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Royce Blixtrande Profile
Royce Blixtrande

ロアイス ブリクストランヅ


Roaisu Burikusutorandu


Hell's Lightning (地獄の雷光, Jigoku no Raikō)




Male Male






185 lbs


August 8

Hair Color


Eye Color


Professional Status

Wings of Archadia

Guild Mark Location



Lead Singer, Guitarist
Co-Owner of Stocks Pub


Wings of Archadia


Jakko Wohlhart

Personal Status



Unnamed Parents (Deceased)
Mina Blutbayne (Lover)


Lightning Magic
Rage Bolt

Royce Blixtrande (ロアイス ブリクストランヅ, Roaisu Burikusutorandu) is the leader of the band and independent guild, Wings of Archadia, as well as the owner of Stocks Pub in Ilmarinen. A powerful lightning mage, he is known by the moniker, Hell's Lightning (地獄の雷光, Jigoku no Raikō), which is a reference to the red color his rage enhanced lightning magic, known as Rage Bolt (ラジュ ボルト, Raju Boruto), changes into and the intensity of his attacks.

An orphan from the lowest district in the city, Royce comes from a troubled past and befriended his future best friend, Johan Hellstrom. The journeyed throughout the kingdom in search of adventure, but after a deadly altercation through misunderstandings, Johan was presumably killed by Royce in an act of self-defense, something that greatly effected him to this day. He chose to remain in Ilmarinen and became co-founder of Wings of Archadia, alongside Jakko Wohlhart, and their music is known to be incredibly popular in the city.

Gifted with incredible physical and magical power, he is the main protagonist of Fairy Tail: Wings of Archadia, alongside the members of his band, and is currently engaged in a battle against a previous citizen of Ilmarinen and powerful figure, Lancaster Black, and his deadly Dreadnaughts.



Royce's cheerful appearance.

Royce Blixtrande is a young man with chiseled features standing at 6'0". He possesses a muscular build gained from his earlier days working the mines of Ilmarinen, as well as the numerous battles he fought during his travels around the Kingdom of Fiore. He has silver white hair with its bangs hanging over his brown eyes and slight stuble on his chin. His hair is white only on the top with his sides black with matching colored eyebrows. These features together make him quite intimidating when he stands tall and walks each step with purpose.

Royce has never known a life of luxury or wearing the finer things. He's always lived in the slums or traveled as a nomad. As such most of his clothing consisted of hand me downs or second-hand articles. Once he formed Wings of Archadia and started making a better living for himself, he still maintained a rather plain appearance consisting of boots, torn jeans, alternating designed tshirts and an assortment of leather jackets. His jackets vary in styles, such as red leather with a fur collar or black with its sleeves torn off. He considers his leather jackets his most cherished articles of clothing, which is ironic since they are often damaged or destroyed when using his rage and Red Lightning. After forming Wings of Archadia, he adorns several accessories such as rings, bracelets, and belts with chains connecting to his back pocket.

During his travels, he acquired a chest tattoo that appears like a modified skull and bones. He admitted that he got the tattoo while drunk one night and on a dare, a decision he still regrets. After forming Wings of Archadia, each member tattooed the band's symbol somewhere on their body. Royce chose to have his tattooed on his back in black and extends over his shoulder blades. When performing, he plays what appears like a Gibson Flying V.


Royce is a man described as being courageous, noble, a natural leader and highly proficient fighter. He views the safety of others above his own and fearlessly face any adversity with level head. He can be viewed as stubborn at times, mainly due to his refusal to back down, but presents that fact nonchalantly. Royce does have a tendency to be a little hotheaded, enjoying a good fight when it presents itself, and quick to act.

When he was younger, Royce was quite the troublemaker. He was described as being hotheaded, brash, arrogant, impatient and quick to anger. He felt the world owed him something and the only reason he wasn't succeeding in life was because others were holding him back. Royce would walk around with an air of superiority and quickly clashed with those around him. This led him into numerous fights with the locals resulting in his expulsion of various establishments. At one point, he had gotten into trouble with the law and was put to work in the mines to pay off his fines. There, his resentment towards everyone only grew and once he settled his debt he left Ilmarinen in hopes of finding fame and glory. Throughout his youth, he had one best friend who he considered his brother, Johan Hellstrom. These two shared similar feelings towards others and society, and desired something greater than what the city could provide them. They enjoyed causing mischief and fighting anyone that would get in their way. Coming from similar backgrounds, they shared a deep bond that seemed unbreakable.


Royce's rage

No one knows where he ventured or how he became the man he is today, but the current Royce is very different from his younger self that its like night and day. When he returned, not only had he matured, but learned to channel his rage. Realizing that his anger would always be present within him, he spent years learning to channel and harness it as a power source. Its been hinted by other band members that Royce faced another lightning mage and was soundedly defeated when he let his anger get the best of him. His loss had appeared to teach him humility and from then on worked to better himself. He became patient, humble and placed others before him. While still coming off as cocky at times, he never lets himself be taken over by his ego. Instead, he fights against those who think they are above others and enjoys defeating them, hoping their defeat could change them for the better in a similar fashion to him.

He greatly values his friends and considers them his family, specifically Nestor Stocks, who is like a father to him. The rest of his band are similarly like his siblings, viewing Jakko Wohlhart as the older brother of the group, and would jump in to defend them at a moment's notice and without hesitation. He's viewed as the leader and as such holds those responsibilities to heart, but does defer to Jakko whenever he struggles with a decision. It is unknown when it started but at some point Royce and Mina were in a relationship. Her inability to express her true feelings and thoughts caused the two to separate a few times and is unknown what the state of their relationship is in now.

When he purchased Stocks Pub and formed Wings of Archadia, his displayed other qualities, such as knowledge in finances, marketing and creative writing. He helped turn the nearly bankrupt pub into a profitable business within a short few months. He's quite a talented guitar player as evident by being lead in the band, as well as an accomplished singer. At first glance, most people view him as being simple minded and a sort of lumbering brute, so it always catches people by surprise learning that he's quite intelligent and a keen observer.


Royce comes from the Foundation District of Ilmarinen, a district that is considered quite poor and lower class. His parents had died when he was very young and was left to fend for himself on the streets. In order to survive, Royce resorted to stealing and less than moral activities. He quickly became a troublemaker and criminal, often having to evade capture from the Silver Guard who policed his district. Also during that time he befriended another orphan by the name of Johan Hellstrom, who shared a similar past. They grew to become best of friends and would often lash out at the Sky District by personally attacking its citizens or property. Though their luck would run out one day and they were finally captured. As punishment for their past crimes, Royce and Johan were put to work the mines to pay off their debt. While there, they formed a pact to leave the city and search for a better place that would be more accepting of them. Once their debt had been paid, Royce and Johan boarded the earliest flight out of the city and began traveling the world.

It is unknown when exactly Royce learned how to wield lightning magic, but by the time he was in his late teens he was already proficient enough to hold his own against other mages. He and Johan spent several years taking odd jobs and fighting their way across Fiore in hopes of creating a name for themselves. It was not until Royce suffered a massive defeat by the infamous lightning mage, Laxus Dreyar, that he began to question the choices he's made in life. Royce began to feel guilty for all the harm he's caused and wanted to return to Tuska to make amends for his past crimes. Johan did not share in Royce's new outlook and the two slowly became much more distant. Royce was becoming concerned with Johan's behaviour, which was becoing more violent and psychotic. Their travels also brought them to Jakko Wohlhart, a former member of the Silver Guard in Ilmarinen, who had been honorably discharged from service after sustaining injuries. Royce and Jakko became good friends, while Johan became more distant, often disappearing at times.

After much protest, Royce and Jakko managed to convince Johan to return to Ilmarinen, and with the money they saved from their travels, purchased and reopened Stocks Pub in the Industrial District of the city. To attract more business, the three formed the band, Wings of Archadia, and after early success hired Zander Isdal. With business booming and the band taking off, Royce was completely caught off guard with news that Johan was wanted by the Silver Guard for working with criminal organizations to assassinate targets. Royce immediately confronted Johan and was devastated to find out that Johan was in fact killing people who sometimes were innocents who stood up to the criminal bosses. Royce threatened to turn in Johan if he continued and in homicidal rage, Johan attacked Royce, forcing him to defend himself. In a final clash, Royce seemingly killed Johan, knocking him over the edge of the Foundation District and sending his body down into the Forbidden District where it was never seen again. This had caused Royce's life to shatter all around him and couldn't deal with what he had done.

With the help of Nestor and Jakko, it took a great deal of time for Royce to recover from the event and instead focused his rage and sadness into his music. Continued success allowed him to hire the rest of the band and he is slowly began putting the pieces back together in his life.


Magic & Abilities

Royce is a lightning mage of exceptional physical and magical power that easily places him in the S-Class range despite not taking any sort of formal test or being in a legally recognized guild. While all of his physical abilities are still much higher than that of trained individuals, Royce is most known for his monstrous levels of strength and durability that allows him to inflict tremendous damage while at the same time being able to remain relatively unharmed, even against powerful attacks. Royce has stated that he's yet to reach his limit as he can call upon his rage to temporarily enhance them to inhuman levels. Aside from his physical ability, he's a naturally talented mage specializing in lightning magic which he primarily fuses with his hand-to-hand combat. His style of fighting is more focused on offensive power, though does also support great defensive ability, but lacks long range spells.

Physical Abilities

Immense Strength: One of Royce's most outstanding physical qualities is his raw physical power. Royce has been gifted with an unnaturally high level of strength that allows him to clash with opponents nearly twice his size with apparent ease. He's capable of hefting large weights, even at a young age such as huge sacks filled with stone and ore seen during his days working the mines. This level of strength also makes all of his melee attacks potentially devastating and often holds back his true power so that he doesn't do any permanent or lethal damage. Because of such an extreme level of strength, Royce actively restrains himself so that he doesn't accidentally hurt those around him. In his calmed state, Royce's physical traits are at above peak human potential and has the body of a man who engages in intense exercises daily. He can lift a log without signs of effort, pick up opponents his size with one arm or strike a surface with enough force to shatter stone or bend metal. Among the members of Wings of Archadia, only Allastr Grimmgold in his Breker Take Over form is able to match his strength. When tapping into his rage, his strength is augmented even further to potentially unknown levels. During his first encounter with The Dreadnaughts, he was able to snap a steel chain just by using his brute strength, as well as knockback his opponents when fighting. When facing average opponents, a single punch is more than enough to knock his opponents out, and even against stronger opponents, he's still capable of dealing great damage. This could be seen when he faced off against Lancaster Black and one of his punches was able to stagger the Dreadnaught leader back a few steps. He's also able to lift oversized weapons and wield them easily, though lack of training in armed combat make him undisciplined and wild when swinging. He's stated that he's afraid of his true strength since the idea of someone possessing such physical power frightening. Its only because of his humble nature and focus that he keeps himself from testing his limits. The exact level of his strength is unknown since it can vary depending on his rage-induced states, but its safe to assume that he's one of the most physically intimidating individuals in Ilmarinen and potentionally all of Fiore.

Immense Durability: Royce's second most outstanding physical quality is the sheer amount of physical punishment he is able to sustain without grievous injury. Even without the augmentation from Red Lightning, Royce's durability has been remarked as being superhuman. Since his youth, Royce has conditioned his body to take tremendous damage to the point where he can shrug off the attacks seemingly unfazed. Royce has, on multiple occassions, withstood a barrage of punches, some magically charged, from Johan Hellstrom, a former friend and strong combatant. He has even been able to withstand simultaneous attacks from 3 guild members known to possess high levels of magical power. While tortured by Arno Drobisch, Royce was able to withstand repeated shocks of electricity, as well as a direct blast to the chest from his magical revolver. Normal opponents without skill or power would inflict minimal, if any damage to him, while only stronger opponents would prove any sort of challenge against him. In fact, average opponents would actually hurt themselves striking Royce barehanded, such as rowdy patrons at Stock's Pub or bandits trying to mug him. It takes a great deal of effort, as well as tiring Royce to the point where his power wanes before any attacks would deal significant damage against him. Aside from being able to withstand high level magical spells used against him or attacks from superhumanly strong opponents, Royce has also been able to survive being smashed through structures, dropped from great heights and hit with powerful magics, all the while getting up each time to continue fighting. He's often used his durablity as an intimidation tactic, letting himself to be purposely struck by certain attacks and display his amazing level of resilience by appearing unfazed from them.

Enhanced Reflexes: One would think that Royce's massive frame would hinder his speed and reaction time. To think that would be a fatal mistake. Fueled mainly on instinct and almost a "sixth sense", Royce's reaction time is almost supernatural and allows him to avoid incoming attacks and counter with amazing speed. When tapping into his rage, his reflexes are augmented even further. His reflexes are high enough to be able dodge several attacks aimed at him simultaneously, even from multiple opponents, and held his own for a short period of time all while nursing previous injuries. He's able to engage other master level combatants on equal footing, using his natural talent and warrior's instinct to dodge and parry incoming attacks. When combined with his speed, Royce is able to effectively avoid attacks at close range that would be nearly impossible and remained unscathed. He's able to seemingly disappear instantaneously and reappear a short ways away. Even when caught in an explosion, Royce has managed to appear at a safe distance with only a few burn marks on his jacket, but otherwise completely unharmed. Because of his build, most opponents underestimate just how fast he truly is, which in turn allows him to gain the upperhand by maneuvering around them.

Enhanced Endurance: Royce is nearly unyielding in his determination and refuses to admit defeat if he can still draw breath. This may be a combination of willpower and stubborness, but even while sustaining massive damage Royce will continue battling, seemingly ignoring any injuries. Further evidence of his great endurance is that he was able to battle against 3 strong mages, one being a former friend, even though he was previously poisoned and still reeling from its effects. Royce's body has been known to deal with pain much more effeciently than others, allowing him to fight without it effecting his performance.

Enhanced Stamina: Wielding the sheer level of power Royce has at his disposal requires an even greater level of stamina. Since he is a much more physical combatant, he's trained himself to continue on for prolonged periods of time without tiring. This means he can maintain a constant level of physical activity for a long time before feeling any adverse effects. His muscles generate much less fatigue which attributes to his constant level of movement. Also, his magics remain extremely potent and able to unleash them in quick succession without tiring. Given his style of fighting combines a great degree of physical activity and magic usage, stamina is one of the most important qualities he has at his disposal as it fuels every single action.


Royce preparing to fight

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: While possessing no formal training or martial arts style, Royce is none the less an extremely skilled combatant. During his youth, he fought against many opponents who had bullied him, even some twice his size, and managed to stand victorious. Combined with a warrior's spirit and instinct, he has displayed a natural talent for fighting accompanied by an indomitable spirit. During his time in the Foundation District of Ilmarinen, Royce singlehandedly defeated 5 grown teenagers while he was only 12 years of age at the time. He was a bloody mess afterwards, but still stood at the center of the brutal fight. Even when defeated, he quickly learned and adapted to become a better fighter, marking a natural talent in melee combat and seldom losing a second time in a row against the same opponent. He regularly sparred with his best friend at the time, Johan Hellstrom, and constantly pushed himself to grow. When he journey across the kingdom with Johan, he developed his own style of fighting that mainly influenced from street fighting and grappling techniques. His style can be viewed as being crude and unrefined, but the results speak for themselves. He specializes in power moves and slams that allows him to utilize his already impressive physical prowess to its utmost capabilities. Royce favors hand to hand fighting so much that nearly all of his magical spells have some sort of physical element invovled in it, be it a punch, kick or grappling technique. An example of his fighting ability is when he faught against 3 members of The Dreadnaughts and hold his own to a certain degree, even while already previously wounded from a poisoned dagger. Amongst all the members of Wings of Archadia, Royce is considered its best and strongest fighter, even more so than Zander Isdal. The reason he's regarded as a master level combatant is because he possesses so many qualities that propel him to that status, regardless of the lack of proper training and disciplines.

Magical Abilities

Immense Magical Power: While not officially regarded as an S-Class mage, Royce still possesses considerable magical power which manifests itself as the element he controls: an aura of electricity. He is quite skilled in manipulating its power, from sparking the end of his cigarette with a single spark to unleashing it as a destructive blast all around him when venting it. By internalizing its power, he's able to temporarily provide himself additional protection against physical damage by supercharging his muscles so that it can withstand the force of attacks. This makes him an overall powerful mage who can go toe-to-toe with most others. Jakko has stated that Royce possesses tremendous levels of magical power hidden deep within him that he can all upon when facing difficult opponents. He can then manipulate that magical power to further enhance his lightning magic, increase his body's resistance to damage or increasing its overall ability to heal from wounds at an accelerated rate. This grants him a versatile way to utilize such energies. Unleashing his full power comes with such an output of energy that his very surrounding can come crumbling down around him, and the shockwave can be felt from great distances. As such, he's never one to be underestimated as any given moment he become stronger and fiercer during battles. At its largest output, Royce creates a massive column of electrical energy and force, him becoming a mere silhouette with glowing yellow eyes as his power roars around him like a wild animal. He's admitted that the sheer volume of power he has at his disposal frightens him at times and makes sure that he keeps its output under control.



Royce tapping into rage

Rage-Augmented Physical Attributes: While already gifted with extraordinary levels of physical power, he can tap into his emotional state, mainly his rage, to summon vast amounts a magical power hidden within him to saturate his muscles with enough energy to temporarily increase all of his physical abilities. This is not to be confused with Muscle Speak. There are no incantations or seals needed. Instead, Royce focuses inward, summoning such potent rage that his body grows to accomodate the output. Visibly, his muscles begin to swell, becoming even more defined and veins throughout his arms noticeably visible. Doing so causes his muscles to swell, often tearing his leather jackets and destroying the sleeves. His facial expression seems to alter slightly, as well, with his features becoming much more sharp. Like Red Lightning, Royce can only use this power for short periods of time and leaves him exhausted if used for too long as the strain on his body can prove taxing. While irrational behaviour and impulsive reactions are commonly associated with rage, Royce is still able to maintain a level of rational thought and keep himself in perfect control of his senses. This offers a tremendously valuable asset to Royce since he can tap into for physical boosts while suffering now emotional or mental drawbacks.
  • Monstrous Strength: Royce's greatest attribute has always been his phenomenal strength and even without tapping into his rage is already great enough to send foes through the air, bend steel and punch through solid granite. When combined with his rage, his strength increases to such levels that he is no longer considered human, and instead a monster. An exact range to his new level of strength is currently unknown as he's yet to test his full limit, but it easily places in the same tier as the elites of Earth Land. His new found brute strength can easily snap steel chains, lift whole slabs of stone over his head and support an entire second floor of a home from caving in on him. Because his strength has been augmented to such levels, a physical confrontation with him can prove fatal. A simple punch can send shockwaves rippling throughout the area and destroy barriers of magical energy by repeatedly slamming his fists against it. Even merely swinging his fists sends waves of force that can push back weaker opponents. His strength also makes grappling or wrestling with him difficult as he can break their holds and apply his own pressure on the opponent. Royce favors slamming his opponents into the ground or against any other surface and because of his strength often sends them through the structure or leave them imprinted in it. His strength isn't merely limited to his arms. His legs have proven to be equally as powerful. He can use the increased strength to leap over great heights or propel himself in any direction with amazing speed. Combined with his fighting style, Royce can deliver kicks with enough power to send opponents flying backwards. This makes knee strikes and stomps particularly devastating, as well. When using his leg strength to leap or propel himself forward, his feet often dig into the ground, causing it to crack and implode.
  • Increased Durability: With his muscles swelled with energy, his body has become increasingly more durable and able to withstand great punishment without signs of injury. Only the mightiest of opponents are able to deal any significant damage to him while in this state. Against average opponents, he can seemingly shrug off any direct hits and not react at all to it. While appearing like regular skin and muscle, even malleable, the energy coursing through his body provides them with a much more dense composition, making him slightly heavier in the process. This means that blunt force attacks can be absorbed much more effeciently and the damage from these attacks reduced. Even when being struck against bladed weapons, because his body is more solid, the cutting power meets more resistance, like a knife striking against a rock. This level of durablity may appear nearly god-like, but against stronger opponents, Royce is still susceptible to damage, albeit to a much lesser degree. While the power surges through him, he is nigh-invulnerable even against magical attacks, eventually that energy burns itself out and his resistance to damage begins to reduce. Once that energy is depleted, he is back to his original state with the accompanied steam seen when using Red Lightning. Its only through considerable training has he been able to raise his stamina to accomodate such levels of power.
  • Increased Reflexes: While enraged, Royce's natural speed is greatly amplified, giving him heightened reflexes and agility. He is capable of evading several attacks at once while engaging in direct combat. In short bursts, Royce is able to seemingly disappear instantly before being struck by an attack and reappear either to the side or behind an opponent. These moments are few and far between as it requires a level of heightened awareness that is difficult to sustain during his moments of rage. Instead, he relies heavily on instinct and his body's natural defense mechanisms to take over and react on its own. As such, these moments of increased speed is purely reflexive. In the initial stages of his increased reflexes, Royce is nearly untouchable, able to react so fast that he's considered inhuman by those he's faced.

Lightning Magic

Lightning Magic (雷系各種魔法 Kaminari Kei Kakushu Mahō lit. Various Lightning Magic): Royce's signature magic is where he commands the element of lightning which he holds a great deal of skill over, making him a formidable combat mage even against S-Class opponents. This magic allows him to produce, control and manipulate lightning and electricity at will, ranging from a simple spark to light the end of a cigarette or coat his entire body in lightning to increase his attack power and speed. While most mages typically use this magic for ranged combat, Royce mainly uses his lightning in conjunction with his fighting style to augment an attack's damage. He's known to use the lightning to cover his fists, feet and even head to deliver explosive damage. As an additional effect of lightning, opponents struck by it are also momentarily shocked and stunned, granting Royce an opportunity for a followup attack if he wishes. While his wielding of lightning can be considered crude and basic, Royce is also able to momentarily turn his own body into lightning in order to evade enemy attacks, moving around at high speed and strike every opponent crossing his path. This grants him an inhuman level of speed and mobility, but is limited to traveling in a single straight path before having to initiate the spell again if he wants to change direction.Though he's still not fully capable of using this skill to its full effect. A unique passive ability granted by his knowledge of lightning magic is to internalize it to stimulate his regenerative powers so that he can recover from injury at an accelerated pace. This requires some effort and splitting his magic through other offensive spells reduce and weaken the effect of his enhanced healing. He would often need to stop performing any other actions and concentrate to fully benefit from this effect. While possessing an impressive array of devastating offensive spells, Royce has yet to cast any sort of defensive spell. Though he is able to block an attack through other spells, such as his Lightning Fist, which helps absorb some of the initial damage from an opposing spell cast against him.

  • Spark Knuckle (スパーク ナックル, Supaku Nakkuru) Similar to the Lightning Magic spell, Lightning Punch, Royce channels his magical energy into his hands, casting orbs of electricity around his fists, thereby increasing the resulting damage when striking targets. Even against mighty opponents, Royce is able deliver a single punch with enough force to cause them to stagger back. Combined with his impressive physical power, he's even capable of propelling opponents backwards through the air. Due to the natural effect accompanied by being struck by lightning, Royce can momentarily stun his targets with these attacks to provide additional openings. As with his other spells, Spark Knuckle can be further enhanced through Red Lightning. Royce has shown enough proficiency to summon this spell in the middle of combat to execute quick attacks, or maintain the electrical energy around his fists for longer periods so that he can continue his physical assaults.
  • Shock Gun (ソク ガン, Soku Gan) Royce delivers a single lightning enhanced overhand punch, where upon contact, creates a large wave of lightning that washes over his arm and smashes his opponent into the ground with such force that it causes an explosion, leaving behind a small crater. The sheer force of this attack can crush weaker opponents in one hit and few have stood up once struck by this mighty blow. With his lightning reflexes and natural talent in unarmed combat, Royce can even use this attack as a counter move against an incoming punch from an opponent, thus making this technique extremely difficult to avoid. When using it in this fashion, Royce allows an opponent to attack him, and using his speed and reflexes, steps into the attack, avoids it while simultaneously throwing his own magically enhanced attack to minimize an opponent's ability to dodge it. Its overall damage can be further enhanced through Red Lightning.
  • Rocket Bolt (ロケト ボルト, Roketo Boruto) Another simple, yet highly effective spell where Royce strikes an opponent with an uppercut. To achieve the full effect of this spell, Royce must be in close proximity to his target and strike them directly under the chin. From underneath the opponent, a massive pillar of lightning erupts from the ground and shoots upward towards the sky, dealing tremendous damage and sending his opponent flying into the sky at great speeds. Its name comes from the manner in which the opponent is sent into the air like a rocket before coming crashing back down for additional damage. Because of the nature of this spell, once a target is struck with the initial punch its near impossible to dodge the secondary effect with the lightning pillar afterwards.
  • Bolt Ringer (ボルト リンジャー, Boruto Rinjaa) Royce's fighting style incorporates his entire body as a weapon, including his head, and has crafted a spell using that part. By grabbing an opponent by the head, Royce will reel back and strike with his own head against their's. On contact, he'll release a great deal of lightning, generating an explosion in the process and often planting the opponent into the ground. This spell is included in the myriad of physical spells he possesses, taking advantage of his great strength and enormous magical energy.
  • Blast Flash (ブラスト フラス, Burasuto Furasu) A simple spell that yields devastating results. Royce simply raises his arm and places his hand on an oppenent's chest. Summoning a great deal of energy through his arm, he then expels it with explosive force. Due to the close proximity of this spell, it inflicts maximum damage against his opponent. The force it delivers is enough to send his opponents flying backwards, engulfed in his lightning, and smash against anything found behind them. What makes this spell particularly devastating is its seemingly quick execution and no charge time prior to the attack. This means he can pull this spell out without warning and deal tremendous damage.
  • Electric Trigger (エレクトリク トライジャー, Erekutoriku Toraijaa) While Royce prefers to use his Lightning Magic in conjunction with his hand-to-hand fighting, he does possess the ability to utilize it for ranged combat. Royce holds his hands out towards a target from which a number of small, yet destructive lightning orbs are fired at the target at high speed. While an individual orb doesn't possess much destructive power, its cumulative effect can be quite devastating. Also, these bullets have the additional ability to stun his targets, as with most of his spells, to allow a possible opening for additional attacks. 
  • Rolling Thunder (ロリング サンダー, Roringu Sandaa) Unnamed during the Wings of Red Arc, this is Royce's second ranged spell. A destructive spell triggered by Royce stomping hard into the ground. Upon impact, he releases large arcs of lightning that tear through solid earth towards a target and explode once it reaches them, dealing great damage in the resulting blinding light. This spell reflects more accurately the street fighting style that Royce is known for. Its rather simple and crude, yet delivers tremendous power and heavily damage his opponents. When channeled through his Red Lightning, this attack tends to be more erradic and swerves, as opposed to the rough straight line it would normally flow in.
  • Electric Bridge (エレクトリク ブリジュ, Erekutoriku Buriju) A spell that combines his magical power and wrestling ability, Royce stands behind his opponent and grabs them by the waist, locking his arms in place. He then lifts them up and falls backwards while bridging his back and legs, slamming the opponent down to the ground shoulder and upper back first, creating a massive explosion of lightning. The force of this technique is so devastating that the ground will implode several layers when the opponent makes contact before finally exploding. Because the spell only works if the opponent is grabbed, its impossible to avoid the damage once Royce locks in the hold.
  • Crashing Thunder (クラッシュサンダー, Kurasshu Sandā) Another grappling technique that takes advantage of his massive frame and strength, while combining it with his lightning magic to enhance the damage it can deal. To initiate the spell, Royce will sometimes preceed the attack with a punch or kick to a standing opponent, causing them to bend forward. From there, Royce will grab his opponent by the waist, lift them off the ground and flip their body so that they are sitting on his shoulders and the opponent's back facing away from him. He will then summon bolts of lightning to crash all around him, giving off a frightening display of magical power. Once Royce is ready, he will then drive his opponent into the ground, shoulder and back of their heads first, causing the ground to implode from the impact and release a huge stream of electrical energy to explode outward, tearing through the ground. Given the fact that this spell can only be cast if the opponent remains in Royce's hold, the damage dealt is automatic as it is impossible to avoid.
  • Lightning Body (ライトニング ボヂ, Raitoningu Bodi) Unnamed during the Wings of Red Arc. During his travels, Royce was able to learn that he could use his Lightning Magic to temporarily grant himself nearly unmatched speed by moving as fast as lightning itself. Through focus, Royce is able to wrap his body in lightning and propel himself through the air seemingly faster than the human eye can register. While it greatly increases his speed, it seems that Royce is only to able fly in one direction, needing to cast it again if he were to alter his course. A spell that requires a considerable amount of training, he has yet to master it and employs it more reflexively during combat. Even so, by using it in short bursts, this spell can grant him the ability to instantly appear in front of his targets, or behind them, and deliver any one of his other close range spells.

Rage Bolt

Rage Bolt (ラジュ ボルト, Raju Boruto): While categorized as a magic, Rage Bolt appears to be more of a magical enhancement in the same vein as to how his rage augments his physical abilities, though focuses on boosting the power of his lightning. During times of need, Royce is capable of tapping into that emotional state, causing his lightning to turn into a deep crimson red, earning him the name "Hell's Lightning". When increased by his rage, the lightning becomes tremendously more powerful but also becomes erradic and difficult to control when using for ranged attacks. This is why he typically uses it for melee purposes or to sweep a large area with blasts. He's even cautioned his allies to remain at a distance as he cannot guarantee their safety once they step within his striking range. Aside from its lack of precise control, tapping into rage also provides another consequence. Mainly, its ability to consume energy and stamina, leaving Royce exhausted after prolonged use. After a long battle, steam can be visibly seen coming off his body as it burns off the excess energy pumping through his veins. This causes him to tire quicker and give in to fatigue, even though he's at peak physical form. During his fight with Lancaster Black, it was revealed that Red Lightning has a second effect besides its augmented destructive power. Due to rage fueling this magic and its rather violent nature, Red Lightning somehow is capable to disrupting the binds of other magics either directed at Royce or when he strikes against other magics, such as barriers and other magical constructs. This magic is described as somewhere between Crash and Dispelling Magic, but couldn't be classified as either. Since Royce isn't fully aware of the effect Red Lightning can have against other Magics, he uses it in its most basic form, only recently realizing its true power. Up until now, Royce had always assumed that his magic was just naturally capable of dealing with other magics, attributing its ability to counter magic due to his raised power level and Red Lightning's potency. Also, when activating Red Lightning Royce has access to specific spells associated exclusively to this form of magic:

  • Fury Current (フーリーカレント, Fūrī Karento) A spell that Royce is currently trying to master, but due to Rage Bolt's nature, is proving to be difficult. Raising his fist high above his head, Royce acts a human lightning rod, pulling in ambient electrical energy or even summoning them from clouds above and engulfing his entire body in red lighting. Once enough energy is gathered, Royce will strike the ground and release massive arcs of electricty that tear through solid earth in either an omni-directional path to strike multiple targets or send a series of them in one direction to strike an individual target. These arcs can reach incredible heights if charged with enough power, going so far as being able to strike airborn targets. When using this spell, he can drastically alter his immediate surroundings, causing whole structures to cave in around him and reducing large stone blocks to rubble. The process in which he's able to cause this level of destruction isn't limited to merely lightning tearing through a substance. It's more to do with how Rage Bolt effects the binding of structures, either physical constructs or magical spells. As such, this spell overloads what's holding these elements together and in the case of physical structures, reduces them to debris. The energy surges through it in an almost spiderweb like formation and then detonates shortly afterwards. This is how he is able to bring massive structures, such as large pillars or even multi-story buildings crumbling down.

Advanced Spells

  • Lightning Edge (ライトニング イージュ, Raitoningu Iiju) Though Royce's principal fighting style consists of mainly blunt force and heavy handed punches, coming off as a brawler, he is not without some enginuity when it comes to developing spells and attacks with his Lightning Magic. Royce is fully aware that there are certain situations where simply smashing against a surface is not enough to bypass its defenses. As such, he has created a spell that allows him to increase the ability to pierce an object, instead of simply punching through it. By using the edge of his hand, Royce concentrates his magical power across that edge and coats it with supercondensed yellow lightning that acts like a knife to slice through its targets thanks to focused energy. Combined with his incredible strength, he will bring down his charged hand into his target and begin cutting into the surface, completely severing the object clean in two once he's passed through it. Royce has also been observed producing this spell as a short ranged wave on top of a close quarter attack. Because of his tremendous physical power, this attack can create great force that is released when swinging his arm. The wake of it can then travel great distances, casting off the collected lighting as a tall thin wave of similar cutting power, leaving behind a carved path in the process. Though this does translate into a sort of long ranged ability, its principal power comes from the initial impact with his hand, and the subsequent traveling wake becomes increasingly weaker as it moves farther away. The strength of this attack depends on the amount of power Royce puts into it, but he can easily cut through rock, and in some instances, magical substances such as an Iron God Slayer's Imperial Armor. If there's a substance of sufficient durability, Lightning Edge will crash against it, casting off large arcs of electricity as it fights with target and still inflicts a huge amount of damage from the physical contact even if it is unable to pierce through. Royce typically uses this spell with a downward slashing motion, but can also swing his arm horizontally so that he moves it similar to an axe chopping a tree.
    • Piercing Thunder (ピアスサンダー, Piasu Sandā) Lightning Edge is executed in a chopping motion, allowing Royce to cut through an object completely. While the cutting power is incredibly strong, able to slice most objects both mundane and magical in nature, it may not be enough to pierce through all defenses. This is because the cutting power is being dispersed across a longer surface, namely his hand and forearm. But Royce has developed a secondary spell through Lightning Edge by focusing that energy into a single point, such as his finger tips, and strike with a stabbing motion instead of a sweeping one. By focusing the lighning into a smaller area, that area becomes much sharper and can now bypass nearly any object. Depending on the placement of this strike, it can be extremely deadly if aimed at a vital part of the body, and can pierce clean through to the other side of a target. Even though Lightning Edge and Piercing Thunder are deadly spells, Royce does not seem to keen in using it as it clashes with his brawler fighting style. Instead, he uses either spell as a last resort to weaken or destroy a defense if he is unable to do so through physical means. Also, these spells differ with his other spells in the essense that it targets smaller areas, while the rest focus on releasing tremendous amounts of energy in the form of explosions.
  • Starbolt (スターボルト, Sutaboruto) A secret spell that Royce crafted during his times traveling and sometime after his defeat against Laxus, and boosts his already impressive attack power to even greater levels. By channeling all of his magical energy through his arm and into his fist, Royce can deliver a supremely powerful physical attack capable of producing a massive explosion of yellow electricity. Prior to executing this spell, he will raise his magical power, causing a torrent of lighting to erupt all around him. His eyes have been seen as emitting similar energy as it surges through his body and pours it into his hand. The air around him distorts from the power he emits and his aura begins to break apart the ground beneath him. Once sufficiently charged, Royce will rush towards his target in the same manner as his Lightning Body spell, traveling at incredible speeds while completely bathed in his lightning. When he initially takes off, the ground in which he was standing on implodes before exploding from the violent transition. He will then strike his target with his charged fist, releasing all the stored energy as one enormous explosion that sends a wave of force rippling through the area, completely engulfing the target in lightning and blowing away anything in its immediate surroundings. The explosion created forms into an enormous pillar that shoots up into the sky and splits into five large arcs, each traveling away from one another and cuts through the ground, leaving behind deep fissures in the shape of a five-pointed starburst. The target is swept away in the release of energy, defeated and greviously injured. Its noted that Royce has yet to use this spell against a living target out of fear that it is utterly devasting and lethal to anyone hit by it, as well as the surrounding area. The Starbolt is the culmination of years of physical conditioning and magic training, able to create the perfect harmony between his monumental strength and lightning magic. When saturating this spell with Rage Bolt, Royce will continue engulfing the target in red lightning and traveling forward from the initial contact. Both he and the target will remain completely engulfed in his red lighting, continuously damaging the target as they rocket forward destroying everything directly in its path. The sheer force it produces is enough to part the clouds above as the energy travels upward while they move, further showcasing this spell's awe-inducing visual effect. With his enhanced lightning's incredible destructive power, this spell is capable of vaporizing a target entirely, leaving behind no trace.



Royce's statistics are listed to the left. These statistics are a close approximation of his baseline abilities. They do not reflect his full potential, and may vary during moments of stress or determination. As such, they are not to be taken as definitive stats, but merely as an overall indication of his level of power. His statistics are broken down to: Offense, Defense, Speed and Intelligence, with a fifth statistic specific to his character which is Rage.


  • Royce's appearance and rage power is based from Bunshichi Tawara from Tenjho Tenge.
  • His theme song is Fairy Tail OST - Released Power.
  • Royce is a smoker.
  • Aside from being the band and guild leader, he's also the owner of Stocks Pub.
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