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The only known biological daughter of the weapon master legend, Rukara is an exceptionally skilled weapon user to the point where she always has weapons on her person and is almost constantly training with them, being well known in her clan for her talents and abilities, even without weapons she is quite skilled. She is also known for creating great weapons for her clan and the under branching clans that help support her clan should they manage to complete certain tasks.


Rukara is a fairly tall and beautiful young woman with a remarkably curvaceous-figure and well-endowed breasts. She has long waist-length raven hair usually tied back in a high ponytail, peach skin, and light purple eyes. She normally dresses in a small pink kimono and long purple stockings; underneath she wears bandages over her chest and a fundoshi. When fighting seriously she dons chain mail. Her most eye-catching feature are her eyebrows which resemble lightning bolts. She is almost always seen carrying her Mother's last and finest ever sword; a tsuba-less nodachi strapped to her back with makeshift grip of bandages wrapped around the hilt.


Rukara when first meeting someone usually avoids interaction with them due to her not trusting them yet but when she deems them as an ally she will help them out no matter how difficult the assignment is. she believes that weaponry should be seen as an extension of the body: simply relying on the weapons strength alone will not make you a master of it. She seems to have a great deal of love towards weapons going as far as almost keeping every weapon she makes before realizing she made them for someone else. During combat she usually trys to cut and tear her opponents clothes more so when fighting her own gender due to their natural reaction would be to cover up their torn clothing, she will usually retaliate violently to perverted antics towards her. She is known to occasionally pause between words when talking. She is usually seen with an emotionless demeanor, rarely ever smiling. She also has a sleeping issue mainly she tends to sleep walk and mutter rather frightening words. Her most frightening trait is that she has no modesty in the slightest.




  • Legend- Her tsuba-less nodachi strapped to her back with makeshift grip of bandages wrapped around the hilt. It's her greatest weapon being able to cut through most armors and weapons, rarely stopping when hitting something. It also cannot be broken no matter how much force is placed on it.

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  • Her appearance is based off of Shigure Kosaka from history's greatest disciple
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