oral consumption; Silvius, on the other hand, could very well consume his element simply through the use of his nostrils. So long as that air found itself within his body, that was all it would take for him to receive a so-called "power boost."

"I hope you are not too fond of this leg?" With striking speed and power, Silvius went to hurl the front portion of Damon's leg —from his foot to his knee— upward, while his other hand kept his thigh in check, so as to separate the coordination that lied within and snap his leg in a manner in which it would have rendered the heel of his foot facing up toward the skies while his thigh remained pointing forth. Albeit his careful concentration on the matters, Silvius was on high alert for any countermeasures from Damon; no matter what the Dragon King had in store for him, Silvius was intent on standing his ground and stealing the leg.

"Otherwise, this may bother you some!" Golden eyes sparkled in their sockets, illuminated by the blood smeared across Silvius' face. As he was now, Damon had little to no idea as to what was going on within the real world; he had been relying almost exclusively on brute instinct. The pain of his broken leg would have brought him back into reality, and Silvius could hardly wait to experience his sane reaction.

Even though Damon would probaly not feel any pain in this state, the beast was very aware of any endangering attack. It did not show any sign of surprise or regret when its attacks seemingly didn't have any effect on Silvius, or so was what the mage would think. Previously, the beast unconsciously, although it wasn't a good word to describe it, prepared the Stone's Crusher spell.

The punches would not only burn, they'd be hit a certain number of times, probaly six from each given that this Damon couldn't think properly and therefore not execute the spell. Previously, all while wondering who it was, the beast had accumulated power and done the requirements for the spell. It wasn't doing any stratagem of the sorts, it was just trying to bring its opponent down.

It then heard the man known as Silvius talking to it, Damon could barely understand it at all, struggling in place while the man got ahold of its leg. In instants, using its instinct Damon had shifted his left leg into shadows, whereas it was only covered before, in order to try and avoid permanent damage. Shadows don't break, they'd only bend and go back to normal, but one thing was that Damon'd still feel the pain from having the lower part of its leg turned up brutally.

It wasn't necessary much thought in order to activate a defense system like that, the beast's instincts only yelled Danger at it. With the pain, it roared out loud, with pupils surprisingly appearing inside its eyes. Its previous used spell would probaly take effect by now, all the while in a fit of rage the beast swung back and then forth both of its arms in a closing way, as if to slash Silvius on his throat and stomach. It could stretch, so it was capable of hitting its opponent despite their current position.

Seeing as though Damon was planning another assault, Silvius activated a spell of his own in advance.

"Armor," said he, without a hint of hesitation nor panic evident within his voice, amplifying the durability factors of his body to incredible thresholds. Without forsaking the grip he had mustered around Damon's leg and thigh, Silvius accepted each of his blows like party invitations, his frame as resilient as ever could be. The flames from the spell reduced Silvius' shirt to ashes, revealing his bare chest —surprisingly unscathed— even upon during such ensuing madness. As Damon's pupils returned to his sockets, Silvius took notice, returning the gaze.

"Awakening at last, are we? Good. You're just in time for the grand finale." Silvius' body was overtaken by a green aura, radiating about every ounce of his being. Extending from his hands outward to the rest of his frame, it latched onto Damon from the grip Silvius had established prior. "Ille Regalia."

With the activation of the aforementioned spell, all criteria related to Damon's combat prowess were hindered significantly, leaving him nothing short of being crippled in the face of battle. From the speed and precision of his movements, forethought, and senses, to the amount of energies his body could sustain, virtually every portion involved in the makeups of war had been degraded beyond belief for Damon, to the point where his defenses could have been compared to the pages of a book, his reflexes to that of an aged tortoise, his attacks to the trickle of a bird's feather. No matter the amount of amplification brought upon by the ascension of his Dragon Force, Damon would have found a natural behavior such as blinking to have become a conscious effort, only further displaying the sheer magnitude of the effects of the spell.

His prey caught within his web, Silvius began his ascent into the heavens, soaring higher and higher into the skies whilst his hands, still woven around Damon's leg, dragged him along for the ride.

Indeed, just as Damon's pupils had returned, he had also regained his own will and consciousness. Although it was true it could be a bit shocking to suddenly wake up like that. Though this seemed quite eh to one's perspective, after a certain time in the fast-activated Dragon Force, Damon'd regain his conscience.

"Hmmm?" Damon looked with a funny poker face at Silvius' greeting. He was quickly reminded they were in a match! This was odd, but Damon was quickly back into the fight. Much to his chagrin, Silvius muttered two more words and Damon could only feel his body to start becoming weaker somehow.

"Sky Dragon Slaying Magic...Riku could enhance himself...does this man.." Damon's eyes widdened at the thought. Sadly, he had forgotten to greet Silvius, as an answer to Silvius' own words. Afterwards, Damon'd probaly feel bad. However, before any decreasing further happened, Damon focused himself and his flames on his body.

Flame Dragon Slaying Magic was also infamous for not only doing destruction, not only absorving weaker fire. It was also known for its burning effect into magic spells. A very highly skilled Dragon Slayer of the Fire element is capable of burning the very spells themselves, tales roaming around that the Fire Dragon King's flames were capable of incinerating Black Arts.

Damon focused on that burning aspect as his stats began to decrease, an incredible effect of Sky Slaying Magic. He was surprised, something so simple, yet never thought of. With a straight face, Damon had his body erupting with flames as to erupt and completely incinerate the magic effect of the spell cast on his body. He was essentially burning off that coat around himself.

He put intense heat into those flames of his, as to ensure the complete erradication of that spell. Not only he had increased the temperature of his flames, but also the temperature of his own body, to a tolerable level "Tch" Damon mentally grunted at his leg, trying to use the shadows which were already there in order to fix it temporarily as Silvius made both of them rise.

In fact, Damon had risen the heat to atonishing levels not only to burn off that debuff spell but also to try and incinerate off Silvius' own spell. The one cast unto himself. Damon's body was partially turned upside down as Silvius rose through the sky, in efforts, Damon brought his right hand to try and grip his opponent's, all the while releasing a lot of flames from himself.

The place would shine brightly with the appearance and usage of such flames. Their bright reflecting into the transparent glacial spikes that had previously rosen from the ground.

For Damon to turn back to his flames yet another time when met by a dire situation was a bit too predictable. What was apart of Silvius' arsenal was the absolute countermeasure for flames of such a caliber; up until now, he had tested them, and they had been a bit more than the bargain, surviving the face of the earlier winds as well as the opposing freezing temperatures. However, there would be no denying the fact that all flames required oxygen to survive —even those weaved by magic.

Just as was the case with Regalia: if one criteria should exist, should not the opposite? If a man's attributes could have been supplemented, then why not disdained? In the same stead, if a man could summon the element of air, then could he not banish it as well? Covering a large radius about his ascending frame, Silvius, through the magical powers invested deep within him, ordered the surrounding air to depart, leaving behind essentially what could only be described as an empty void.

Harnessing his magical prowess to keep him in flight, Silvius brought the void to pursue his every movement henceforth, rendering a troubled situation for the likes of the Dragon King, who found his flames depleted, and with complete misery, the return of the potent green aura that sought to nestle him to a breaking point. What was to be expected next was his most probable attempt at escaping the circumstance through the aid of his shadows; though with that in the back of his mind, Silvius was to measure up against it.

For but a moment longer he lingered there in the skies, looking down at the ground from the peak of the height he had mustered all that which way; all that was left to be done was the object of transportation in the name of Damon, back down to where he belonged. Now that he had been amply weakened, Silvius generated an incredulously cold aura atop the green he had previously insulated over Damon, to fortify his body in a paralytic state the likes of which would have never been seen before, as if to prevent any internal shadows from creeping along —though seeing as though the effects of Regalia would have already kicked in, such double measures were certainly, by every means in the book, unnecessary.

Grasping an even tighter hold of Damon's leg, then discovering a more proper lock over the rest of his body, Silvius took off, swooping down from the skies toward the ground in a horrendous drop. Plummeting quickly, what he desired was to return Damon to the earth personally; he would not forgive his grasp over the Dragon King until he had been slammed against the icicle spikes from earlier, a fate of which would have surely deprived him of his consciousness any further, when taking into account the effects of the two spells generated across his body, the sheer might of Silvius' coordination and power, and of course, the testament of the height of the drop.

Damon wasn't that much surprised by the vanishing of his flames, in fact, it had happened previously. Although he would need to agree that this was a rather dire situation. However, he still had two things he would use in such a time. They were risky in a way, and weren't sure to happen at all, but one doesn't suceed without trying.

Even though the flames were just vanished, the heat emanating from Damon's body still remained, heat is a concept and thing which didn't really need oxygen to work out. Even though flames are indeed stronger. He had been concentrating not only his fire, as previously mentioned, but also this incredible heat emanating off his body, in efforts to try and weaken the debuff.

"Another trait of mine is that...I may not know when to give up!" Damon said with an honest smile towards Silvius. Then, the fire was completely gone as was the oxygen. As his right arm was busy taking a grip into Silvius' own hand which was at Damon's leg, the Slayer's left arm was necessarily busy and was therefore working into a spell since before.

However, the debuff wasn't being weakened and Damon felt the heavy burden on his body on trying to use magic. They began to fall violently towards the ground, but even then, Damon still tried to counter against his opponent, having few sucess. Damon went as far as to punch the coat of the spell around him, waiting to see if there were gonna be any results.

The so-called Ile Regalia acted like some sort of coat around a person's magic body, Damon wasn't that skilled in Ethernano control...but it was still enough for him to directly locate and hit the strong particles. The coat may have cracked, or it may have not, Damon didn't know, he didn't feel anything.

Damon was lucky he shut his mouth just before the oxygen was completely out, he'd be gasping right now. He held a lot of air within his lungs, although barely. Damon was not only weakened by Ile Regalia, the fact he gained consciousness some few time ago also contributed to it, he was somewhat desorientated. But even then, he couldn't bring himself to just give up.

With his right hand, Damon intensified the grip on Silvius' hand although with little sucess, trying to bring the opponent towards him while Damon swiftly moved his left hand to touch Silvius' own pectoral. Damon smiled, not being capable of denying this was a good fight. He was in direct touch with his opponent, meaning nothing would really need to travel through anything in order to get to something. Strange way of putting it, but in fact, Damon was gonna use Pyro's Essence.

Damon was really exausted at this point, the effects of the debuff only contributing. But then, he could generate a few amount of fire. He was in direct contact with Silvius' body which needed air, as a human and Sky Slayer. Flames couldn't exist without oyxgen, meaning the explosion would only occur inside Silvius himself, therefore it'd be a concentrated explosion.

Even though Damon was not much capable of doing any incredible feat, he could still pull this out. Possibly. Oxygen is flammable, and theorically magic energy would be too. Damon just used a basic version of Pyro's Essence in his last efforts, breathing heavily. Usually, one doesn't need a lot of fire in order to incinerate a room filled with gasoline.

This was somewhat similar, a small trigger on his part could provoke an explosion inside Silvius. Although it was not certain, Damon's Dragon Force had probaly shrugged off at this point. They continued to descend towards the ground while it was left in the air if the spell would work or not.

A twister eloped the skies, piercing the very fabrics of time and space with horrendous might. Seering from the heavens down back to the torn faces of Earth Land, what was left in the wake of the furious cyclone of draconic aura was nothing short of a large scale explosion, leaving behind fumes, ash, and smoke in the form of a gargantuan cloud shaped into the manner of a mushroom. As it all dissipated slowly, drawing a curtain upon the preceding events, a lone silhouette was shown standing in the midst of a large crater, golden eyes gleaming from its sockets, blue hair frolicking atop his head with the renewed breeze. At his feet lay the Dragon King, considerably wounded and utterly defeated. All that shown across his face now was a latent smile, charming the many splashes of blood that sat around it, his eyes weary, though open, nonetheless, peering death in its entirety, as the figure of regicide drew closer and closer upon him.

Damon had his back against the ground, a crater to be exact, he was really wounded and weakened, not that it stopped him from seemingly smiling. For some reason though, Damon hidden his smile in, up until the point Silvius would've arrived "Hehe...another loss huh..." His mind was active again, after much time from Dragon Force it was stable again.

However, a shiver run down through his spine, feeling the other man's presence "So this is...the...fear of...death?!" Damon questioned himself, not sure what kind of feeling or emotion he was having right now "This guy is a Dark is one...and he is gonna end me here...damnitt!!" Damon's teeth clenched. His eyes wandered around as if desperate.

He tried to move his head, to no avail. Tried to lift up his arms, to no sucess. Took an attempt into raising his legs, only for it to not work. Dragon Force had worn out, so he had very little magic left "Damnitt...nothing I can do?! How could I just...let this guy..." But then Damon stopped, letting his mind wander through several memories. With his friends', family's. His breath was heavy.

Damon sighed, suddenly as if taking a huge boulder off his back. Silvius approached and could probaly look at the man on the ground now. Damon mentally shrugged off all of those thoughts, wondering why he'd have such a monologue at this time "Regret, the only thing I feel right not live to the fullest...I'm gonna leave them behind" One would expect a look of sadness in Damon's face.

However, that was not the case! In the deep inside, he sure felt sadness and fear but those were emotions he had to embrace. If this was his time, he would have to embrace it! Some shadows covered Damon's eyes, leaving only his right eye visible in a way as an excitement smile suddenly broke into his expression. Even the heavy breathing had stopped.

"This is how it feels to be embrace what happens to you..." Damon smiled, even when death was facing him right away with all of its intimidating power "This feeling..." Damon inhaled the air subconsciously, smiling even bigger while giving a sharp look towards Silvius. This man right there and then was smiling at DEATH itself.

Regrets, sadness and fear lungered deep into his heart. But what he truly felt was...acceptance. His very soul could be stared at. He was ready to die!

Silvius stood over the fallen Damon, his shadow hanging over him. He offered the former Dragon King a hard look, as if deciphering his internal feelings —he had come to amends by the look of things. Having foreseen the murderous intent that seemed to follow Silvius, Damon had come to the unfortunate realization that this was end. He was poised for his demise, prepared to die. Yet, for some odd reason, his lips had been shaped into a smile.

"To die a noble death; would it not be unbecoming of you in such a state of mind?" Silvius looked away for a moment, pondering to himself in silence, taking in not only the final battle, but the entirety of the Royale as a whole.

At the beginning of it all, he was nothing more than an enigma. Just an ordinary participant, with no greater chance of emerging as the victor than the rest of them. Little by little, he became recognized by a name; through victory he persevered, yet there was still one too many obstacles in his path, namely what was almost an external force preventing him from treading any further. But through it all, he had only grown all the more formidable, if not in might, then without a doubt, in character.

Indeed, those very same opponents who had made an enemy out of him, believing themselves to be capable of tainting their hands with his blood, concluded as being nothing short of his humblest companions. He had fortified the tournament, revolutionized the Royale in every aspect by winning not only within a physical sense, but furthermore, he had claimed the throne through time, effort, and heart.

In the end, it would seem, no matter the caliber of external circumstances, there was no one who could have denied a king his throne. For after all, the emblems upon a crown did not lie; they only cheered on in the triumph of the next ceremony.

"Though it may be nothing more than a mere title, I shall be taking it from you here, nonetheless. Consider yourself at my mercy for the time being, whereas only from your crown and throne have you been deprived. Until the day arises when you feel as though you have found greater means in the eyes of your strength, then by all means, do feel obliged to pry it all from my hands a second time," said Silvius, before setting off in the opposite direction, only to come to an abrupt stop all of a sudden. Looking over his shoulder, he glanced back at the felled King once more, issuing a final statement.

"However yet —dare I say it— flounder not upon the grand ascendency of the Dragon God, for even His name alone shall fall deaf upon all ears but mine." Silvius trailed off, his figure disappearing with the cooling of the distant mist. The last decree; what could it have all meant? Was it a warning of some sort? A joist to flatter his own rump? It was clear that the man; nay, Dragon —nay, the Dragon King, had left it to Damon for his own interpretation.

And so, there lay Damon, deprived of his noble status, left to wither away within the chilled breeze...

Damon felt as if that slight breeze washed away the feeling of death from him "WHAT THE HELL?!" He almost screamed such words, a mouth gasping was what simply happened, his vocal cords were kind of tired...more like his lungs. His head moved backwards in attemp to look behind him.

"Why?!" He would think again. He was not really worried on the title "Unbecoming you say? Heh" Damon could only smirk, he had accepted it and yet the man had refsued to continue. However Silvius was probaly quite some distance away, he really was leaving Damon behind with his life. A surprise. Damon's chest descended and ascended in its place as he breathed heavily. The fear of death, the feeling of regret all being taken away suddenly.

Damon could only look to the horizon behind him while still on the ground, suddenly feeling another presence within the area as Silvius' one went away. His words, those words still lingered within Damon's mind, Silvius' own words. Damon concluded that his training wouldn't stop there, he needed to become even stronger.


As Damon looked towards the horizon, a shrouded figure appeared within his vision. Draped in a worn brown cloak, the figure's footsteps could be heard as the wind caused their clock to flutter in the air. As the figure arrived directly in front of the Shadow Flame Dragon Slayer, they looked down in order to get a better view of the beaten Damon. Tilting their head to the side, the cloaked figure suddenly began to chuckle before erupting into a full-blown laughter as they slowly began to calm down. "Hehe, I must say that I wasn't expecting to see this upon arriving here, Draco." A familiar voice said as the figure took of their hood, revealing it was none other than Genghis Breningoch, former Dragon Slayer King. "After all, I haven't seen you like this since our battle year ago."

"Khan..." Damon muttered as he looked back towards his frienemy, moving his head upwards as to get a better view since he was down on the ground "What the hell do you want now?" He managed to say with a bit difficulty, still tired from the afair "You weren't expecting it either when it had happened upon you..."

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