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Sacred Dragon Fist



Shinsei Ryū-Ken


Fighting Style
Martial Art


Cole Ramman

Sacred Dragon Fist (神聖竜拳 Shinsei Ryū-Ken) is a powerful martial art created and only used by Cole Ramman, a genius in the way of combat. Apparently, it is the sum of five different martial art styles.


As stated before, Cole had gathered the highest points of Chop Hanging Palm, the Gentle Killer Fist, the Ball Dancing Fist, the Hell Fang Fist and finally the Furious Mediator Fist in order to create the ultimate fighting style. The practioner of this style uses the basic fighting way of keeping close to their enemies, while also forcing them to back away and while hitting their weak spots. Within that, all of the user's movements are swift styled so that they can keep up with the opponent moving away, this entire combination lets Cole employ a combo which is nearly unstoppable as all he does is attack the opponent's weak spots, forcing them to back away, while executing more swift moves to keep getting closer, leaving no openings at all.



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