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Rui Ochiru


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Akekōkei (明け光景 lit. Dawning Sight)

"I welcomed the world with open hands, befriended it. But the world rejected me, and killed everyone and everything I ever loved. That is why I hate this world."
— Rui

Rui Ochiru (涙落ちる lit. Tears Falling) is the sole survivor of the Seinre Purgings; and the last living Seinre in Earthland. The Seinre race was prejudiced for their unique abilities, and were thus purged from humanity by Rune Knights and angry citizens of Earthland. However, Rui was able to survive because of a Ancient Spell placed on her by her mother. The spell shut down Rui's body; causing her to sleep, but not age. The spell wore off approximately 3,000 years after it was casted. At this point, a majority of humanity thought that all of the Seinre had been exterminated. After conducting a thorough investigation of the modern time period, Rui was able to conclude that she was the last living Seinre, and that she could not tell anybody this.

Rui is a member of the elite guild, Phoenix Wings. She was able to join after saving one of their S-Class Mages, who is now her current partner. Several hours after waking up, she stumbled into Carter Wilson, and saved him, exhausting her magic power as a result. Carter brought her back to Phoenix Wings, and was able to convince the guild master to allow her to join.


Because of the Ancient Spell casted upon her as a child, Rui did not age for over three thousand years, thus retaining the appearance she had when her body was shut down. Although many would consider this a blessing, she considers this a curse. No matter how much she ages, her body will not physically deteriorate; the reason being that she is a Seinre. Rui is two inches below the average woman's height, causing many of her guildmates to label her as a midget. Despite this, Rui walks with an authoritative manner, giving an aura of confidence. Rui has claimed to never have slouched in her lifetime, and many believe this claim to be true. She is never slouching, hunching, or anything of that nature. She always has impeccable posture, and will berate anybody who doesn't, even a random passerby. Scarily, Rui possesses a doll-like appearance, with practically perfect skin, and multicolored eyes.

As for clothing, Rui tends to wear clothing that creates a contrast between her hair and whatever she is wearing; thus, her clothes would most likely be a dark color. However, there is one outfit that she consistently wears. This outfit consists of a black and white plaid dress and black lace-up boots. The dress was actually once a tablecloth. Upon waking up three thousand years after her entire race was slaughtered, Rui was still wearing clothes that would by easily identified as Seinre clothes. The Seinre wore extremely extravagant clothes, ranging from golden gowns unfit for battle, to skimpy, decorated bikini-like outfits. In Rui's case, she was wearing a bikini-like outfit that was blue in color. After observing others for a short period of time, Rui discovered that what she was wearing was not considered "normal". So to cover up the fact that she was a Seinre, she stole a table cloth from a picnic table, and tied it around her body. She would later modify it to look like an actual dress. The plaid dress is sleeveless; ending right at her shoulders. It has a black collar, and three white buttons. The dress is loose, and extends to her knees. Rui wears puffy black and white arm warmers. The arm warmers start at her elbows, and end right where her fingers are. In many of her guildmates' perspectives, the shoes she wears come off as strange. Many would automatically assume that one would wear slip ons or sandals while wearing a dress. Instead, Rui wears black leather lace-up boots. After scavenging in a dumpster for several hours, Rui was able to recover several pieces of worn black leather. She was able to sew the pieces of leather together to form a pair of incredibly fragile shoes. In order to reinforce the shoes, Rui used her Opposing Worlds magic to make sure the shoes do not fall apart.

One item that Rui is never seen without is the Akekōkei (明け光景 lit. Dawning Sight). Akekōkei is a strange item that Rui was wearing when she woke up. No matter what, Rui cannot recall any memories of this peculiar item. The Akekōkei is a boxy headset that covers Rui's eyes and part of her forehead. It has two glowing pink futuristic ribbons that seem to have levitating properties; as they are able to hold her twin tails up without actually physically touching her hair. The front of the Akekōkei is a glass-like material with several utilities. Although the material covering Rui's eyes have the appearance of glass, many believe it truly isn't. One reason is because it doesn't shatter when something or someone applies severe pressure on it. The utilities on Akekōkei allow Rui to "become one" with her magic; thus creating a much smoother flow between her Eternano and the actual spell. While Akekōkei does seem like an offensive device as opposed to supportive, Akekōkei is indeed, supportive. It enhances Rui's ability to flow with her magic, and calculate when and where her opponent will strike next, based off her opponent's previous attacks. Thus, the Akekōkei is capable of storing information about Rui's opponents; whether it be their fighting style, or just background information. Surprisingly, Akekōkei stays in place, and will not come off unless Rui takes it off, which is quite rare.

Clothing aside, Rui's physical appearance is not anything remarkable or extraordinary. It is actually quite plain; aside from her doll-like appearance. While not many know of Rui's true eye color, many infer it is the same color of her hair; turquoise. Rui has been said to have soft skin, as she soaks her face an hands in lemon juice every week to achieve the skin she has. Unlike many of her female friends, Rui does not possess a voluptuous body. Instead, she has what would be considered the body of a ten year old. Upon finding out that her entire race had been slaughtered by humans, Rui stopped smilinh, even claiming that she forgot how to. She is always seen with a monotone face on, even during tragic moments. Combined with the Akekōkei, it's a rather frightening sight.

Rui's Seinre Form takes on a rather eccentric appearance. Unlike her normal appearance, others are able to actually see what Rui's eyes look like. In her Seinre Form, Rui's hair is pinned up in a strange way. Instead of her usual twin tails, her hair is tied into two large loops, and is held together with a large pin. Her hair becomes a rather peculiar color, and almost glimmers different shades of blue. In the place of her tablecloth dress, Rui wears a extravagant two piece outfit, exposing a vast amount of her stomach. The cloth used in this elaborate getup is far from just a tablecloth. It is actually said that all Seinre clothes were made out of phoenix feathers. However, Rui, knowing nothing of her ancestors, cannot verify this legend. The top piece is just enough to cover her breasts, and is pretty much held together with a large, gold, elastic band that wraps around her breasts. Attached to this golden band is several layers of shimmering cloth. The bottom half of her outfit is almost like a shawl, except it is wrapped around her waist. Just like the top half of the outfit, it is made out of the same shimmering cloth. Except, it has one magically preserved rose attached to the left waist of the skirt. When Rui activates this form, the first thing that appears is a long sash-like piece of cloth that shimmers. It is glittery, and is wrapped around Rui like a shawl.


Rui is socially awkward, and tends to stay away from social activities; isolating herself from others, and staying in a quiet corner of a room. Despite this, Rui has a complex personality, as she suffers from survivor's guilt, and has an intense hatred for Rune Knights and the Magic Council in general. Because she is the sole survivor of the Seinre Purgings, she feels guilty for being the last one alive. She feels that she doesn't deserve to live if her entire family was slaughtered for selfish purposes. But, another emotion came out of this event; hatred. Rui holds an intense hatred for the Magic Council, and will kill for an opportunity to slaughter every member of the Magic Council. Thus, many have deduced that she has sociopathic tendencies. However this is hardly the case, as despite not showing so, she does care for the innocent. She states the is willing to kill anyone and anything to protect those who have not seen the harsh reality of life, without a single hesitation or regret.

Rui suffers from what seems to be a variant of Schizophrenia; which many think is the cause of her isolation. Often, she hears voices that don't belong to anyone, and sees things that don't physically exist. The voices she hears often make her tremble, or shake, as she thinks it is her deceased relatives coming back for vengeance. Despite this, she still manages to differentiate what is real and what is not, much to the relief of her guild.

Befitting her name, Rui believes that the world is cruel, and that happiness is something that exists only to make those who do not have it feel awful. Although nobody has ever seen her do so, Rui does shed tears every night, because of the ones she will never remember. Her family was slaughtered, some dying just to protect her, and she cannot even recall their faces. Many find it had to believe that she cries, and simply dismiss that she has feelings, because she is not human. In order to conceal her red, puffy eyes each day, Rui simply wears the Akekōkei, which covers both her eyes, and is tinted. Although she does not have depression, she sometimes does show symptoms of it. But she denies the statement, and leaves. Although she does think the world is cruel, she does think that there is light. And that light in her perspective, was Carter Wilson. Rui had saved Carter's life during a fight with a monster, exhausting her Eternano in the process. Because of this, Carter brought Rui to the elite guild, Phoenix Wings, where she was able to find an ounce of happiness.

Since Rune Knights and the Magic Council killed most of her race, Rui holds a special hatred for them in her heart. Whenever she passes a Rune Knight, she often trips them, or "accidentally" bumps into them, disregarding any reprimand that might come later on. Thus, she is incredibly reckless; completely disregarding everything, and singling out that one thing she wants to do. However, just because she's reckless, doesn't mean she lacks common sense. Although she isn't one to clearly construct a plan and execute it, she also doesn't just jump right at it. Using Akekōkei, she calculates the chances, and makes basic, messy plans. And thus, her recklessness is within reason.


Rui's past is a sore subject for her, as she lost her family and race to the Magic Council. The Seinre were a extremely talented race, whether it be for entertaining purposes, or battle purposes. one of the Senires unique abilities was their musical talent. While some played the pianos, and other played the instruments, they were best at singing. Their silky, rich voices made multiple of them famous. Many people were envious and multiple others tried to start a revolt because of this, but eventually people wanted to get rid of the Senires because or their other abilities. One of the Senires that were famous for their amazing voice was her mother, Yume. Rui's mother had sung for many audiences and plays but, once Rui was born she stopped and only sang for her newborn child. Surprisingly, Rui had a delicate but, sweet voice. Only one time has she sung, but it was for her mother and father. Currently, she has no idea that she has such a beautiful voice. In their Seinire form their voices are enhanced. In certain situations some Senires turned into their Senire form just to perform. Obviously, people are enchanted and think it is just a costume and their actual voice. But, really they were cheating. All Senires are gifted with a beautiful voice it just depends how you use it. For example, if you were to use your singing for the better, it shall enhance your singing but, if you use your voice for the worse, you may lose your voice. This has only happened 10 times in the complete population. Many believe this was one of the main reasons of the Seinres' downfall. Like almost every Seinre family, Rui underwent a ritual that fully awakened her potential as a Mage. However, something went wrong in the process, and accidentally sealed away her entire arsenal of Eternano; thus making her incapable of using magic. Despite this, Rui's parents still cherished her, and trained her to fight with her body, not magic. However, this proved to be insufficient, as other Seinre who knew how to use magic often beat her up, leaving her covered in bruises and broken bones. Because of this, Rui lost hope in ever becoming independent. Several days before her entire race was annihilated, the seal placed on Rui was broken by her raw determination and will. She released a monstrous amount of Eternano, blowing the ground beneath her to bits. However, when the Rune Knights attacked her race, she was unable to do anything; she was just frozen in fear. Using the last of her magic power, her mother sealed Rui away into a pocket dimension for the next three thousand years.

When Rui woke, she woke in the ruins of her home. Because of this, she thought that her family was indeed still alive, and began looking for them immediately. However, after overhearing a conversation between two historians, she found out that her entire race had been exterminated for selfish reasons. Seething in anger, she ran into a forest, where she found Carter Wilson being attacked by a monster. At that moment, she released her pent up anger in the form of magic power, and obliterated the monster. However, she had accidentally exhausted her Eternano, causing her to pass out. Carter picked up Rui, and brought her back to the guild, where she resides today, with no memories of what happened to her family.



The Akekōkei in action.

Akekōkei (明け光景 lit. Dawning Sight): Akekōkei is a powerful device that Rui is never seen without. The Akekōkei has a rather queer appearance, as it seems futuristic in some aspects. It takes on the appearance of eccentric headgear. The front of the Akekōkei is made out of a glass-like material, however, it is lighter and more durable than actual glass. Inside of the Akekōkei, there seems to be several utilities. These utilities allow the Akekōkei to store information, including actual spells, and calculate her opponent's next move, based on the information it stored. The Akekōkei is a learning device; the longer you fight it, the more it learns about you. It is capable of detecting every single move Rui's opponent's make. After the front, it then hooks onto two glowing pink ribbons. The ribbons seem to have levitating properties, as the ribbons hold up Rui's hair without actually touching it. The Akekōkei covers Rui's eyes, making sure that nobody knows the color of her eyes. Upon waking up in the modern era, she had already been wearing the Akekōkei. However, she had no previous memories about wearing it or even seeing it. Believing that she was suffering from amnesia, she wore it, and played around with it, trying to figure out its purpose.

The Akekōkei's powers make Rui a fearsome opponent to go up against. Even its mere appearance sends chills down some people's spine. The Akekōkei allows Rui analyze her opponent's stance, breathing, and abilities, so that she can pinpoint their weaknesses and where they will strike next. It then can store the information for future opponents. In a way, it acts like Archive, storing and using information. However, it cannot transfer the information stored in it. Instead, it stores the information for Rui's ears only, and cannot be transferred, whether it be verbally or through any other means. The Akekōkei also enhances the flow of Eternano throughout Rui's body; causing a faster casting speed and heightens the attack power.

Magic and Abilities

Physical Abilities

Ways of Combat

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combat: Rui has shown herself to be extremely proficient with unarmed fighting. Because of her reckless nature, Rui is used to solving small problem with her hands and feet; showing that she has zero patience for anyone or anything. Through sheer brute force and devastating speed, Rui is able to overpower opponents quickly. She is able to calculate what her opponents will do next, and is able to execute the proper action to deter their plans. Although not one to go without it, when she does not have Akekōkei in her possession, Rui is still able to anticipate her opponent's next move through previous battles; thus showing her unique memorization skill. Combining her strength and speed, Rui is a devastating force, able to give a flurry of calculated punches and kicks at the right place. As not many have the reflexes to dodge and avoid her attacks, she is able to defeat most of her opponents in several unarmed attacks. Rui doesn't follow any particular code of honor, and will usually go to any length to fight; whether it be biting, scratching, or tripping her opponent. Unlike many of her guildmates, she refuses to wait for her opponent to recover, and will brutally attack and mutilate her opponent until they either die, or are unable to move. While it may seem that it is her brute strength and speed that make her an excellent fighter, the true battery behind her power is her excellent footwork. She is able to easily flow into different stances, and step forward at the correct times. Although she has had no training with martial arts or combat in general, Rui is able to adapt quickly to most situations, whether it be a petty problem, or being stuck with several demons. Combined with her magic, she is a force that can rip through flesh in mere seconds, albeit it can just be pure Eternano. She can combine her overflowing Eternano with her attacks, thus enhancing them further, without the help of Akekōkei. Often stating that she does not have anything to lose, she will go to any extent to defeat her opponent, even if there is a possibility that she will die in the process, as she believes in not breaking vows or promises. Although she doesn't prefer to, Rui can use her elbows and knees, as a result of being a weak fighter in the beginning, and could only rely on her elbows and knees. She is able to deliver a rapid succession of brutal attacks with her elbows, smashing against rib cages and necks, nearly paralyzing her opponents in several seconds. Through pure determination and will, she was able to drive herself to become an excellent fighter, so she could protect Carter, and repay him for bringing her to the Phoenix Wings guild.

  • Draconian Wings (厳格ウィングス Genkaku U~ingusu lit. Strict Wings): By channeling her Eternano quickly to her elbows and hands using Akekōkei, Rui is able to make half of her arms glow a bright turquoise blue, making the apparition of wings. Rui then sprints towards her opponent, and bring down her elbows onto her opponent with as much strength as she possibly can, literally promising permanent damage, if not death. The turquoise color is actually Rui's raw Eternano, showing that she has almost complete mastery over the manipulation of her Eternano. Enhanced by Akekōkei, the Eternano literally burns off her target's skin, causing her opponent to have an extreme amount of pain. Throughout the years, Rui has built a wall so that she does not mind their screams anymore, and will often raise an eyebrow in disbelief, stating that, "This is what my family felt. How does it feel?", even though her opponent may not have any relation to the event that killed her family. Although she mainly uses this technique with her arms, she has been seen to use her knees and feet. This technique was originally designed to reinforce her hand to hand combat, because she did not have much strength with her hands and feet, and was heavily reliant on her elbows and knees. When performing Draconian Wings with her lower body, she concentrates all her Eternano into her legs and feet, until they start to glow a bright turquoise, and is literally guarded by the Eternano. She then sprints towards her opponent, and delivers a devastating blow with her legs and feet. The sheer impact is enough to send a man twice the size of her flying, which was thought as an impressive feat.
  • Otodokekyōfu (お届け恐怖 lit. Delivering Fear): Otodokekyōfu is the most powerful technique that Rui has developed in her lifetime. Although it does not require magic power to enhance its strength, it is much more powerful with it. When initiating this technique, Rui gets into her fighting stance, and waits for several seconds to intimidate her opponent, she then spins her right leg around, and delivers a brutal kick to her opponents face in order to stun them. Afterwards, she dives at her opponent, and delivers a fury of rapid punches, each aiming at a different part of her opponent's face, as the face is usually the pride of a person. The technique was made to "destroy pride", as Rui noticed that many people were conceited, and cared only for their appearance. So in order to counter that pride, she decided that she would have to destroy the face to do so. Upon learning her reason, many have labeled her as sadistic, and have called her sick in the head. As Rui punches her opponents, she sends vibrations through their bodies, disrupting the nervous system and vital organs, causing the body to go haywire, and more often than not, shutting down her opponent's body. While destroying pride was one reason to create this technique, there were several other reasons. One being that she found that there was one surviving Rune Knight that had been sealed away so that he could be a memory and tribute for "annihilating a dangerous threat". Upon finding out that there was indeed a surviving Rune Knight that had killed her race, Rui made it her goal to kill him. Rui read many books about this certain Rune Knight, and found that he was particularly fond of his face. So. in order to humiliate him, she created Otodokekyōfu to destroy his "happiness"; by destroying his face.

Devastating Speed: Rui's speed is something that should never be underestimated, as it is what helps her create rapid attacks, and is superior to High Speed. She is able to outrun her opponents in mere milliseconds, often giving her opponent's the feeling that she is actually using Teleportation Magic, instead of actually running. Because she prefers not to get too close with her opponent, she often uses hit and run tactics, or uses her specialty; one hit K.O.s to avoid close quarter combat. Her speed allows her to leave an afterimage in several places, leaving her opponent confused, and causing them to be surprised every time Rui lands a hit on them. She is capable of moving so fast, that she can take out her opponent with one sweep of a leg, leaving them with no time to react to her superior speed. Her speed allows her hand to hand combat to become a force that is compared with hurricanes; allowing her to deliver twenty attacks per second, leaving her opponent in the dust. It is almost impossible to catch her full figure while she is sprinting; thus the only ones who can actually detect her are ones with incredibly fast eyes and reflexes, something that most do not possess in their arsenal. Many Dark Guilds fear Rui's speed, because she is known to be merciless when it comes to fighting, and will not hesitate kill her opponents, unless it is stated in her job to bring her target back alive. Even so, she will often bring her opponent back in pieces. Rui is able to outrun the fastest animals, making her useful for finding food when she and her team run out of Jewel for food. With Rui's speed, she is able to evade bullets, and even outrun them. She can easily dodge successions of kicks, punches, anything of that category. Her immense speed has saved her neck (literally) on several occasions; allowing her to dodge swords aimed at her neck, jump over her opponents, and even allow her to evade heavy gunfire.

Immense Magic Power: One of the reasons behind Rui's devastating power, is her magic power. She is able to naturally control her Eternano; exerting an enormous force of it, or completely sealing it off. Even without the help of Akekōkei, Rui is able to "guide" her magic power to various places to suit her needs. Rui's body is a unique "sponge"; it soaks up the Eternano within the air to regenerate the Eternano inside of her, often causing her to become sick because of it. However, because of this unique ability, Rui has become a force that relies on nothing to power her on. The aura of her magic power is enough to blast the ground beneath her into smithereens; and she often uses her aura to intimidate others, and to enhance her attacks. She has enough magic power inside of her to fool around with it during a majority of a battle, and still be able to cast advanced spells while not exhausting her entire reservoir of magic power. Because of the aforementioned side effect, Carter realized that the amount of Eternano inside of her was too much, so, he was able to tweak Akekōkei so that it could act as a limiter; absorbing a vast portion of Rui's magic power so that it doesn't tear her body to pieces. One trait unique to the Seinre is the ability to absorb magic power from others' bodies, however, the body from which they are absorbing Eternano from, must be the same blood type as the one absorbing the magic power. As almost every Senre has Rh+ as their blood type, it is quite hard to actually absorb others' Eternano. However, Rui is a special case. Although the rule for absorbing Eternano from others' bodies still applies to her, Akekōkei allows her to absorb it through the air, and absorb the Eternano from others' auras, making her a dangerous foe indeed. She has grown so used to doing this, that her body automatically responds to low levels of Eternano; by absorbing the magic power in the air without Rui even having to think about it. Since Rui has natural control over her Eternano, she is able to literally coat herself in it, while reinforcing it during a battle. The "armor" that can be coated around her is like water; it does not have any true shape or size, meaning it can adapt to whatever shape or size it is applied to. However, obviously, the coat is made out of Eternano, and will keep absorbing her Eternano as long as she has it out. But with her unique abilities, she is able to let the coat stay on for several hours before actually getting worn down because of it.

  • Second Origin Activation: Second Origin is a force known as the "second container" of magical energy in an individual. This container exists due to the mage in question constantly, and passively, absorbing a quantity of magic from the environment to renew their original reserves. Any excess is placed within this container and kept sealed until absolutely necessary, or unlocked through a Second Origin Release spell. This Second Origin, when initially activated, places an enormous level of stress on the body unless it is awoken in gradual amounts, as the body isn't accustomed to handling so much magical energy in the body at one time. This can be circumvented by mages with control of their magic, however, allowing them to restore the magical power as a reserve that can be accessed whenever required, therefore providing an extremely useful back-up. Second Origin Activation can only be taken place, as said before, by mages who have control over their own magical energy. It generally only works when one is in a magic-rich environment and has nearly exhausted their initial supplies. By absorbing a copious quantity of magic from the surrounding environment passively (which can be noticed through a tingling sensation in the body), the user's internal reserves can be released at the same time. This, in turn, allows for an immense quantity of magic to replace the initial, depleting reserves. Notably, one can allow the Second Origin to passively increase the quantity of magic that is within it, so long as it isn't used during this period of time, otherwise it has to accumulate magic once again. The overall effects of activating the Second Origin are quite evident: an enormous boost in magical energy, empowered spells, ability to enhance physical strikes with magical reinforcements, temporarily breaking the "laws" of magic with specific equipment, and the rest. Notably, Second Origin is thought to be powerful enough to make a S-Class Candidate become as strong as a fully fledged S-Class Mage, while making an experienced S-Class Mage even stronger. Though it should be noted that most S-Class Mages are nearing this level of magical power in any case.

Immense Durability: Although her appearance may not look like it, Rui is as durable as diamonds. She can withstand getting blown through several metal walls, and not be phased by it, instead she gets up quickly and reenters the fight, acting as if nothing has happened. She was able to come out without a scratch from several powerful Wizard Saints attacks, be caught in Carter's Nebula Fantasia magic, and go through several harsh sword attacks. She can smash right through several rather large Lacrimas without breaking bones or feeling any pain, causing many to think she is a monster. In all of the battles Rui has been through, she has never come out with major injuries, or get knocked out, aside from the first time she woke. Her astonishing healing rate is also something that contributes to Rui's durability; often recovering from several injuries in a matter of seconds. She can withstand severe amounts of pain, such as being burned, having salt poured into her wounds, and have a sword stuck in her side and thigh. She is capable of surviving large explosions; such as Azuma's explosions, and many guild master's attacks.

Scissors Specialist: Although technically not exactly a skill, Rui, frighteningly enough, is capable of doing almost anything with scissors. Whether it be picking locks, fighting, or just plain cutting paper with them. Rui treats her scissors like swords or knives; sharpening them and polishing them to the point of them being sharper than any other weapon ever seen. She is capable of throwing multiple scissors at someone, and pretty much always landing her mark, making her a rather scary opponent to face. While others use bobby pins and paper clips, Rui uses scissors to solve lock picking problems. Although nobody knows exactly how she's able to, she is capable of picking even the most toughest locks with just a plain old pair of scissors. The way she fights with scissors, can be described as brutal and sadistic. When taking her scissors out of her pockets, she often states, "I think you need a the neck." (私はあなたが首に散髪が必要だと思う。 Watashi wa anata ga kubi ni sanpatsu ga hitsuyōda to omou.). She places the scissors on her fingers, and hold them at her sides. Then, using her devastating speed, she sprints to her opponent, and slices their arms, head, or fingers off, without any hesitation. She is willing to make her target feel intense pain; enough to make them want to actually die. A scary skill that she possesses, is the ability to throw her scissors accurately at a distance. She can stand several yards or meters away from her target, and still make a nasty headshot. Without any regrets or hesitation, she will often gouge out her opponent's eyes, just to blind them so she can defeat them. Clearly, the way she fights with scissors is rather gruesome.

  • Scissor Tears Attack No. 34β (シザー涙攻撃号 34β Shizā Namida Kōgeki-Gō): Rui channels her Eternano into her scissors, and holds the at her right side. She then assumes a fighting stance, and literally pounces at her target. Using her momentum, she swings her scissors abruptly to her left with all the strength she possesses. The Eternano channeled within the scissors will be transferred into the target's body, causing waves to rip through Rui's target, literally tearing them apart from the inside out. This technique was originally meant to stun the opponent, however, the sheer power of Rui's slash had already pretty much guaranteed certain death, so Carter helped Rui design it so that it would cause less of a mess when her opponent died. The sheer impact of the attack is enough to send a grown man flying, as well as breaking a few bones. Since Rui sharpens her scissors nearly everyday, they slice through flesh easily, thus causing Rui to be able to wipe out entire crowds of people with two pairs of scissors while using this technique.

Magic Abilities

Opposing Worlds

Opposing Worlds (世界に反対 Sekai Ni Hantai): Opposing Worlds is a peculiar, rare, Caster Magic. It is a highly prized magic that is difficult to learn, and hard to maintain. In order to utilize Opposing Worlds, one must select a certain, so to speak, "world" to focus on; night, or day. This type of magic revolves around the use of magic commonly associated with night and day; one being for purifying and healing, while the other is commonly stereotyped into darkness and danger. The magic is extremely dangerous, as it can tear the user apart if utilized incorrectly. Although not impossible, it is extremely difficult to achieve the use of both the day and night versions of Opposing Worlds. Rui has been able to achieve this feat, however she prefers the night version as opposed to the day version, but in order to fully master the magic, she took the time and difficulties to learn both versions. Technically, it is not considered Lost Magic, but is considered to be on the caliber of it; as it is incredibly rare, and powerful if used correctly. As the name suggests, night and day are two "opposing worlds"; each are most powerful at the respective "worlds". The day version relies purely on sunlight, and barely any Eternano, thus making it useless at night. The same is for the night version. However, the night version is slightly altered. Since moonlight is just the sunlight reflected by the moon, the night version is slightly stronger than the day version, but not by much.

The process in which one learns the magic is quite difficult. For starters, the user must "become one" with the night or day; based on their perspective of life. In Rui's case, life is brutal and dark; therefore, her more powerful world is night. Yet she sees light in the "everlasting darkness in the world"; Carter. Because of this, she was able to undergo the training necessary to learn the day world version of it. When initiating Opposing Worlds, the user must focus on one perspective of the world, and for the entire casting period, not break concentration, or else the spell will be dissolved.

Opposing Worlds is said to be the very basis of magic; the light, and the dark. It is once said that these two magics were once one solid form. However, the first dark mage was able to separate the solid form into two forms; darkness and light. She stole the darkness form, and bred a new type of magic; Darkness Magic. When it was first formed, the mage had complete mastery over the Darkness Magic in mere weeks. She reigned over every other mage, spreading fear and terror like a disease. Soon, others were dismantling the light magic as well, learning it to the best of their ability so that they could purify the darkness magic. It was not until the first dark mage died that the true war between light and darkness began. Lucian Haelen took over his sister's "throne" and declared war on the "Light Bringers". The war ravaged the lands, causing chaos and destruction, until a man and woman on opposing teams saw what they were doing to the world. The two miraculously combined the two magics, creating Opposing Worlds. However, the man and woman died from the impact of the merging. The result of the merging was a solid Lacrima, believed to be the first Lacrima created. This Lacrima contained the merged elements of light and darkness. The first Seinre came upon this Lacrima, and implanted it in himself, and trained to have mastery over this magic. He passed down the knowledge of this magic to his children, who then passed it on to their children. However, only a small group of Seinre were actually able to use it, being known as the Light Bringers Reborn. One of the Reborn Light Bringers was Rui's mother, who, using Archive, transferred the magic into Rui's body, to see if it was capable of withstanding the magic. Rui's mother taught her this magic, until the Seinre Purgings began, making Rui the last one to ever know of this magic and its capabilities.

Passive Abilities
  • Healing Light (癒しの光 Iyashinohikari): Healing Light is a ability that allows Rui to heal minor cuts to severe burns and pulverized bones. It is capable of utterly destroying poison and chloroform, even purging it from the air around her. Rui was able to heal her burns instantly after being caught in a unknown Dark Mage's powerful Fire Magic spell. As well as being able to heal herself, she also able to heal others, and "heal" broken items. By placing both her hands directly on the wound, she is able to ease the pain of a wound, and heal it. Although it usually is basically and instant heal, the more severe the wound is, the longer it takes to heal. The same applies to "healing" broken items. She is able to channel her Healing Light into non-sentient beings in order to fix them. Since this ability is passive, she is able to heal her wounds passively; without knowing that she is actually healing herself.
    • Healing Light: Light Bringer Technique No.23β (ヒーリングライト:ライトリンガーテクニックNo.23β Hīringuraito: Raitoringātekunikku Nanbā 23β): Healing Light: Light Bringer Technique No.23β is a sub-version of Healing Light. Although this isn't exactly a passive ability, it is a better version of Healing Light. Rui stands, and clasps her hands together like she is praying. She then chants the incantation, O great heavens, grant me the light to purify the darkness from this soul. Come forth, and allow me to cleanse this soul, until it is sparkling with passion and health...Healing Light: Light Bringer Technique No.23β!!! (大いなる天は、この魂の闇を浄化するために私に光を与えます。出てくる、それは情熱と健康に輝くされるまで私は、この魂を浄化することができます...ヒーリングライト:ライトリンガーテクニックNo.23β!!!Ōinaru ten wa, kono tamashī no yami o jōka suru tame ni watashi ni hikari o ataemasu. Detekuru, soreha jōnetsu to kenkō ni kagayaku sa reru made watashi wa, kono tamashī o jōka suru koto ga dekimasu... Hīringuraito: Raitoringātekunikku Nanbā 23β!!!) Then, a bright turquoise light will envelope her figure, and grab her target. The light will "cleanse" the target of wounds, poisons, and most importantly, guilt. The feelings of guilt and anger will be erased, as the spell itself is supposed to cleanse somebody of their darkness.
Offensive Spells
  • Nightmare's Wrath (悪夢の怒り Akumu no Ikari): Nightmare's Wrath is one of Rui's more basic spells; often using it to test her opponent's abilities. When initiating this spell, Rui focuses on her target, trying to bring out the truest evil inside of them. Once she has targeted this, she brings this evil into reality as a physical illusion. She is able to contort this nightmare to whatever degree of fear she wants to induce. Then, she releases the nightmare upon her target, and studies her opponent's mental strength and physical durability. The nightmare, depending on her opponent, can either be destroyed easily with the swipe of a hand, or, be nearly indestructible. Rui often states that this spell gives her opponents, "The taste of their own bitter, disgusting medicine", and often laughs when she states this. A unique ability that comes along with Nightmare's Wrath is an ability similar to Unison Raid. She can combine two similar nightmares together, and unleash it upon whoever was unlucky enough to come across her. The nightmares she produces can vary upon her mood. Anger and sadness often produce frightening, sickening nightmares, while happiness and relaxation brings up small nightmares, such as a fear of toads or mushrooms.
  • Darkbringer (暗いブリンガー Kuraiburingā): Darkbringer is on a much higher caliber than Nightmare's Wrath, as it is focused on vanquishing the light inside of a person; their very existence and life. While some may not believe that their existence is a miracle, magic certainly does. Darkbringer is a horrifying spell that erases the "holy" and "pure" inside of a person, which includes that person's happiness, memories, and in certain cases, their very lives. When initiating this spell, Rui focuses her darkness into her right hand, while bracing her hand with her left hand. When the amount of darkness magic surrounding her right hand is near suffocating, she sprints at her opponent, and thrusts her hand into their chest, causing her opponent's body to actually absorb the darkness, making a ripple through her opponent's body. By doing so, the darkness explores her opponent's entire body, and targets the mind. Once it has found the mind, it starts killing off all the happy memories the person possesses, until all the person is left with is a husk of their soul. On a more serious level, Rui is able to send so much darkness into the person that, it actually kills the person; hence the ultimate destruction of happiness and light. Usually, Rui will often state that she isn't sorry for what she has done, showing that she doesn't mind killing those around her.
  • Heartfelt Pause (心からの一時停止 Kokorokara no Ichiji Teishi): Despite it's misgiving name, Heartfelt Pause is a rather frightening spell. In order to execute this peculiar spell, Rui must balance the light and darkness inside of her. She then raises her hand forward, and moves it in a 'Z' motion, summoning a blackish, white light, similar to what a God Slayer's magic might look like. After she draws a 'Z' in the air, the blackish, white light will start to glow incredibly bright, until it is near blinding. At this moment, she brings down her hand, and unleashes a enormous wave of light and darkness at her opponent. This spell is absolutely capable of causing extreme destruction on a large scale; causing craters in the ground, and is perfectly capable of killing her opponents. The peculiar part of this spell is that right before it is upon her opponent, her opponent will see one last heartfelt moment as time "pauses", and then they will be either killed from this attack, or heavily injured. The sheer impact of this spell is enough to cause an entire guild hall to explode, and leave several wooden houses in rubble.
Seinre Forms

Seinre Forms (センイルフォーム Sen'iru Fōmu): Through Opposing Worlds, the Seinre could have been able to summon their true forms. Instead of their initiative form, they can "evolve", so to speak, into different and more powerful forms, some of which take on the looks of a dragon instead of an actual eccentric human. In order to summon her Seinre Forms, Rui forms her arms into an 'X' formation, similar to the stance to cast Ice Shell. She then begins to assume her true Seinre Forms through pure determination and will, as in order to summon her true forms, she must believe that she can win, and that she is fighting for a good cause.

Pandora Charms Magic: Pandora Charms Magic is a type of Holder Magic that relies on the use of charms. Similar to Celestial Spirit Magic, Pandora Charms Magic has two types of charms categorized into rarity and power; silver and gold. Silver charms are quite common; while the gold ones are much more rare, and actually act much like a Lacrima, having magic power preset into it beforehand. Typically, those who use Pandora Charms Magic have a basic set of nine charms; offense, defense, projectile, storage, resting place, navigation, unlocks, animal/beasts, and protection. If these charms are used correctly, the user can create a devastating amount of power to any target. The disadvantages to Pandora Charms Magic, is easily inferred; if they are somehow separated from the actual bracelet, they will be unable to use the magic given to them by the charms. While the charms have the potential to cause massive destruction, they can be broken, whether it be through natural causes or battle. Once the charm is broken, it will be rendered useless, as it cannot be fixed. The magic is quite versatile; being able to use armors, store items, and even allow one to summon beasts to fight for them. It does not require much magic power to use, and looks quite nice on one's wrist.

  • Raging Red (荒れ狂う赤 Arekuruu Aka):
    Raging Red is a offensive charm that summons the Blood Beast, Raging Red. Raging Red is a beast that is activated through its charm; the Blood Charm. Raging Red takes on the appearance of some draconian creature with human characteristics. However, Raging Red is made out of pure steel and strong metals, making it extremely difficult to destroy. The beast is red in color, having several water lacrimas implanted inside of it, granting it the use of Water Magic. Raging Red has superior strength, astonishing speed, and surprisingly, a vast reservoir of intelligence. Since it is made out of metals, it does come with several unique features. One is the Prototype 00 Beast Cannon (試作品00ビーストキャノン Shisaku-hin 00 Bīsutokyanon). This particular cannon is highly destructive, and shoots spheres of concentrated Eternano, capable of blasting holes through solid walls. Apart from having unique features, one particular thing that makes Raging Red an unstoppable force, is its heavily armored body. It has several sharp, protruding spikes, a tail that has several sharp metal blades, and all in all, a heavily armored body. Raging Red is a beast that can destroy humans in one punch, pulverizing their bones and internal organs, making it a powerful foe indeed. When summoning the beast, she lifts her arm up in front of her face, and crosses her other arm to pinch the charm. She then says, "I, the bearer of the great Blood Beast, summon you from the Blood Lands. Come forth, great beast, and show them our strength combined! RAGING RED!!" (私は、偉大な血獣の所持者は、血液の土地からあなたを召喚。、など偉大な獣を来て、彼らに私たちの強さを組み合わせ!荒れ狂う赤を表示!Watashi wa, idaina chi-jū no shoji-sha wa, ketsueki no tochi kara anata o shōkan., Nado idaina kemono o kite, karera ni watashitachi no tsuyo-sa o kumiawase! Arekuruu aka o hyōji!!)
    • Enhanced Strength: Raging Red possesses a frightening amount of strength, being able to punch right through steel walls, cut right through powerful magic spells, and rip trees right out of the ground. It can pulverize dozens of bones in one punch, and send ripples through the air while it's at it. Raging Red's fighting style is completely unique; using several different fighting codes implanted into it. Then, it can combine those fighting styles, making it an unpredictable force. Because of its intelligence, Raging Red adapts to fighting quickly and easily, using the codes implanted into it in order to fight. Through calculated punches and kicks, it can capsize ships in one go, making it a fearsome foe to face. Raging Red's steel and metal skin allows it to use pure brute force in order to execute an attack, allowing it to not have to think about plans before completing an attack.
  • Teleportation Charm (テレポーテーションの魅力 Terepōtēshon no Miryoku): The teleportation charm is a rather basic charm, as it allows Rui to transport herself from one location to another. The teleportation charm is a versatile charm, as it can teleport Rui through walls, under ground, and through water. Rui can simply pour her Eternano inside of the charm, and think of where she wants to be, and in several seconds, she will arrive in that place. Although it seems like a simple charm, it isn't. The farther distance, the more Eternano it consumes. Rui can teleport with several people, as long as she has physical contact with them. However, this proves to be more taxing than it seems, leaving her slightly dizzy from the amount of Eternano taken away from her so quickly.


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