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Ryn Ravenarrow is an S-Class Wizard of the Fairy Tail Guild, and a member of Team Aura Void.


Ryn is a young lady with long, tousled black hair and deep blue eyes. She has a curvaceous, but athletic build. Ryn transitions between a multitude of different outfits, but her most common attire consists of a stylized purple and dark gray tube top, long blue detached sleeves, and a silver belt over close-fitting dark leggings. She also wears gray leg warmers over her black heeled boots. Her Fairy Tail stamp is violet, and is located on her right collarbone.


Ryn is generally a lighthearted person, with a fierce loyalty for her Guild and her friends. One of her prominent character traits is her love of sleep. When awakened, she will most often become extremely furious and invoke her wrath upon those who are guilty of disturbing her rest.

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