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Name Ruki
Kanji ルキ
Rōmaji Ruki
Alias Darkness Etherious
Race Etherious(demon)

Male Male

Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Professional Status
Affiliation Sabertoth mark-0 Sabertooth
Occupation Sabertooth S-class
Partner Nahlana
Personal Status
Status Active
Marital Status Taken
Magic Darkness Demon Magic
Weapons Knife and Lance

Ruki (ルキ, Ruki) is the elusive darkness Etherious who only obeys Nahlana-wanting her to complete her goals in life. He does everything he can for her and is an antagonist alongside her, creating a powerful duo.


Ruki using his knife and lance blades.


Ruki is a tall young man with soft brown hair and a fair skin tone. He wears baggy pants and a black shirt along with strings cross tied around one of his arms. His pants have a floral print along the end patching of the legs and a strange tribal. hunter pattern from the collar of his shirt, down. He wears belts across his back and shoulders as well as odd trinkets along the cloth keeping his pants tied and around his waist. He wears a single brown belt with a silver lock in front along with brown shoes.


Ruki is usually very calm and collected, only showing much emotion towards Nahlana and fears for her safety when she's fighting. He adores the girl he takes care of and is her caretaker. Ruki never opened up to any other humans up till Nahlana and became attached to her rather quickly. He adores her, he's loyal, but rather hotheaded and possessive. This gets him into trouble with her and into confruntations.


Ruki met Nahlana when she was still fairly young when he was deeply injured. She knew enough to nurse him back to health when she was only 12 or so years old, thus began an attachment between the two while Nahlana never did seem to show any care back other than those 3 weeks of caring for him. As the two journeyed together, Ruki made up his mind that he wanted to stay with Nahlana no matter what and give her his utmost personal care as well as serve her and become her caretaker or guardian. The two have traveled ever since and he and Nahlana are currently dating.

Magic & Abilities


  • Knife: one of two blades used in combat. Mostly for jabbing, stabbing, and slicing.
  • Lance: a more detailed and advanced weapon of the two blades Ruki uses and wields it like a sword to slash, sweep, and slam into opponents.


  • Nahlana: Nahlana is Ruki's mistress-so to speak-. He takes care of her and she in turn rewards him for his cooperation. Once Rogue defeated Nahlana, she and he began to date and she shows a much more loving and endearing personality that Ruki absolutely loves. Without her, Ruki would be all alone as he once was-wandering with no purpose.





Yes I know he looks like Noel Kreiss from FFXIII-2. I can't draw guys and until I come up with something I love that I made myself. I'll be using these pictures.

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