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Drake Vista
Richard Buchanan(co-leader)

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Deal with threats 'behind the scenes'

SENSHI(戦士 Literally meaning, Soldier) is a special armed unit composed of the best students of the Fiore Regal Academy of the Combat Arts, it was formed following the simulated siege of the Academy. They are a special squad subservient to the Covert Special Task Force. Yotsuki believes they are the key to the future of the Military.

Three years later, SENSHI stands as one of the Military's best elite squads. While having initially being part of the Covert Task Force, they now take most of their missions from the Central Mission Office. Also all of its' members have attained fame around the country.

Purpose and Formation

In preparation for the future Yotsuki desired to make a new squad of the best students in the Military Academy. After the simulated siege of the Academy, Yotsuki approached these five inexperienced souls for a proposal. As said by Yotsuki, SENSHI was formed to deal with threats behind the scenes. Yotsuki formed this team to fight off growing threats, such as dark guilds.

The 5 young mages that make up SENSHI all had one thing in common, they wanted action. So now SENSHI exists a special armed unit of incredibly talented young mages there to help protect Fiore and take out potential threats, in that lies their purpose. Yotsuki referred to them as the Military's "future".


Main Squad

Member Alias/Speciality Image
Drake Vista Sub Zero Drake (サブゼロドレイク Sabu Zero Doreiku) Drake after timeskip
Richard Buchanan Up-and-Coming Genius (新進気鋭天才 Shinshinkiei Tensai) RichardCovert
Azuki Isshi Azuki the Devil (小豆悪魔 Azuki Su Debiru) Azuki 7
Elbert Newgate Iron Fist (鉄グー Tetsugū) Elbert Main
Jin Terumi Silent Talent (無声能 Museinō) Kihaku Souzen full
Megan Kaiseki Silencer (消音器 Shōonki) MeganWinter

Former Trainers/Superiors




  • This group is partly influenced by Spartoi from the manga Soul Eater.
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