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"Even if you beg for mercy, I won't listen!"

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Wendy wielding the Ruyi Jingu Bang

Ruyi Jingu Bang (如意金箍棒; Pinyin: Rúyì Jīngū Bàng, Japanese: Nyoikinkōbō, literally meaning "Ideal Golden-bound Cudgel"), or simply as Ruyi Bang or Jingu Bang is a magical staff wielded by Wendy Marvell, seemingly created by the enigma Mr. E. It debuted in Paradise of the Gods.

In reality, the staff that Mr. E presented to Wendy was merely a piece of the original that he was given by Son Gokū at some point in the past. It is the only one of Son's magical items that she has ever shared with mortals, though what her and E's precise connection is is unknown.

Physical Description

The Ruyi Jingu Bang is an iron rod coloured gold, and wielded by Wendy Marvell. It was received as a "gift" from the engima Mr. E, the beneficiary of the independent Akatsuki guild formed Wendy, Jason, and Vivian.


The Ruyi Jingu Bang is a unique, magical weapon seemingly crafted by Mr. E, and it possesses the ability to change its size, multiply itself, and fight according to the whim of its master. Notably, the weapon is said to weigh a little over 8.5 metric tons, but it's weight adjusts if it's true master, Wendy Marvell, wields it. This would imply the weapon is sentient, as it pulls it's full weight onto anyone that is not meant to use it.

Wendy is capable of augmenting this weapon with her Sky Dragon Slayer Magic.

Spells Used in Combination

Sky Dragon's Iron Brand (天龍のイロン ブランド, Tenryū no Aian Burando): A simple spell utilizing the Ruyi Jingu Bang. Molding Wind Dragon Slayer Magic around the staff, she thrusts it forward, releasing a sphere of crushing air with the force of a colliding tank.


  • Like the Nyōi-bō of Dragon Ball fame, the Ruyi Jingu Bang is based off the legendary staff used by the Sun Wukong in Journey to the West, however, it keeps the original name and abilities.