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"Are you OK?"
"I... DON'T... KNOOOOWW!!!"
"What does that even me-"
— A conversation between Sahara and another individual — Sahara displaying her "usual" personality; the latter is inquiring if she's alright.
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Pre-Timeskip | After Timeskip
Sahara Pro
Sahara Patagonia



Sahara Patagonia


Desert Princess (沙漠姫, Sabakuhime)
Moisture's Bane (潤いの天敵, Uruoi no Tenteki)


Human (Golem-esque Traits)


Female Female


500+ (Chronologically)
16 (Biologically)


5'4" (152.4 cm)


110 lbs (49.8952 kg)


July 16th

Hair Color

Saddle-Brown (Pre-Timeskip)
Wheat (After Timeskip)

Eye Color


Blood Type


Professional Status

DragonSlayerOrgnization Dragon Soul

Previous Affiliation

Unknown Sand Tribe

Guild Mark Location

Upper Left Arm


Member of Dragon Soul
Dark Mage
S-Class Nominee

Previous Occupation




Previous Team



Jadis Lissandra (Occasionally)
Razia Sultana (Occasionally)
Camellia (Exceed Partner)
Vincent Arsenault (Occasionally)
Eugene Hallantine (Occasionally)

Previous Partner(s)


Base of Operations

Dragon Soul Headquarters

Personal Status



Laharash (Foster Dragon Mother)
Unknown Sand Tribe (Deceased)
Vincent Arsenault (Boyfriend)




Beige Dragon Slayer Magic (Barren Desert Execution, Draconic Upsurge, Dragon Force, Draconic Sovereign, Iron-Beige Dragon Mode, Aura Synthesis)
Sound Magic (Minor)
Teleportation Magic (Supportive)
Nature Magic (Minor)
Wind Magic (Minor)
Gravity-Change (Minor)


Sutekh Nakadoha (悪質天候神の鉄権威(スーテイク·ナカドーハ), Sūteiku Nakadōha; lit. "Iron Rule of the Malicious Weather God")
Amduat (禁酒と謙虚の砂漠喇叭(アムドゥアット), Amudouatto; lit. "Desert Horn of Temperance & Humility")

Japanese Voice

Yuko Miyamura

English Voice

Tiffany Grant

"She's a bitch all day, every day. Probably because she has sand in her...."
Lord Arceus

Sahara Patagonia (サハラ·パタゴニア, Sahara Patagonia) is a person of.... special interests; this is mainly because of her problematic personality and quirky traits. She was originally part of tribe of sand manipulators that later died out due to them being exposed to constant moisture; she somehow escaped — her clansmen making arrangements for her to transport her to a safer place, disguising as a form of "exile". This would classify her as the last survivor — something she's constantly reminded of every time she uses her powers. Through chance meeting, she meets Laharash — a Dragon who specializes in the element of sand. Feeling a connection to one another, Laharash adopted and raised her — teaching her Dragon Slayer Magic related to sand, thus increasing Sahara's powers even more; this would also classify her as a First Generation user. After much time passed, Sahara left her mother's care to continue to explore the various lands that Earthland had to offer. During this time, she's fought a myriad of opponents of various rankings — standing victor over them and gaining fame as a result of such achievements.

It's known that she's highly feared amongst mage who manipulate moisture due to the nature of her magic, which is magnified after learning Dragon Slayer Magic. This earned her the moniker, "Moisture's Bane" (潤いの天敵, Uruoi no Tenteki) — denoting to her ability to fight against water and elements related to it successfully, something considered to be a hard enough feat given sand's weakness to such elements. She's also gained the moniker of "Desert Princess" (沙漠姫, Sabakuhime), as she's able to manipulate the element on such a scale that far surpasses any other user — having the capabilities of turning vast, lush environments into barren wastelands in mere moments — making it even more suitable for her magic, amongst other feats. However, she's known to be a practitioner of other magics, as she's savvy to the weakness of over-reliance of one's Slayer Magic.

At some point, she meets Dealok; impressed at the young lady's prowess with her magic, despite her age, he asks her to join Dragon Soul — finding need of her powers while making her unaware of his true intentions. Agreeing to his proposal, she becomes an official member and classified as a S-Rank nominee because of her prowess. She becomes a close friend of Jadis Lissandra, a girl close to her age & fellow guild member. She also holds some form of admiration towards Genghis Breningoch — the guild master, after hearing of his achievements and witnessing his powers firsthand. At some point, she meets Camellia — her Exceed partner, through unknown circumstances.

Seeking a way to support the guild, she becomes a courtesan, despite her "young age" — using her alluring charms to seduce men; it's something she enjoys, although she doesn't express it openly, in fear of what others might think of her. During this time, she meets Vincent Arsenault — an Independent Mage, Adventurer, and Treasure Hunter of incredible standing, with potential that rivals the Ten Wizard Saints; the two met through wacky and chaotic circumstances, but grew to love each other as time passed. It's currently known that they are dating.

After Genghis' untimely passing at the hands of Kur — the Draugr who was once feared as one of the most diabolical dragons in history, and the sub-sequential disbandment of Dragon Soul — each member going about their own path, Sahara decided to take this chance to travel the world once more in order to find out her purpose in life; seeing the despair of the other member's faces — especially that of both Jadis' and Razia's, the two individuals who were closest with their former leader, and taking notice of Dealok's nonchalance toward's the man's demise — realizing that he viewed everyone around him as his unwilling pawns, including herself, caused her to realize that everything she's done was for naught and out of self-satisfaction. This serves as one of the main reasons for her desire to change and become a more responsible individual while fulfilling her personal goals; as Vincent and Camellia caught wind of her plans, they decided to travel together with her — seeing it as an opportunity for the three to bond.

Visiting many places around the world, meeting & helping out many people, and going through many challenges — some of which were life-threatening, Sahara began to not only find about her purpose, but started to make many new changes about herself — most of which were emotional; in this sense, she no longer the selfish-bitch that she was — being more "light-hearted". Some time later on, she meets Eugene Hallantine — an acquaintance of Vincent and a high-class member of the Zentopian Chruch; as their goals tend to coincide with one another, Eugene joins their group — acting as their "White Mage". Though not "best friends" right away like him and Vincent, they're close allies nonetheless — trusting and defending each other explicity.


"What, you think you're cute?"
"Bitch I'm adorable."
"Nooot all that much. I think Jadis has that category covered, all things considered."
"True. But I'm still cute though. Not only that, I have the superior bust! Hahahahahahaha!"
"You do know that she's young, right? Not only that, I'm pretty sure mines are bigger than yours."
"Two things. One, I still have tits tho'. Two, you're full of crap. Mines are obviously bigger."
"Sure, sure. Whatever you say~.
— Sahara bragging to Razia about her looks during a casual conversation.

Pre-Timeskip | After Timeskip

Sahara Full

The casual appearance of Sahara, something she brags about often.

Sahara is a woman that's well-known for her vanity and narcissism; she takes her looks seriously, more so than any other Dragon Slayer. This is a trait that Laharash often chastised her for, amongst many others. In fact, in times where she doesn't fight — she's often found grooming herself, making sure that nothing's out of place. She tends to lose it when someone insults her physical beauty, often going in a frenzy; due to the immensity of her powers, this often leads to wanton amounts of destruction, only to be sated by either her guild master, Camellia, or Vincent — the latter of whom seems to be most competent at it, despite his general cluelessness; however, Vincent seems to be the victim of such assaults — albeit in a comical manner, when he takes her appearance for granted in his corny jokes, even though Sahara's fully aware that he doesn't actually mean it. Sahara states that her looks and her powers are all that she has, further stating that both shall not be taken lightly.

Due to the nature of her kind, she's able to live longer than most — thus appears to be eternally youthful, though this isn't the case; she simply ages slower than others physically — which would explain her appearance as a teenager, despite being passed such an age chronologically. However, she's susceptible to various elements, the most being moisture — though, not to the same extent as the rest of her tribesmen. It's because of this fact that she avoids water, thus doesn't take bath or shows. In order to cleanse herself, she often would take mud baths or use saunas as substitutes. However, in the event that none of these are available, she would use water — doing it sparingly as to not damage herself; overexposure can lead to her untimely demise, something that tends to frighten her at times. Such a trait becomes less apparent after the timeskip, with Dragon Soul being disbanded after Genghis' untimely death; this is due to her desire to conquer such a weakness, seeing it as a major liability that almost cost her in many of her previous battles.

Inheriting many traits of her former tribesman, Sahara is described as an individual with delicate, sun-bathed, luscious skin, brown-colored hair, and an abnormally high body temperature — something that allows her to deal with arid and dry places for a very long period. It's said that her namesake compliments her physical traits, something that considered true if one thinks about it. Sahara prides herself in her hourglass figure and busty chest; on two separate occasions, she often compared herself to Jadis Lissandra and Razia Sultana — forgetting that the former is still a child; she does this with other females that she meets, especially ones she thinks are a "threat" to her. Comically enough, she often boasts about her bust size with Razia stating that her own chest is bigger than Sahara's; this often lead to unnecessary banter between the two, ending up in a comical, yet short-lived fight. Even in her occupation as a courtesan, she would often use her looks to seduce men into giving her more cash than they could put out — noted to be "all for the sake of the guild". Her hair is noted to be extremely long, being near waist-length; apparently, it's done in pigtails that's tied together by a pair of orange ribbons. Her frontal strands are tied together in braids near the ends, cut off by a pair of rubber bands; her bangs are noted to be cut neatly in a straight line, slightly hanging over her eyes and partially obscuring her forehead. It's noted that she does her own hair, rarely letting others touch it in fear of them possibly damaging it. She has bisque-colored eyes, which are noted to be filled with sadness at times — denoting to her painful origins. Her guild mark is on the upper most corner of her left arm.

For many years, Sahara worn various outfits — all of which were known to be stylish; however, all of them were noted to have a recurring theme to them — they were all tribal-esque. This is due to her wanting to remain true to her customs and backgrounds. Currently, she wears a scandalous outfit that's noted to be combat-affiliated. Being dark goldenrod in color, it's made from the hide of various magical beasts — specifically ones found in arid regions, thus has magical properties relating to such a trait; naturally, all of them are fur-lined — light red in coloration, her main preference in her clothing. She notes that it makes them more comfortable to wear and it helps regulate her abnormally high body temperature. It consists of detached sleeves, a sleeveless top, a mini-skirt held together by a gray-colored belt, and a pair of boots; around the ends of each of these items, is the symbol of her tribe. Around her left leg, she wears a legband with the same color scheme; for jewelry, she wears two tooth necklaces — one around her neck and another around her waist. She state that they were gifts given to her by her late father shortly before his demise; thus, she's hardly seen without it, being treasures of a forgotten time. She continues to wear this outfit on occasions even after the disbandment of Dragon Soul and her adventures with Vincent.

In the post timeskip, after Sahara goes through a personal change to better herself upon seeing Genghis' sacrifice — she becomes more accepting of other things, even if they seemed to be below her initially. During her travels with Vincent, her wardrobe goes through a drastic change — something that surprised even him for all things considered. She admits that she will be traveling with him from now on thus has to be dressed the part. Formerly having long hair, she cut it to be a bit shorter — believing that it will be a liability; also, she dyed her hair with a special device — making it a lighter shade. Though still in pigtails, it's held together by a pair of ornaments which Vincent mistaken for an additional pair of ears — something he comically makes note of, which ends up with Sahara beating him up for it. Attire-wise, she dons a brown waist-length fur-lined coat — having no shirt underneath and held together tightly by a brown leather belt near the center, two leg bands on her thighs — having a arrow-shaped pattern to it, knee high black socks that are masked by a pair of metal greaves, and a pair of metal shoulder and arm guards with fur lining near the top, claw-like extensions coming from the top of the knuckle region, and wing-like protrusions coming from the elbows. She's still seen with her tribal necklaces, located in the same areas as her previous attire.


"I'm permanently menstruating!"
— A phrase that can sum up her personality & describe her liking for the color red.
Sahara Patagonia - Personality

Sahara's usual bitchiness at work; she pins the blame for her mistakes on some unsuspecting victims, getting off scott-free.

If one were to describe Sahara, she would be classified as a "bitch" — for lack of a better word; yes, "bitch" — it's the only word that accurately describes here entirety, no other word coming remotely close. It's unknown what attributes to Sahara acting in such a manner, but there have been many theories pertaining to it — some of which are known to be either nonsensical or downright insulting. Some of said theories include her origins and where she was raised — which people believe to be true when she talks about her looks in conversation & how special her body is in comparison with those around her, while others deal with how she grew up — something that holds partial truth, given how she puts distance between herself and others — having some hesitation of creating relationships with those around her; it's strange because many know nothing about her background — a subject she rarely brings up in conversation, due to her sensitivity towards such a topic. In a comical light, people state that she just has "sand wedged deep in her vagina" — making allusions to her magic or it's merely her "time of the month".... almost every single day. Whatever the case may be, the reasons for such an attitude are only known by Sahara; not even Camellia — her closest partner or Vincent Arsenault — her boyfriend know the reason behind such actions.

On a long list of aspects that would make her be classified as a bitch, her vanity and narcissism appears in the top ten; no seriously, there's no other girl that prides herself so much in her looks other than Sahara. The reason behind this is her belief that if one is beautiful, they will obtain everything they want in life. Though such ideology holds some truth to it — seen throughout various instances in history & myth, it's very flawed; not everyone will simply bend to another's whim so easily just because they are beautiful, something that Camellia tries to pound into her thick-head many times. Though she tends to ignore her advice regarding this truth; in fact, one of the reasons she's currently working as a courtesan is because she believes her looks and feminine wilds are able to seduce men into doing anything she desires — which is true, considering how much money she makes a month. She constantly takes care of her body, properly exercising and eating right while using the latest skin treatments and cosmetics; she notes that her body is a "sacred temple", thus needs to be treated as such. Anything less would be considered as an insult. It seems that she doesn't take well to those who insult her looks, often violently lashing out at them. This is commonly seen with Vincent, who makes light of her appearance in his jokes and puns — ending with him getting beaten to a pulp in a comedic manner; however, it should be noted that Vincent doesn't really mean it — something that she's more than well aware of.

According to Camellia, it seems that Sahara has a bad habit of comparing herself to others — especially women, seeing them as rivals of sorts; it's because of this that she can and will come off as aggressive if she feels like there's someone who either as beautiful or even more so than her. It's hard for her to make friends with females because of this reason — something people like Razia and Vincent says that she should work on. Speaking of the former, Sahara sees her and Jadis as primary targets of her so-called "competition of the beautiful". She feels a bit intimidated by Razia's bust size — which is equivalent to her own by a respective margin, and by Jadis' natural cuteness; it's said that if she ever finds something about herself that neither have, she would flaunt it as much as possible. While this can be considered annoying, it also shows the insecurities she has about herself. Comically enough, she would often get into arguments with Razia about their beauty — ending up with the two of them fighting each other and scolded by Genghis moments later.

Sahara Patagonia - Personality B

Sahara exuding the nastier sides of her rotten personality.

While on the subject of the guild master, she seems to share some of the same personality flaws that Genghis possesses; this goes from their arrogance — believing that they are superior to everyone else, to not being able to admit their mistakes — pinning the blame on someone else. The latter seems to be more rampid in Sahara, as she blames everything on the nearest person — especially if its a person she heavily dislikes. Though not as power-hungry as the former, Sahara is prone to seek out ways to improve herself, thus having no one who can pose a threat to her in the near future. However, it should be noted that she's mastered her form of Dragon Slayer Magic better than anyone else in the guild sans Dealok himself — who rarely fights, thus attaining an accurate of his abilities being nearly impossible, thus shouldn't find a need to attain more power. Although, Sahara notes that she has ulterior motives behind such logic — most of which is merely based on assumptions. Like nearly all Dragon Slayers — or Slayers in general, she has a hunger for battle and is very prideful in her own style of Dragon Slayer Magic; she doesn't tolerate anyone who insults Slayer Magic, often beating them senseless to the brink of death just to prove her point. She also hates fighting those she considers to be weaker than her — stating that it's an insult to her pride as a warrior, a Mage, and a Slayer; this goes well with underestimation — something she highly despises with a burning passion matching a thousand fucking suns. If she finds that an opponent is holding back on her for any reason — especially if it's related to her well-being, she goes ballistic — unleashing her full-power and forces them to take her seriously, even if it means destroying everything and everyone around her.

She's also known to be a foul-mouthed, reckless, ruthless, thick-headed, and condescending individual — having a princess-ish attitude 24/7; this is seen in her body postures, to her thoughtless actions, to the way she speaks to others. She believes that everyone around her exists to serve her in some sense — either as a way to make herself look good or to serve as cannon-fodder, but aren't consciously aware of it. This makes it hard to work with her, let alone get along with her; it's said that it's a miracle that Camellia and Vincent are able to put up with a person like her, equating their patience levels to godlike levels. It's unknown when and why she developed such a mentality, but it may have been the way she was treated before she met Laharash and during her travels around the world before joining Dragon Soul. Since people have always helped her and served her every whim — with the young maiden doing nothing in return, such acts help develop such a mental attitude; it's considered to be one of the few personality flaws that makes people not like Sahara. It seems that she has trust issues, often putting distance between herself and others; she's not one to let others in, knowing that they could possibly hurt her in the worst ways. This is due to her experiences many years prior, where she's been betrayed by other people before — used as a means to their ends. It's rare for her to get close to someone, thus the reason she has little to no friends — the only exceptions being Vincent, Camellia, and Laharash, all of whom she cherishes greatly. Despite having some angst against them, she deeply cares for Jadis and Razia's well-being — though not outwardly showing it.

Despite all her personality issues, Sahara has some good traits about herself — but are often eclipsed by her generally horrible persona. For one, she's known to be culturally-sensitive; this is due to her belief that celebrating & upholding one's cultural values is important. This is true of herself, as she's known to be very protective of her people's background; like with Slayer Magic, she doesn't take lightly those who insult her heritage — using brute force to put them in their place. She's also respective of younger children — often seen playing with them at times or helping them with their problems; this is due to her belief that children are the future of mankind, thus need to be treated and upheld in such a manner. It seems that she's also respectful of the elderly, often helping them with their problems and listening to their advice; she says its common knowledge to listen to one's elders, as they're people who have lived and witnessed many things in their lifetime — thus are seen as sources of wisdom. This might serve as allusions to the boundless love she has for both her foster mother — known to be one of the oldest and most powerful dragons to-date, and her tribe.

Like Vincent and Laharash, she has a profound respect and love for nature; this is due to her belief that she shares with the former two, believing that people should give back to nature since it's provided them with so much. It's also because of this that she's learned Nature Magic — something she was taught by her mother and later teaches to Camellia and Vincent respectively. Another reason she's learned such magic is due to the nature of her immense powers, being able to destroy anything within a certain radius — preventing all life from developing; though she loves the sand and everything that it represents, she's savvy to the importance of foliage and greenery. She's not that much of a bitch to disregard such things, seeing their role in humanity's survival. Though totally unrelated, she has a distinct liking for the various shades of red & brown, which serves as a reminder of her tribe; due to this most of what she possesses are in such colors.

Sahara Patagonia - Personality C

Upon seeing Vincent's possible corpse, Sahara quickly rushes to his side in fear of the worst — proving her care for his well-being.

After the disbandment of Dragon Soul upon the untimely death of Genghis — joining Vincent on his myriad adventures, it seems that Sahara had gotten a slight attitude adjustment; this may be due to how Genghis died and the aftermath it had on the rest of the guild — especially Jadis who took it harder than they others because of her closeness to him. Though not as much of a bitch as before, some remnants are lingers in her personality; one can say it's diluted to an extent. Though respective of others, she always keeps her distance and has her suspicions; initially, she was judgmental bigot while having some form of xenophobia. However, some of Vincent's kinder traits rubbed off on her — which caused a slight change in her perception of others. She notes that she's able to make friends easier because of this, secretly thanking her meeting with the young adventurer. Although she chastises Vincent at every angle, she becomes more and more worried about his well-being — being moved to tears at the thought of him being seriously injured or presumably dead. It also seems that she loses her vixen-esque tendencies, only focusing on him and no one else. Though not completely perfect, she's still an individual of.... unique tendencies.


"If I were to sum up my life up until now in a few simple words, it would be this: "It was all kinds of fucked up, until I took names, got fame, and made sweet, sweet~ love to many guys. Like all colors of the rainbow." And no, that doesn't make me slut. I just have.... certain preferences in my dating life."
— Sahara summing up her life up until now in the most inappropriate manner.
Sahara Patagonia - History

Sahara experiencing the last moments of her tribe before its destruction by the oncoming humidity.

Though not a proper excuse for her rudeness towards those around her, Sahara is known to have a tragic past — so much so that many would pity her; however, because she despises being looked down upon for any reason, she refuses to tell others about her background. It's also due to her having trust issues, as she's been betrayed by those she's believed in — bringing on an imminent fear of being hurt once more by those she considers to be an "ally"; this extends to those she recently befriended or sworn allegiance to, still having her suspicions about them (i.e. Razia Sultana, Jadis Lissandra, Dealok and Genghis Breningoch). It seems the only ones who're exceptions to this rule are Vincent, Camellia, and Laharash — three people she holds dear above all else, fully knowing that they will never betray her for any reason — being honest individuals to their core who are able to share in her pain & relate to her on some level. Most of her background tends to be a major influence in her actions, going from her mannerisms to her fighting style; one can say it's a central factor that makes her entire being.

Sahara is different most individuals; although she has the appearance of a teenager, she's in fact much older. This is mainly due to her heritage, being from a clan of golem-esque humans who inhabit the most arid of places; their bodies are made from sand and earth, having little organic material to contribute to it. While this gave them the ability to manipulate all aspects of the earth as they saw fit while giving them a unique form of immortality, it made them susceptible to moisture; large exposures to the substance will lead to their eventual annihilation. Thus, they couldn't stay in one environment for too long — migrating from place-to-place, inhabiting the most arid parts of the continent; this labeled them a nomadic tribe. However, Sahara was special — she was one of the few of her kind that born with the innate resistance to moisture, thus didn't suffer the same fate as her brethren; it's considered to be a rare genetic trait born in every one of a thousand. This single trait led to her parents and the rest of her tribe to venerate her — giving her preferential treatment. Upon her birth, Sahara had lived a very healthy lifestyle, filled with love & happiness. This lasted for many decades, until a certain event changed everything — turning her once comfortable life into a "living hell".

As her people were nomadic, she visited many places and experienced many things — despite living in the time where the Dragon-Human Civil War occurred; however their latest venture would inevitably be their last one. Her people happened upon an area of extreme aridness, showing no form of life for miles on end. Unbeknownst to them, such aridness would bring on an extreme amount of humidity in the form of heavy rainfall — one great enough to wipe them off of the face of the planet. When they realized, it was too late to do anything — no time to make a defense or time to move away; such a rainfall covered the entire region. However, they made arrangements to move Sahara to a safer place — they didn't want the young maiden to see their demise with their own eyes. The elders of the tribe disguised it as a form of "exile", sending the young girl out to a dryer place. When it was time, Sahara had an acute intuition of what's going to happen, going by the look on her parent's face and the oncoming formation of cumulonimbus clouds hanging above them. She began to cry as everyone said their farewells to her; as the rain started to pour, her father knocked her unconscious and placed her on one of the magical beasts they've used on their journeys — sending her out into the wilderness, destination unknown. Still maintaining a bit of consciousness — she's witnessed something so tragic that it affected her for many years to come; everyone & everything was melting away in the ever-relentless rain storm. Nothing was spared from the onslaught. The shock of such a sight caused her to slip into a state of unconsciousness; when she had awoken, the magical beast she rode on had died from exhaustion, leaving the girl stranded in the middle of nowhere. As she became aware of her situation, she began to wander until coming to some form of civilization — desperately seeking a haven. It here that her torment begins.

For many years, Sahara had wandered the continent — getting by from doing various odd jobs, some of which she wasn't familiar with; she was constantly hurt and yelled at whenever she messed up. This caused her to be disowned by those around her; upon people discovering her origins, there were many who persecute her viciously. Such treatment continued for a long time; though she found people who treated her nicely, it was all a facade — wanting to use her abilities for their own ends. This also continued for a long time — something which aided in the creation of the deep emotional wounds that Sahara has in the current era. Slowly turning into a cynical and cold individual, Sahara used any and all means to survive, even if it meant in the suffering of others — something she too pleasure in at times, seeing as a personal form of revenge. To her, everyone in the world is an enemy — no one is to be trusted. As she gained momentary pleasure in enacting her vengeance on the world that treated her so harshly for being different, she developed her famous bitchy, princess-ish attitude — believing that everyone around her is considered to be insignificant in comparison, along with other traits that would cause those around her to despise her for justified reasons. Such is a sad outcome for a young maiden; despite such a turn, Sahara would later find solace in a being who would later become her foster mother.

Sahara Patagonia - History B

The arid region where Sahara was raised by her foster mother, Laharash.

Due to the lack of nutrients, Sahara started to suffer from starvation; it's unknown why is such a fate exclusive to her, given her people's ability to survive without food for weeks at a time. It continued for quite a while until she passed out on the outskirts of a town that she recently visited. It was then that Sahara came face to face with the legendary dragon of the desert — Laharash; using her powers that governed life, Laharash was able to revitalize the little girl. Though initially scared for multiple reasons — one being that she's encountered a being belonging to a species that's supposedly extinct, Sahara had taken a liking to her future foster mother, seeing how she's in the same circumstance as her. Wanting to fill the empty void in each other's hearts, Sahara agreed to accompany the one person she will cherish above all else; it's then that the duo's relationship began to blossom. For many years, Laharash had taught Sahara many things, including her form of Slayer Magic — later dubbed as Beige Dragon Slayer Magic; this included modes such as Draconic Upsurge, Dragon Force, and Draconic Sovereign — all of which she mastered in a short time due to her extremely-high compatibility with Laharash's magic, via. her traits she inherited from her tribe. It was also during this time that she consumed some of Laharash's blood offered up to her in order to increase her magic's versatility, thus having some of the Dragon's essence running through her veins. Despite Sahara's attitude and blatant ignorance to the events around her, Laharash loved her daughter nonetheless; it's such that she revealed her true form to the young maiden, something she hasn't done for anyone else. Though initially coming off as rude, Sahara stated that she loved her mother regardless — something that made the latter very happy, given the insecurities she had about it. Many years later, Sahara decided to leave her mother, wanting to explore the world on her own; though initially saddened at thought of being alone again after all this time, she respected her daughter's wishes — seeing it as part of growing up. Sahara had finally found that single person who wouldn't betray or use her, something that made her internally happy.

With her newfound power, Sahara began to show off her prowess as a Mage, specifically a Dragon Slayer, to the world; she performed many feats that left many in awe and challenged a wide variety of opponents — all of whom she gained victory over. She was mostly challenged by Mages who used various forms of moisture as their mode of combat; due to Sahara's hatred of the substance, it was during such battles that she was merciless — often using her magic to completely dry it up. This earned her various monikers, the most famed one being "Moisture's Bane" (潤いの天敵, Uruoi no Tenteki); her control over the element of sand had exceeded all other users of said element, earning her the moniker of "Desert Princess" (沙漠姫, Sabakuhime). At the same time, she gained her own form of Dual Element Dragon Slayer Magic by consuming a magic-enhanced metal with special properties; she rarely uses such a mode, reserving it as one of her hidden aces. As she was consistently winning her battles, she slowly grew in power — reaching a point where only a few could possibly match her prowess; for many years, Sahara has remained unchallenged by most Mages in fear of her ever-growing power. It was during such a time that she would meet up with another person she would hold dear to her heart — the first of her partners and the closest friend she will ever have.

At some later point, she would have a chance encounter with Camellia — an Exceed of incredible power & stature; the two met under unknown circumstances. From what can be pieced together, it was also during a time where the two were still travelling on their own — wanting to broaden their perspectives of the world around them. Sahara saved Camellia after the latter was harassed by a bunch of drunkards in a bar, the former giving them a good beating and making them apologize; in-turn, Camellia treated Sahara to a meal as payment, something the latter didn't mind. After the two had a proper conversation, they started to develop a form of kinship with one another, having full understanding of the other's circumstance. It was then that it would be best if the two traveled together, making it easier on them in multiple ways. Traversing from place-to-place, the pair went through many trials and tribulations — from encountering powerful mages to crossing hazardous environments; they were able to survive by working together, relying on one another at various intervals. This only made them more and more inseparable. At some point, the duo encountered Dealok — the Guild Ace of the infamous Dark Guild, Dragon Soul; upon hearing about her infamous power, the mysterious man invited the young maiden to join their guild — promising her that she will be able to seek what she's been truly longing for. Initially skeptical, he later informed her that the guild is completely composed of being exactly like her — Dragon Slayers. Excited at the prospect of meeting other Dragon Slayers and testing their capabilities, she readily agreed; initially, Camellia was against the idea of being affiliated with such a guild, but knew that Sahara wanted to meet more of her kind, thus agreed to follow along. It was then that they met with some of the other members back at their headquarters in Oak Town. She became affiliated with Razia Sultana & Jadis Lissandra — two individuals who would later serve as her one-sided rivals, but will secretly care for in her own regard, and Genghis Breningoch — the man whom Sahara admires for multiple reasons. In order to help support the guild financially, Sahara became a Courtesan — using her feminine wilds to seduce men into giving her much cash, something Camellia often chastised her for.

Sahara would later go on to meet the final person she will cherish above all others — one who will love her, despite her personality flaws, Vincent Arsenault — a Treasure Hunter, Adventurer, and a Mage of impeccable standing. From what can be pieced together, the two met through chaotic & wacky circumstances, all because of a simple misunderstanding on Vincent's part. However, because of the ordeal, the two grew closer as a result; it reached a point where Vincent declared his undying love for the woman, despite barely knowing anything about her — something that made Sahara blush. However, she found herself attracted to him for multiple reasons — one of which had to do with his kind & innocent nature, despite having little trust in those she doesn't know well. After recuperating his feelings for her, the two started dating — slowly getting to know one another; Camellia often stated her gratitude for the two of them meeting Vincent, saying that it was something Sahara needed in her life. Though continuing her occupation as a fellow guild member and courtesan, Sahara would often spend time with Vincent — either on his adventures with Camellia or just in private. In her current life, even though it isn't what she expected it to be, she's pleased with some of the results nonetheless.


Sahara Patagonia Weapon

Sahara's signature weapon in its base form, which is also considered to be its most versatile.

Sutekh Nakadoha (悪質天候神の鉄権威(スーテイク·ナカドーハ), Sūteiku Nakadōha; lit. "Iron Rule of the Malicious Weather God"): Sutekh Nakadoha is the signature weapon of Sahara, something that she uses as a last resort — thus doubles as one of her various trump cards; it was forged through the use of Blade Blacksmith — making it a magical weapon by nature, one of extreme power despite its somewhat simplistic appearance. It was given to her by Vincent, worried that she might encounter a situation where a weapon was needed, especially during her travels with him; that and it might be needed for her duties towards her guild. Not only, he didn't want her to feel left out since everyone in the group had used a weapon of some fashion. According to Vincent, he commissioned a blacksmith to make the weapon, shaping it to fit Sahara's personality & fighting capabilities — thus taking on its current form.

Appearing as a bo-staff that's taller than Sahara when combined and can be separated into three segments — any of which can be used as a separate weapon, it has a pinkish-red coloration — matching some aspect of the Sahara's clothing color scheme; it's known to be very durable — made of various metals of incredibly-high densities and infused with large amounts of magic, as it's shown to be resilient to survive the impact of a high-level spell upon contact — having no scratches afterward. One of the most notable aspects of this weapon is the white dials located on the sides; their true purpose is to help enhance or limit the powers that the staff naturally possesses, giving Sahara the ability to freely unleash much of its potential at any given time. It's known that there are gravitational weight at the center of each segment, which is meant to serve as counterbalancers — thus making the weapon stable.

Though the weapon is mainly used in-tandem with her magic — enhancing it to certain degrees by concentrating it to a single point along the staff, Sahara has yet to unlock its full capabilities. According to Camellia, it's because she's heavily reliant on her own power and only uses it when she finds the need; she rarely practices with it, finding such a thing to be unnecessary. However, she does cherish it like everything else given to her by Vincent — seeing it as a symbol of their relationship. She commonly keeps it on her person by way of a holster on Sahara's belt. The name of the weapon comes from one of the various deities that he people believed in.

Amduat (禁酒と謙虚の砂漠喇叭(アムドゥアット), Amudouatto; lit. "Desert Horn of Temperance & Humility"): Amduat is considered to be one of the few treasures derived from her tribe; it takes on the appearance of the pink horn with a thin strap, something that's always seen on Sahara's person. It's one of the few things she cherishes above all else, being one the few things that remind her of her people. While not entirely explained, it's believed that the horn has a unique purpose rather than being ornamental; in-fact, Sahara notes that it relates to its ability to manipulate various sound waves — inducing various commands to the those that hear it. Due to her usage of the treasure on very few occasions — specifically when it's needed, Sahara has been able to properly utilize it to a certain extent. It's noted to be very effective when combined with Sound Magic for the reasons stated above; it's also good with Sand Magic and sand-based magic, such as her Slayer Magic. This may be due to it being created by people who are able to freely manipulate various aspects of the earth on a whim.

Magics & Abilities

"Hey, so who's got two broken arms and is a total bitch?"
"You stupid bitch, you only broke one of my ar-"
*Steps on other arm and breaks it. Opponent screams in utter agony.*
"This guy~!
— Sahara's ruthlessness towards an opponent while mocking him and showing off her power at the same time.

Physical Prowess

Sahara Patagonia - Dragon Slayer Might

Sahara displaying a Dragon Slayer's brute physical might, singlehandedly ending the life of a creature much larger than herself in a single decisive blow, while inadvertently saving someone.

Dragon Slayer Altered Physiology: From a young age, natural Dragon Slayers were raised by their draconian foster parents with the sole purpose of passing on their magic, all for the sake of killing their kind; it also serves as a way to protect them from the harsh realities that life had to offer in the form of various creatures and people deemed dangerous beyond normal means — something that's never been disputed and proven to be an absolute fact. To that end, the training that many Dragon Slayers go through is considered to be arduous and life-threatening at best, raising their overall levels to match the very beings they're meant to slay all the while being capable of defending themselves when deemed necessary. It's because of this that Dragon Slayers are considered to be the most powerful type of Slayers in term of physical capabilities — noted to be either at or beyond superhuman-levels; this is further augmented when they use such qualities in-tandem with their Slayer Magic, making them a force to be reckoned with. No longer human — per say, they are warriors of incredible stature whose feats are able to rock the very foundations of the magical world; it's said that it's virtually impossible to replicate the physical might of Dragon Slayers without the aid of some form of magic — proven in various instances throughout history. Even artificial Dragon Slayers — beings who learned the magic through unorthodox means without going through the proper training, find themselves lacking in the physical department — thus can't be referred to as "true Dragon Slayers". When one learns Dragon Slayer Magic, they inherit the physical traits associated with Dragons such as increased muscle mass, hardened bones & skin, and sharpened canines — the latter being the most identifiable; as they begin to master their style of the magic, they inherit traits associated with the element(s) in-question — varying from individual-to-Individual.

While God Slayers, Devil Slayers, and Phoenix Slayers are all strong in their own right — the former considered to be the most powerful in terms of magical abilities, their physical might is still considered to be minuscule in comparison with Dragon Slayers, despite them being able to "replicate" the powers of a their given creatures; it's attributed to them to focusing too much on the magical aspect — believing it to hold more importance. Heightened to such degrees, the incredulous speed, tantamount strength, their enhanced senses, extraordinary vitality and lifespan, and everything else in-between is second-to-none — regardless of what style of Dragon Slayer Magic they may practice; it's said when they bathe in or drink the expansive amounts of blood of the creatures their magic is meant to slay, their physical prowess shoots through the roof — more so than their magical attributes, bringing them closer and closer to the Dragons themselves. This is seen during the Dragon Civil War, when such a secret was discovered by a fellow group of Dragon Slayers who consumed the vast amounts of blood of their draconic enemies — gaining stature that was considered to be beyond superhuman, making it easier to dominate their foes as the war progressed. However, such an act was reviled by others — as it led to the hastening of said Slayers' transformation into Dragons while slowly losing all their intelligence and sense of reasoning. Even today, with the practice being discontinued, Dragon Slayers are still feared for their physical might — going nearly unmatched by any other, serving as one of the reasons why the magic is highly-sought. It's said that the longer one practices their Slayer Magic, the stronger both it and their physical bodies become.

To that end, Sahara is considered to be one of the strongest Dragon Slayers of the current era, having consumed the blood of her foster mother — a being who's magic is considered to be godlike and has lived over 10,000+ years, through an unorthodox ritual, and obtaining the highest forms of her style — noted to be in-tune with her heritage. One can say that she has the confidence to back up most of what she says, believing that her physical might can topple any and all obstacles that stand in her way. Typically, she can easily take on opponents S-Class or higher little to no difficulty to her person using her physical might alone — something she's done many times in the past, acting as one of the main reasons she's victorious in her various battles.

Ways of Combat

Advanced Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Considered to be one of her cornerstone talents, Sahara has a high aptitude for the martial arts — despite her somewhat slim and delicate frame; this can be attributed to her status as a Dragon Slayer — mages well-known for their close-combat skills which are used in-tandem with their given slayer style. Sahara notes that she opts for hand-to-hand combat over all other forms of fighting, seeing how it suits a person of her stature — a violent and ill-tempered individual. Ever since she was young, she shown prowess in the martial arts, which is only matched by her magical prowess — seeing how she defeated people who were much older and larger than her with a bit of effort, and against her knowledge — were holding back, either underestimating her or not wanting to injure the small girl to a serious degree. It's only under proper instruction did her skills in fighting steadily improve and increase to small degrees.

When she was defending herself from enemies during her period of "exile", Sahara was able to use the weight of her small frame and her incredible speed along with the environment around her to deal devastating blows and able to either kill or knock out her adversaries; even when she was up against multiple opponents, she's able to maintain her wits and fight appropriately, all with the intention for survival. Upon meeting Laharash and learning her form of Dragon Slayer Magic — and its given derivatives, her prowess increased a great deal as her physical frame improved, an aspect important to using said magic — needing a certain level of endurance to survive its effects. By the time she solemnly traveled the world once more, she already spent a large amount of years perfecting and utterly mastering her Dragon Slayer Magic — and by extension, her martial arts prowess, enough to be considered a master in the field. Upon joining Dragon Soul and meeting both Vincent and Camellia for the first time, she's already considered one of the best fighters that said guild had to offer, possibly matching or outright surpassing the guild master by a considerable degree — the results being inconclusive, as the two never fought each other.

Originally, her fighting style was erratic and random, using various movements to throw off her opponents and eventually gaining the upper hand; however, it improved by the time she learned Dragon Slayer Magic — incorporating various styles taught to her by her foster mother and grew over time during her membership in Dragon Soul, and later on, her adventures with Vincent after its untimely disbandment. While it's based on hard-style martial arts, wanting to inflict as much damage to the adversary as possible, it also has hints of soft-style martial arts mixed in — precisely aiming at certain parts of the body to induce various effects. Sahara is the type of fighter who uses her arms more so than her legs, the latter being used as support for the former; this is mainly due to her using her hands more often than her legs — aside from the basic needs. Amplified by her control over her immense magical powers, she's able to enhance her strikes to considerable degrees — performing multiple life-threatening blows at a given time.

When combined with her enhanced frame and physical prowess, Sahara's martial arts skills become even fiercer than prior — her strikes becoming mere blurs if anything; this is seen when she strikes her opponent in such a way, that they feel the effects of the attack seconds after it lands on their person while unable to recall the moment she attacked. Only fighters on her level or higher are able to perceive and subsequentially evade such deadly hits. Sahara is able to perform joint locks and overhead throws, amongst other types of fighting skills at a given moment; this is due to her fighting incorporating various elements. This makes her fighting style precisely unclear, making it hard to read her rhythm and method of combat. Sahara is considered to be one of the best fighters in Earthland, having many centuries of combat under her belt.

Sahara Patagonia - Hand-to-Hand Combat - Fa Jin

Sahara's usage of Fa Jin on an opponent, causing major damage to their insides while producing shockwaves of magical energy that's released upon impact.

Fa Jin (發勁(ファ・ジン), Fa Jin; lit. "Hand Power"): One of the two foremost styles that Sahara uses in combat, Fa Jin is an ancient martial art that relies on the user flowing their magical power into their opponent to dish out major damage via. their strikes and bodily motions. Created by the Joyan Monks since time memorable, it served as a way to fight against those more powerful than them, using the enemy's power as their own and suppressing them using minimal force on their effort; as time went by, the art was lost — thus is obscure in today's society. The only reason that Sahara knows this martial art in the present era is because it's one of the few styles taught to her by Laharash, noticing the girl's excellent control of her massive amounts of magical energy — despite her youthfulness. Her foster mother noted that she's mastered the art shortly after being taught, something that only a few were able to do, calling her a natural-born prodigy.
In the various battles that ensued soon after, she's been able to defeat most of the opponents using this style — often combining it with her Dragon Slayer Magic to give off certain effects, proven to be most troublesome to those caught up in the crossfire. At the basic level, the user flows their magical power into a certain part of the body in order to enhance that part's strength — similar to Strengthening Magic, giving them the opportunity to cause major damage to anything that unfortunate to make contact with said part; alternatively, they are able to flow said power into the opponent — causing "internal damage", such as rupturing of organs & muscles, the misplacement or displacement of the skeletal structure, the aggravation of certain pressure points, etc. which was the original purpose of the art. To those that mastered the art — i.e. someone on Sahara's level, they are able to change the nature of their magical power in order to fit the situation at hand or to match the nature of their fighting style; in Sahara's case, she's able to change the properties of her magical energy into that of her sand — "drying out" and eroding anything that it makes contact with. This makes it very dangerous to contend with her in close-range; with a few simple strikes, she can "mummify" her opponent whilst using as little energy as possible.
Sahara Patagonia - Fa Jin Bolts

Sahara firing her Fa Jin style long-range in the form of bullet-based projectiles.

Whenever the user performs strikes, they are able to emit shockwaves of magical power — which is similar to "pulses" that one is able to emit when they are sensing one's presence. Such shockwaves vary in power, which depends on the position of the strike and how deep the damage has gone; in such a way, it tells the degree of the wound inflicted on the opponent. The bigger the shockwave, the greater the damage. Because Sahara is the type who's known to be mainly a heavy-hitter, most of her shockwaves tend to be large in size. Like her magical power, the color of these shockwaves are an orange-brown. Something thought to be theoretical, the shockwaves can be used as a long-range projectile — which was later proven to be true when successfully attempted by Sahara during one of her training regimens; it takes the form of a large blast of energy that's compressed to its utmost degree, making it look more like a bullet. In this fashion, Sahara is able to project the destructive power of the art, inducing its deadly effects — but at a longer-range. This allows her to have an alternative method to long-range combat aside from her Dragon Slayer Magic while showing off her skill with the art; surprisingly, there are no techniques affiliated with the style — the reasons being unknown. Upon discovery, Sahara took it upon herself to invent a few for personal use; currently, she uses a multitude of techniques she's crafted after simulating various scenarios that she either has or will be in, finding importance in their properties. The name of the techniques start with the prefix, "Eighty Trigrams Deity Hand" (八十神拳, Yajūke Shingen) — stemming from the martial arts deities associated with Joya.
  • Eighty Trigrams Deity Hand — Vacuum Assault (八十神拳·空撃, Yajūke Shingen: Kūgeki): First of the many attacks under Sahara's command in this fighting style; it's known to be quite simple, yet powerful at the same time — making full use of her masterful control over her immense reservoir of magical power. By concentrating tons of her energy into her fists, molding, and projecting it outward towards the target, she's able to conjure a barrage of magical fists of colossal proportions with tons of destructive power to boot; it's such that, upon impact — they are able to release incredible shockwaves that does additional damage to the surroundings while disrupting all other attacks with ease. It should be noted that the attack is powerful enough to temporarily disrupt the flow of energy in the area while destroying any and all obstructions that happen to be within the user's range. This makes it a good attack to use against opponents heavily reliant of defensive tactics and weaponry, while performing big attacks within a short time. It's said the speed that these magical fists move is beyond what any other technique is capable, being nearly instantaneous in nature; in a sense, this would also be excellent for surprise attacks, the opponent having no time to properly react. This technique can be conjured in a three-hundred sixty degree angle, deflecting and countering almost all attacks aimed at the user's person with incredible force. One could say that the technique is an enhanced version of the projectile variant of Fa Jin, something Sahara attests to with a passion.
  • Eighty Trigrams Deity Hand — Heavenly Revolution (八十神拳·転回, Yajūke Shingen: Tenkai): This technique is the only known technique under Sahara's possession that requires her to release magical energy from all parts of her body; this is due to the technique making full use of her being, instead of a single aspect. By calling forth her magical aura from her body and allowing it cover her body — similar to that of a shell, she spins rapidly and releases said power outward; this forms of a dome of magical energy that's able to repel any enemy offensive aimed at its being. This technique also serves as a defensive countermeasure against any and all blindspots that Sahara has on her being and that she isn't aware of; it's known that the constantly rotating barrier of magical energy is powerful enough to act as a strong repellent force — creating shockwaves that blows away the surroundings and all that happen to be within its range. When clashed with other techniques, this one proves to be more than durable since it's molded out of pure energy — rotated at its utmost limit. This gives it qualities of a substance that's much denser than steel; Sahara states that she couldn't find any given weaknesses with the technique, aside from the magical energy consumption and being positioned in a single spot. Apparently, this technique can be used in mid-air — thus gaining a perfect circumferential defense, something that only a few technique possess.
  • Eighty Trigrams Deity Hand — Twin Devil Fist (八十神拳·双魔拳, Yajūke Shingen: Sōmaken): Something that Sahara created in order to refine her close-range combat prowess with this style, using larger amounts of her magical power without being way too taxing on her being. By flowing large portions of her power to fists, flaring it to its utmost limit and shaping it into the form of demon heads, Sahara gains a shroud of enhanced magical extensions which are capable of doling out incredible range and having an longer range. Whenever the demon head makes contact with the target, it sends out destructive wavelengths of magic that causes internal and external damage while draining them of their given magical power; this is what makes the technique truly dangerous — a single touch could lead to one's downfall in a swift and timely fashion. Sahara notes that learning the technique was incredibly dangerous as it had required her to have the most precise of energy control; a single mistake would have led to her being damage to an incredible damage, the recovery time would be prolonged for such a period. She mainly uses in fights in which the opponent has an equal amount of control over their power and they aren't using their full potential against her; in a way, this technique will cause them to unleash their full power, as the combatants will be locked in a stalemate of sorts, trying desperately to get the upper hand against each other.
  • Eighty Trigrams Deity Hand — Mirror Extremities Blade (八十神拳·鑑極刀, Yajūke Shingen: Kikyotō): This technique is the alternative to the one mentioned above, created around the same time — but requires less of a risk on Sahara's part; this move follows the same principles, requiring Sahara to have incredible control over her magical power and being able to exert it outward in a given instance without causing herself self-harm. By conjuring her magical power around her fists like before, she flares it to the limit and shape it in the form of blades — known to be very concentrated and small in appearance; despite this, they are known to be very powerful. This is because of the density of magical power that focused in their construct, which rotates three-million times per second around the edge — giving it incredible cutting power, far surpassing any bladed weapon, magical or otherwise. Following the logic of being magical in nature, aside from causing major damage with ease with every strike — this technique can cut apart is disperse magical particles in an instant — subsequentially weakening to outright destroying all magical attacks, weaponry, and even beings. This makes it a bane to those who rely to much of their magical prowess in combat, Sahara being able to counter their efforts with ease through the usage of this technique. This technique is used sparingly by the young lass, only utilizing it on occasions where it's needed; this means that it's not seen in all of her battles, but a select few.
Dragon Race Style (竜人修羅術(ドラゴン·レース·スタイル), Doragon Rēsu Sutairu; lit. "Dragon-Human Fighting Arts"): An ancient fighting style unique to those related to Dragons, it's considered to be the most powerful martial art under Sahara's command; she's noted to be one of the most experienced users in said style due to her understanding and mastery over her style of Dragon Slayer Magic, with the additive of assimilating some of her foster mother's blood into her systems — empowering her to such extremes, becoming rivaled by a few. Sahara stated that this one of the few martial arts that wasn't taught to her, but something that naturally developed in her after reaching the pinnacle of a Dragon Slayer; in a sense, it's served as proof as her status as a killer of Dragons and one who was blessed with the power of the very creature she's meant to destroy, to prove her superiority over "lesser" beings.
The entire basis of the fighting style is found subtly in its namesake — the mimicking of a Dragon's movements in battle; this is something that's commonly found in most martial arts forms, but not truly emphasized as it is here. Originally, it was created by fellow group of Dragon Slayers who wanted to improve their magical and physical talents to great extremes to easily exterminate the opposing Dragon-only faction during the civil war; they studied and applied the movements of various Dragons to their own fighting, creating various methods which would later become known as "Dragon-Human Combat" (竜人実戦, Ryūjin Jissen) — an epithet that would derive from them technically having the physiology of a Dragon while maintaining human form, and officially dubbed by its current name. By applying their given elemental alignment to this fighting style, they were able to kill many Dragons without having to expend much of their magical power, thus being able to battle for longer periods — something that their draconian allies saw as advantageous and one of the pinnacle aspects of concluding the war in their favor. It was such that the Dragons themselves adopted the style, thus became something that's used throughout the war; even after its conclusions, the Dragons and Dragon Slayers passed down the arts to those wishing to learn their magic, seeing it as a sign of their heritage. Though something of mere speculation, it's said that all other martial arts dealing with movements, techniques, and stances related to Dragons were "ripped-off" from this style — either having some of their practitioners witnessing a Dragoon or Dragon Slayer use the art or facing off against one of the given species who frequently used said style, later assimilating their movements into their own martial arts — causing a form of "evolution" in their way of fighting.
Like most martial arts, there are many forms of this fighting style — all of which are tied-in with the person's mastery over their Dragon Slayer Magic; the higher the mastery, the more knowledgeable and experienced they'll become with the art. It's greatly enhanced to unknown degrees when a person bathes in or consumes the blood of a Dragon, as it allows them to turn certain parts of their body into that of the creature. It's due to this trait that "dragon-blooded" beings and Dragon Slayers are considered to be the second most-powerful user of the art, falling short of the Dragons themselves. Though the art is difficult to learn and employ at first, it becomes easier to utilize the more often it's used; it should be noted that because the art is tied in with the Dragon Slayer Magic itself, there are various elements incorporated into the style, dubbed "Elemental Roads" (竜一種の基本要素別処理体(エレメンタル·ロード), Erementaru Rōdo; lit. "Basic Elemental Identity of the Dragon Kind"). This is where the true power of the art lies, as it allows the user to bring out the maximum capacity of the element in-question without exerting too much force on their bodies; by synchronizing their given element with their movements, they are able to mimic the properties of their Dragon Slayer Magic — fooling all onlookers into believing that they are using such. This is another aspect that serves as proof of a person's utilization of the form of combat, as their unique style and their Dragon Slayer Magic becomes indistinguishable from one another; furthermore, some users have stated that there's no difference when using either this style or their Dragon Slayer Magic, as both have the same "sense". In order to distinguish each Elemental Road from one another, they are given proper names related to the style of Dragon Slayer Magic practiced; in Sahara and her predecessor's case, their style was known as "Pharaoh's Vehemence" (乾燥地の竜人流(ファラオ·ブイヘメンズス), Farao Buihemenzusu; lit. "Dragon Human of Arid Lands Style") — based on the very creature that taught them their Dragon Slayer Magic and hailed as one of the oldest, wisest, and most powerful Dragons of her generation.
Sahara's usage of the combat style is such that she easily surpassed her predecessors, both in power and versatility — her natural affinity to the sand and earth elements due to her people's nature playing a vital role. Standing one of the core tenants of her fighting style, it's often utilized in tandem with her advanced skills in Fa Jin and/or the ungodly power of her Dragon Slayer Magic — allowing her to land enhanced hits capable of pulverizing all things that she makes contact with. This is only increased whenever she loosens or even undoes the power of her seal, which limits her strength for multiple reasons — thus unlocking the full force of her magical power. Out of everyone in Dragon Soul, she's considered to be the most dangerous to contend with at close-range, with Genghis and Dealok falling short at second and third respectively, just because she uses this style in such a fashion. The only ones who are able the full force of her strikes are Dragons and Dragon Slayers who are as old as or older than her, having many years of combat under their belt, possess great amounts of power in their own respect, mastered the full power of their Dragon Slayer Magic, and utilizes this style or something similar to it — thus garnering a degree of knowledge of Sahara's fighting style when the Dragon Race Style is employed under her command, and by extension — having the necessary tools and tactics needed to counter it. Even the Dragon Slayer of the current era find it difficult to combat someone of Sahara's caliber when she uses this art in the battle.
After meeting Vincent, Eugene, and Camellia — and later, traveling all over the world with them to find her purpose in life, her skills in art went beyond their previous limit — reaching levels thought to be mere fantasies. This is seen when she causes mass destruction in a single strike, whilst holding back — turning her surroundings in a maelstrom of utter bedlam; it's also due to this that she doesn't employ the style as frequently as prior, only doing so against opponents she feels that could withstand her immense powers. Out of all the current users in this era, she's considered to be the most skilled at employing the Dragon Race Style, remaining unsurpassed by both her peers, predecessors, and possibly — her descendants alike. Like with her Fa Jin, she has a few techniques she's personally crafted to show her mastery in this area, but's known not to be as numerous — as it follows the fundamental principles of her Dragon Slayer Magic; in her words, "I [Sahara] find it redundant to create more techniques for this style; it's basically adding on to my already immense arsenal of techniques in my Dragon Slayer Magic. Adding on power with more power isn't good; there are limits that need to be upheld at times. The only that matter is how it's employed."
  • Pharaoh's Vehemence: Ramal Nufudh (乾燥地の竜人流·連日統治の古砂帝(ファラオ·ブイヘメンズス·ラムル・ニューフウド), Farao Buihemenzusu: Ramaru Nyūfuudo; lit. "Dragon Human of Arid Lands Style: Prolonged Rule of the Ancient Desert Emperor"): The first of the three known techniques under this category of fighting; this makes use of the arms, legs, tail, and claws of a Dragon — combining it with the sand element and its various traits. By stimulating the draconian remnants in the blood in specific parts of their body using their magical power — in this case: the arms, legs, and lower back, they are able to either grow or morph said body parts into that of a Dragons — the qualities and traits varying depending on the Dragon's element. The claws are infused with the powers of sand — thus having the ability to "desertify" any and all things they happen to make contact with, aside from causing a considerable amount of damage. The arms, legs, and tail all possess incredible amounts of strength to them, enhancing the user's overall combat skills while enhancing their physical prowess. One of the most important aspects that these body parts possess is the ability to utilize said element associated with both the Dragon and Dragon Slayer in-question, but magnified to incredible degrees; the user is able to produce sand in great quantities and control existing sand in great amounts using the body parts as a medium. When used in-tandem with said Slayer Magic, the power is enhanced to incredible degrees — making it incredibly dangerous to contend with; a single spell can cause widespread destruction through the use of this technique as a foundation. Even by itself, the spell is considered to be troublesome to contend with, making use of a Dragon's form to garner an edge against others; it's known that Sahara is able to switch in-between body parts in an instants, combining it with her other martial arts and spells in order to pull off combos and devastate her competition outright. This spell is considered to be the offensive variant of the series.
  • Pharaoh's Vehemence: Ramal Taslim (乾燥地の竜人流·使役の古砂帝(ファラオ·ブイヘメンズス·ラムル・テスリム), Farao Buihemenzusu: Ramaru Teisurimu; lit. "Dragon Human of Arid Lands Style: Enslavement of the Ancient Desert Emperor"): The second of the three known techniques under this category of fighting; this makes use of the scales and hardened body of a Dragon — enhancing Sahara's defensive capabilities and gaining resistance to the effects of most elements and aftereffects of spells. Like before, the user stimulates the draconian remnants in the blood in specific parts of their body using their magical power — in this case: the skin, causing said part to grow scales all over their body; such scales are known to have a sandy texture and emit extreme amounts of heat, causing them to glow a bright orange-brown color — such traits associated with some Earth Dragons and nearly all Sand Dragons. Like normal Dragon scales, they are incredibly durable — being nearly hard as a diamond. Combined with the traits mentioned above, this forms a layer of absolute defense for Sahara — making it nearly impossible for her to get damaged by the opposition, as most would damage themselves from making a foolish attempt — either by the sheer heat of the scales scorching their skin and/or hitting against a surface that's much harder than their body; the only exception to the rule are those who practice the same style and are dragon-blooded, being able to turn their bodies into that of a Dragon, like herself. Sahara is able to conjure the scales to a single point of her body — doing so instantaneously, allowing to her either counter or embrace the full impact of an enemy's offensive measures; it can also be used to hold incredibly sharp objects without causing self-harm and to counter the impact of most energy-based techniques barehanded. When combined with her other defensive techniques, she forms a multi-layered protective fort that's impenetrable by normal means. This spell is considered to be the defensive variant of the series; it's also the only one that doesn't make use of sand in some sense — relying solely of physical aspects.
  • Pharaoh's Vehemence: Ramal Aintifada (乾燥地の竜人流·暴動の古砂帝(ファラオ·ブイヘメンズス·ラムル・アイティファダ), Farao Buihemenzusu: Ramaru Aitifada; lit. "Dragon Human of Arid Lands Style: Uprising of the Ancient Desert Emperor"): The last of the three known techniques under this category of fighting; this makes use of the wings of a Dragon — increasing Sahara's speed to incredible degrees while allowing her to conjure arid winds and sandstorms of extreme potency, powerful enough to completely destroy anything caught within its rampage. Again, like the two techniques mentioned above, this requires the user — Sahara in this case, to stimulate the draconian remnants in the blood in specific parts of their body using their magical power — in this case: the back, causing massive wings with an incredible size span to emerge from their confines; this combines the traits of the previous two techniques — being usable for offensive or defensive purposes, while having additional traits of its own. Not only does the wings grant her and the previous users the ability of flight — capable of staying in the skies for prolonged periods, but have the potential to produce sandstorms and arid winds — as previously stated. This can only be done by beating the wings at a rapid pace, becoming a blur; this in-turn produces violent motions, kicking up all forms of sand and dust in the area while drying out the moisture in the air and controlling the directions of the wind streams at the same time. The wings can also produce sand by converting the magical substances in the air, channeling them through its being and exerting it outwards in the form of sand or by drying out the moisture in the surroundings — making it wither and barren, turning it into dust and sand as a result; Sahara prefers the former over the latter because of her desire to preserve the natural surroundings as much as possible. Thought to be something inconceivable by normal means, the wings are used as a medium for her supplementary spells — acting as enhancers, bolstering their effectiveness; in fact, it's possible for the wings itself to enhance Sahara's being by gathering magical energy and sand from the surroundings — absorbing it and dispersing the energy throughout her body, causing various effects to take place. This is something unique to Sahara's being, as she's the only one who conjured up such an absurd idea. This spell is considered to be the supplementary variant of the series, albeit in an unorthodox manner.

Intermediate Weaponry Polymath: Due to the nature of her Dragon Slayer Magic and her mastery over it, Sahara has skill in various types of weaponry; since she uses her sand formed through her Slayer Magic in the same fashion as Molding Magic, it's not surprising that she's able to use various constructs to her advantage — weaponry being the forefront of it all. As she takes both preference and pride in her own martial arts skills, honed for many years at a time, she barely uses any weaponry in her fights; if she does, it would be the signature weapon that Vincent made for her, something to be used in an emergency.

Despite this, there will be times where she will use various weapons made out of her sand for various purposes — most of which link with her necessities or her love for battle. While not on the same level as users of the respective fields, she has enough competence to use them in a given fashion without hurting herself and match other high-leveled users — putting the two combatants in a stalemate of sorts, forcing them to switch between their given magic and the weaponry on hand. Unlike her martial arts, she has no formal training — thus her use of weaponry is rough around the edges and somewhat sloppy; in some sense, this can be easily taken advantage of by master-class weaponsman — placing her in a disadvantageous position.

Magical Abilities

Sahara Patagonia - Arid Magical Power

Sahara exerting her vast amounts of magical power in a desert, creating shockwaves that are able to produce high-pressure winds while destroying the surrounding landscape.

Intensely Arid Magical Power: One of the most dangerous aspects about Sahara is her overall levels of magical power, said to be unmatched by any Dragon Slayer in the current era — barring those who have lived for over four-hundred years at a time; though it was originally minuscule and below average for a typical mage, it steadily increased to its current levels the more Sahara trained herself to become stronger and took advantage of her lineage, and by extension — her unnatural physiology. When she mastered her style of Dragon Slayer Magic, noted to be natural to her in part of her background, and drank the blood of her foster mother in an arcane ritual to garner the might of a true dragon, Sahara's overall power adopted the same element as she commands on an extreme scale — nearly rivaling that of her foster parent and exceeding the previous users of said style, all of whom were noted to be powerful in their own right. It was such that her magical power began to drastically destroy the environment around her without the young maiden noticing, thus a special sealing skill was put into place by Laharash to prevent such a tragedy from continuing — only to be undone when her life was in extreme danger.

Like the deserts where she and her people have resided for many generations in accordance to their biological needs, her magical power is arid and super-heated — capable of drying out any and all substances within the vicinity, either outright destroying them in the process, desertifying them — creating more sand in the process, or cause them to become shriveled up husks — similar to mummification; these are qualities that's also seen in her form of Dragon Slayer Magic, alluding to her mastery — her magical power acting as an outlet of such tamed power. Whenever Sahara exerts her magical power, it's burnt-orange in coloration — one of the few shades found in sand, thus alluding to her being; it's also considered to be luminous — capable of lighting up even the night sky, albeit temporarily. Like Laharash, she's able to cause sandstorms of cataclysmic levels just by exerting her power — which is noted of destroying the surroundings if left to its devices long enough, automatically giving her the advantage in battle and putting her opponents in a disposition.

Due to the number of years that she's lived, Sahara has ample amounts of time to tame her power and use it in the most efficient manner possible; this is mainly seen in her employment of her Dragon Slayer Magic, being on a scale unlike any other. It's also because of such quantities of magical power that she's able to master multiple high-leveled spell derived from various forms of magic — elemental, lost, or otherwise. Out of everyone in the guild, and later on — in Vincent's group, she's noted to possess the largest sum of magical power, far outclassing that of Genghis himself — a powerful Dragon Slayer in his own right. It's commonly, yet falsely assumed that Sahara is a four-hundred year old Dragon Slayer going by her magical power and other attributes; although her age is well over four-hundred years, due to her learning the magic sometime after the war's end, it's noted that she's still weaker in that area because of her inability to slay Dragons, a species near extinction due to the events of the Dragon Civil War.

As with all powerful mages, she's unlocked both of her origins, thus has ample amounts of power to spare at any given moment. it should be mentioned that because she drank the blood of her foster parent through an arcane ritual to further increase her power and proficiency with her magical talents, her origin was no longer that of a human, but of a Dragon's — commonly referred to as the "Factor of the Dragon" (竜の因子, Ryū no Inshi). In this sense, she's able to produce unique magical powers that transcends what could be achieved by the average mage — thus giving her a slew of new abilities that's unique to the species, such as: immunity to all forms of manipulation, immense power, cancellation of other spells through exertion of one's aura, and the like. Some of these abilities are displayed through her Dragon Slayer Magic and other spells, making her even more fearsome to stand up against.

  • Second Origin Activation (二原解放, Nigen Kaihō): Second Origin is a force known as the "second container" of magical energy in an individual. This container exists due to the mage in question constantly, and passively, absorbing a quantity of magic from the environment to renew their original reserves. Any excess is placed within this container and kept sealed until absolutely necessary, or unlocked through a Second Origin Release spell. This Second Origin, when initially activated, places an enormous level of stress on the body unless it is awoken in gradual amounts, as the body isn't accustomed to handling so much magical energy in the body at one time. This can be circumvented by mages with control of their magic, however, allowing them to restore the magical power as a reserve that can be accessed whenever required, therefore providing an extremely useful backup. Second Origin Activation can only be taken place, as said before, by mages who have control over their own magical energy. It generally only works when one is in a magic-rich environment and has nearly exhausted their initial supplies. By absorbing a copious quantity of magic from the surrounding environment passively (which can be noticed through a tingling sensation in the body), the user's internal reserves can be released at the same time. This, in turn, allows for an immense quantity of magic to replace the initial, depleting reserves. Notably, one can allow the Second Origin to passively increase the quantity of magic that is within it, so long as it isn't used during this period of time, otherwise it has to accumulate magic once again. The overall effects of activating the Second Origin are quite evident: an enormous boost in magical energy, empowered spells, ability to enhance physical strikes with magical reinforcements, temporarily breaking the "laws" of magic with specific equipment, and the rest. Notably, Second Origin is thought to be powerful enough to make an S-Class Candidate become as strong as a fully fledged S-Class Mage, while making an experienced S-Class Mage even stronger. Though it should be noted that most S-Class Mages are nearing this level of magical power in any case.

Beige Dragon Slayer Magic

"This magic... It represents so many things about me. My relationship with my foster mother, the love I have for my people, the closeness I have with my guildmates, and the power of sand — something people constantly mock. Now, with this power, I will vanquish all that stand in my way. No one shall be spared from the wrath of the desert!"
— Sahara expressing her connection and confidence in her Dragon Slayer Magic.
Sahara Patagonia - Beige DS Magic

Sahara displaying her further enhanced physiology as a Beige Dragon Slayer.

Beige Dragon Slayer Magic (渋色の滅竜魔法, Shibuiro no Metsuryū Mahō): Despite its namesake and the element(s) under it's jurisdiction, Beige Dragon Slayer Magic is considered to be one of the more powerful forms of magic to exist, deriving from the parental Dragon Magic known by the infamous Laharash — a Dragon known to have lived more than ten times the average lifespan of her kind, thus boasts incredible power from her years on the battlefield and honing her powers to the utmost; this magic is a form of Dragon Slayer Magic — going by naming alone, thus is also considered to be a form of Slayer Magic, one of the most potent forms of magic in existence — made specifically for killing various types of creatures, in this case — Dragons. Additionally, it's a Caster-type Magic — due to it being cast through the user's motions, and a form of Lost Magic — given its age and power.

It's known that this magic had many previous users, nearly all of whom existed during the time of the Dragon Civil War; the exact number is currently unknown, but Laharash notes that they numbered in the fifties at-best — restricting the teaching methods of such magic to humans who were gifted with magical talents beyond compare and were known to be those who valued the essence of nature above all things, thus understood the consequence behind using such an immense power freely. Despite their small numbers, the users seen as one of the more powerful forces that the pro-Human & Dragon faction had to offer, their current powers derived from Laharash; sadly, their numbers dwindled as the war progressed until none were left. This serves as one of the reasons that the female Dragon went into hiding until such a war was over; currently, the only user of this magic is Sahara herself — noted to have a natural-born aptitude towards it, which is mostly due to her lineage, physiology, and her natural affinity towards sand and aridity. Since she's mastered this magic to its utmost limit, her power is considered be leagues above other Dragon Slayers in the modern era and something that shouldn't be underestimated — as the magic serves as the core aspect of her combat methods, using it in the innovative ways and taking advantage of everything it has to offer.

Sahara Patagonia - Beige DS Magic - Dehydrification

The dehydrification effect of Sahara's sand, destroying an opponent upon contact; it's considered to be one of the most formidable effects of her magic.

This form of Dragon Slayer Magic allows its user(s) to generate, assimilate, and subsequentially manipulate the element of sand to such an extent, surpassing all other forms of abilities and magics related to it; Sahara notes that her sand is considered to be more potent than the average user of this magic, as it inherits various aspects of her being. This is mainly seen in the sand's temperature, which is noted to be superheated — done through both natural and magical means alike; it's estimated that it's current temperature upon utilization is either equivalent to or higher than the heat produced through Fire Dragon Slayer Magic and Vermillion Dragon Slayer Magic respectively. It's due to this that Sahara is able to combat most fire-based mages with ease and able to counteract the effects of most ice-based and liquid-based substances and spells thrown at her, evaporating it with sheer ease; this led to her epithet of "Moisture's Bane" (潤いの天敵, Uruoi no Tenteki) and being seen as the antipode of all other mages specializing in liquid-based combat. It should be noted that, while the magic allows for the user(s) in-question to manipulate sand in great quantities, Sahara's mastery over the magic along with her lineage and physiology allows her to control the element on a greater scale, seen when she's able to subjugate all of a desert — its sand acting as a mere extension of her being, thus assuring her of her victory over those foolish enough to oppose her; such control is solidified to greater heights upon accessing the draconian blood that's running in her veins, something she's garnered after performing an arcane ritual in which she consumed her foster mother's essence in order to greatly enhance her prowess. In some sense, it's impossible to beat Sahara by conventional means — her control and power with the element being leagues above other users and enough to overpower any mage dumb enough to serve as an obstacle in her path.

Something that considered to be one of the core tenants of the magic is its ability of dehydration — something that was highly feared during the Dragon Civil War; a single touch would effectively "mummify" anything that makes contact, leading to an instant-kill. It was something that's derived from Laharash's own manipulation over the element, seeing it as a deterrent to those wishing to cause conflict with her and those in her clan. It wasn't limited to inorganic and organic beings, but also those that's considered to unnatural and conceptual, such as various forms of energy; this is due to the sand has a natural mechanism that siphons of all other forms of matter and energy, reducing them in size and quantity until becoming nothing. It's this ability that Laharash was wary of whom she taught the Beige Dragon Slayer Magic too, due to the possibility of others abusing it for their own benefit. As stated prior, Sahara already has the natural dehydration effect because of the nature of the sand under her command; however, it's only magnified to such degrees because of the additive effects of the magic, making it all the more dangerous. Should one make contact with her sand, immediate death of the target will ensue without question; there's not even a corpse left because of its effects, drying it up until no traces remain. This can be seen as a perfect assassination weapon, as it leaves no evidence behind. It should be noted that she's able to cancel out most forms of magic through this method, but chooses not to because, in her words: "it would be less of a challenge and I would be abusing my [Sahara] power too much. Also, probably have to deal with her nagging if she ever caught wind of my so-called 'abuse'." Typical of her mastery, Sahara has shown that she can freely increase or decrease both the temperature and dehydration ability of the sand — allowing her to prolong battles or quickly end them on a whim. Funnily enough, this aspect of the magic is reminiscent of the one used by a certain Spriggan Twelve member.

Sahara Patagonia - Beige DS Magic - Desert Constructs

Sahara forming various constructs out of her sand through the magic, emulating the various effects of Molding Magic.

One of the most important functions for a style of Dragon Slayer Magic to be completely effective is a change in one's physiology; by that, aside from adjusting the body in order to withstand the perilous effects of Dragon Slayer Magic as a whole, one must be resistant to and able to freely manipulate the element associated with the style in-question. This is considered to be one of the basics of using any form of Slayer Magic, let alone Dragon Slayer Magic; since Slayer Magic is basically a heightened form of Elemental Magic, and most masters of the basic elements are able to shift their bodies of said element, it should be logical that Slayers are capable of the same feat. In fact, Laharash noted that various masters of their respective Dragon Slayer Magic were able to change their bodies into the element under their command, thus attaining a higher level of control and exert more their power. It's these type of Dragon Slayers that were seen as the most dangerous during the war, being able to overpower their own brethren with sheer ease and able to kill Dragons in a more efficient manner — especially when combined with the effects of the Dragon Race Style; most, if not, all the Beige Dragon Slayers were of this variety, thus trait serves as another aspect to why they were feared and subsequentially eliminated during the war.

If one were to by such logic, then Sahara can be considered to be exceedingly more dangerous than initially conceived; this is only enhanced to further heights when taking into consideration her physiology before being enhanced to withstand the effects of her Dragon Slayer Magic, her natural constitution allowing her to manipulate sand to such an extent — making other believe that she's using Sand Magic to pull off such feats. Laharash noted that because her sand body was something natural, she's afforded more leeway than those who were granted such things by mastering the Dragon Slayer Magic to its utmost limits; it's such that Sahara's usage of her sand body is likened to that of Sand-Make — to the point where many would believe that she's a natural user of such magic, thus is also a Molder Mage along with being a Dragon Slayer, even if such a thing isn't the case. She's able to form objects of various shapes and sizes, all the while maintaining a certain level of temperature and density and making it as lifelike as possible — thus believable to the common eye; she mainly acts on principle alone, using what she needs from her sand in accordance to the situation. Vincent and Eugene had once noted that such an aspect was indeed helpful to them both, as it allowed them to pull off combos with her and accomplish tasks deemed impossible by normal means, in a short amount of time to boot. The greater the amount of sand under her control, the greater quality and quantity she's able to generate freely. In short, because of her overall mastery of Beige Dragon Slayer Magic — far outclassing all other users and nearly equated to Laharash herself, she's afforded both power and versatility — enough to prove that her style is considered to be one of the most powerful to exist and be a match for any and all opponents regardless of status and origins. Like with any Dragon Slayer, Sahara has multiple modes and transformations under her belt that's associated with Dragon Slayer Magic entirely, each one serving to show off more and more of her immensely vast powers.

  • Natural Sealing Rite of the Earth Dragon Goddess: Wolenadien Phalanx (本然拘束儀典の地竜雌神·普遍竜的残影の全能制限(ウーレナディエン·ファランクス), Ūrenadien Farankusu; lit. "Almighty Limitations of the Universal Draconic Remnants"): It's common knowledge that Sahara is extremely powerful, even by normal Dragon Slayer standards; this is mainly being suited to her form of Dragon Slayer Magic more so than any other individual. She has the potential to cause mass destruction and dominate nearly all those that dare incur her wrath, something that can only be done upon her mastery of such magic, which became nothing more than a realization many centuries later when she had actually performed the feat in-question. Due to Laharash's powers of foresight, she took extra precautions in preventing the potential destruction of nearly all forms of life in Earthland by way of this special sealing technique — done nearly at the same time Sahara drank her mother's sanguine essence. Upon ingestion, it took the form of multiple intricate seals lathered on the young lady's body — something that initially frightened her upon discovery; it was only when Laharash explained to her the entire point of it all, that Sahara threw away such fears — knowing that it was for her safety and benefit. According to Sahara, the entire point of the seal was to limit the power and effects exerted by her Dragon Slayer Magic; naturally, she's able to control all aspects of said magic — being a natural to her person more than any other previous users. However, should there be an incident where the power of her Slayer Magic would rampage and end up hurting her, the seal would exist to limit its power considerably. Sahara notes that nearly 70% of her overall power is sealed, thus can only access nearly a fragment of her Dragon Slayer Magic's potential; while she's afforded the normal levels of manipulation, given her utter mastery over it, it's not as powerful as it should be. It's on the same level as any Dragon Slayer Magic in the modern era. She finds this technique both a boon and a bane, as it limits her options while prolonging her combat time. It's known that this technique can come undone by two methods: through the myriad aforementioned modes under Sahara's possession — each one unleashing a certain portion of her power, or through the use of the brother technique mentioned below — usable when her life is in extreme danger and she has no other options available.
  • Ancient Generation Dragon Slayer Inheritance Ceremony: Dianos Vestroia (古代滅竜継承式·統竜諸神の超越威勢(ダイヤノーズ·ヴストロイア), Daiyanōzu Vesutoroia; lit. "Transcendent Might of the Supreme Dragon Gods"): Acting as the brother technique the aforementioned one above, it's basically a "limit-release"-type technique; it fully unleashes the deadly effects of Sahara's Beige Dragon Slayer Magic, making it one of the most potent weapons in the young maiden's possession. Not only that, it serves as a form of amplification — absorbing all the eternano in the air and evenly distributing it to all aspects of Sahara's body and her magic origin, without causing too much of an overload or strain on her somewhat small and petite frame. This technique can be invoked without preparation, only using mental commands to do so. Whenever the technique is used, the seals caused by the previous technique shortly appear all over her body moments before shattering like glass and disappearing into thin air; this is soon followed by a large influx of magical energy flaring into the very skies themselves — darkening them, as if Sahara's activated her Second Origin — only for it to disappear once more, the remnants of pent-up energies are absorbed into her body — adding on more energy for her potential use. While her parameters shoot through the roof and her magical talents are equated to the very forces of nature itself, there's a certain time limit in which the seal can remain undone: precisely ten minutes at best, which she takes advantage of in order to finish off her adversaries before the seal becomes active once more, restricting her immense powers. Afterwards, she would feel a bit fatigued because of the sudden drop in her energy levels and become vulnerable to her opponent's tactics; typically, whenever she accesses this technique, she either goes into Dragon Force or Draconic Sovereign transformations, having fulfilled the requirements to enter them. It seem that whenever she uses the limiter removal technique, she gains draconian traits in the similar manner to her use of the Dragon Race Style — something she notes to be a temporary side-effect. It's said only a few have survived battles with Sahara after she undoes the seal for one reason or another, but after always with a frightening impression of her capabilities. Typically, whenever this technique is used, her might nearly matches that of a real Dragon — denoting to its namesake.
  • Supernatural Energy Counterattack: Laridef Mageria (超自然的気力反撃·索然荒地先天性魔力不全(ラりデフ·マジェリーア), Raridefu Majerīa; lit. "Congenital Occult Energy Insufficiency in the Moistureless Wasteland"): Beige Dragon Slayer Magic has a slew of abilities that makes it very dangerous to combat by normal means; it's the reason why it's feared amongst its kind and considered to be one of the highly sought after forms of Slayer Magic. One of said abilities, if not the most dangerous, is the dehydration effect — the siphoning of all forms of liquid from the target, causing instant-death and either turning them into sand itself or outright destroying them, leaving absolutely no remains of their existence; this isn't limited to organic and inorganic material, but nearly all forms of energy — serving as a means to combat against most spells and charms cast by other users. Sahara already possesses a pseudo-ability in-relation to this, deriving from her lineage and where she was raised for most of her natural lifespan, in the form of superheated sand — with temperatures rivaling most fire-based magics, which would explain her complete immunity to the element. Upon learning Beige Dragon Slayer Magic and her physiology being altered to be better suited to its potent effects, the dehydration effects of the magic unified with her superheated sand — subconsciously leading the creation to a more dangerous ability, something that Laharash took note of, but couldn't avoid nor subdue due its complex nature; Sahara later discovered this new ability upon her mastery of her magic, noted by the lack of energy in the surroundings and later discovering that she was the source of it. Upon analysis, she deducted that this is something that can't be controlled, being a primary aspect of her magic and considered to be vital to its effectiveness; to sum up this ability's effects, it causes the "dehydration" of all forms of energy within Sahara's vicinity. In this sense, it becomes virtually impossible to draw upon energy sources so long as this ability is constantly active, as Sahara's body constantly emits certain superheated wavelengths that utterly destroy and "dry up" all energy particles in the area. In a sense, this can be seen as a boon and bane, as both parties will run out of magical energy more quickly and will have to resort to using other methods of combat in order to decide a victor. Sahara noted that she was able to hone her control over her powers more effectively because of this ability, thus avoiding the needless waste of it through big and flashy techniques that most enemies would use to intimidate their competition. Outside of battle, however, she noted that she couldn't stay in one location for too long — thus destined to be a nomad, as the ability will potentially destroy the ecosystem. When looked at from a certain perspective, this ability is a blessing and a curse to the young maiden while serving as reminder of her dominance over the element of sand and its associations.
Unique Beneficial Traits

Unique Form of Immortality: Something that's considered to be a key trait of Sahara and her clan, Sahara is known to possess a unique type of immortality that prevents her from dying through normal means; this is due to the way her and her people have lived for nearly over ten of thousands of years, which is reflected in their physiology that's evolved over time in order to better adapt to their arid surroundings. As her body has little organic composition, mainly being crafted from earth, sand, and high-density minerals — with a mixture of hardened metals, she doesn't need the same amount of treatment that the average person does in order to survive; she rarely sweats — thus doesn't need baths though she does enjoy hot springs, sand baths and mud baths very often — usually taking her free time to do these to "beautify" her "delicate skin", only needs a bit of moisture to thrive, and rarely finding the need to eat — only doing so out of interest. Ever since she's mastered her Dragon Slayer Magic, her body became more tempered — allowing for greater durability and stamina, and is in-sync with the natural surroundings — allowing her enhanced senses beyond any other Dragon Slayer of the modern era. Her youthful appearance stems from the fact that she ages at a slower rate than others, much like how mountains and rock formations age over the course of thousand of years to get to its natural state — which would explain her teenage appearance, despite being well over five hundred years old. Despite all of this, she's vulnerable to extreme amounts of moisture and low temperatures, thus can be killed when enhanced high-leveled spells are used against her person or when she's in an environment with too much moisture for too long. Even oil is effective against her person, outright causing major damage to her body due to its constitution against earth; in lieu of this, she's immune to heat because of her body temperature amongst other things.

Enhanced Resistance to Moisture: Despite her status as a golem-esque being who's lived off of the land since time memorable — thus has a level of weakness to moisture, something that destroyed her people in great quantity, Sahara has developed a certain resistance to the element of water and all forms of moisture upon her body's alteration to better suit resistance to her style of Dragon Slayer Magic; when combined with her body's naturally high temperature, the superheated sands that she utilizes on a daily basis, and the "dehydration" effect that her magic commands, she's able to effectively combat and "dry up" all water-based mages and techniques with little to no difficulty. Lower to mid-tier liquid based spells do absolutely no damage to her person whatsoever and high-leveled spells can cause her little damage; however, this all can change depending on how much moisture is in the surroundings.

Too much can serve as a bane to the desert maiden, as the enemy can use such an advantage to increase their technique's potency to dole out some serious damage; in lieu of this, in environments where moisture is barely found, all water-based spells do little next to nothing against her, as such spells are drastically weakened by the extreme temperatures and aridity. Sahara notes that she feels really vulnerable near large bodies of waster, due to the lack of land near them — thus isn't that much of a competent fighter when fighting on a boat in the middle of the sea, the shores of a beach — even when the sand is in abundance, or near a lakeside — where the landmass is little. Also, she can't stand up to oil-based techniques because of its constitution and how it affects sand in such a way; it should be noted that such a substance will also negate her fire immunity should too much get on her. When combating opponents in lower-temperatures, her techniques prove to not be that effective — thus is a bit vulnerable to ice-based techniques as well, specifically high-tier ones and those cast as a form of Lost Magic.

Supplemented Resistance to Heat: One of Sahara's strong points is her highly-tempered resistance to the element of fire and its associates; this is mainly due to her people being raised in arid places with incredible high temperatures — mainly deserts and mountainous wastelands for the majority of their lifespans, causing their bodies to adjust to such conditions through evolution over a period of time — ending with them developing with naturally high body temperatures. In Sahara's case, this trait is amplified to further degrees upon learning and mastering her form of Dragon Slayer Magic, which acted in-tandem with her given physiology that was changed to such extremes in order to withstand such magic's effects. As the magic has textures comparable to a desert, this makes it impossible for it to be defeated by normal fire-based techniques; when one combines these two traits mentioned, they can come to the conclusion that Sahara is highly resistant to fire and heat.

It's noted by Dealok himself that she's exceedingly resistant to the extremely high temperatures of Genghis' Vermillion Dragon Slayer Magic — though this subjective, as he can freely raise the temperature — thus bypass this outright, the typical version of Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, the "flame" aspect of his own Shadow Flame Dragon Slayer Magic, and possibly the infamous Purgatory Dragon Slayer Magic that's been used an equally infamous former Wizard Saint and known to utilize flames of the highest temperature, being equated to hellfire itself — something boasted about by a dragon consumed in flames. Sahara has even boasted that she's also resistant to Cyrus Drone's Lava Dragon Slayer Magic in terms of heat, not liquid, which naturally outdoes all other aforementioned magics due to its constitution. It should be mentioned that Sahara is resistant to the heat and possible powers of normal flame; mixtures would be beyond her, such as White Flames or Shadow Flames, as it would have another element mixed in thus changing its overall properties entirely — such temperature and the like. Typically, her confidence would naturally wane when questioned if she can withstand the flames of an actual Dragon; she estimated that she may run into some trouble — suffering some serious damage, but nothing she can't handle.

Sahara has battled against many fire-based mages and creatures of different variety, thus has has gained feel of various levels and types of heat and flames, allowing her body to develop heightened levels of resistance towards them outright. Whenever hit by low to mid-tier flames, they would naturally bounce off of her person; even certain levels of explosions don't cause that much of a problem for one as herself, as it's mainly heat at its core. Given how she can be around the most heated places for extremely long periods — thus most missions assigned to her are near hot and arid places, it's safe to say that she's the best at "taking the heat" — literally.

Offensive & Defensive

Stream | Twister

Sahara Patagonia - Beige DS Magic - Desert Roar Stream

Sahara exerting a dense stream of sand, enough to destroy everything in her way with ease.

  • Albaria Sayha (渋色竜の砂漠咆哮(アルバリア·セイハ), Arubaria Seiha; lit. "Beige Dragon's Desert Roar"): Considered to be the basic of the Dragon Slayer style, it's very simple to cast and cost less energy than the other spells; one could say that this spell serves as the foundation of Beige Dragon Slayer Magic and a doorway to the more-powerful spells, as it teaches its users how to control certain qualities of the sand from a specific part of the body. By inhaling magical power and eternano, converting said particles into sand, and exert it from their mouths — the user releases a powerful and arid stream of sand that has multiple bludgeoning qualities, making it more physical than it actually appears and a bit difficult to disperse by normal means. This is due to the sand being compact and more dense, making it much more concentrated than other roars seen in other Slayer styles; typically, sand is derived from earth — which is known as one of the most dense substances in existence. The dense stream of sand is considerably high in temperature, thus can also burn the opponent, as well as "dry out" anything it touches; alternatively, this roar can be released in a form of a twister of sand, similar to the Sky or Gale Dragon's Roar — spinning at a rapid pace and have incredible piercing power, similar to a drill; this adds more power to the roar than normal, but allows it to be less concentrated as a result while losing most of the heat and aridity it contains. This spell is rather mundane for Sahara, not even taking a dent in her magical reserves — thus able to spam it endlessly without worry.
Sahara Patagonia - Beige DS Magic - Arid Grip

Sahara gathering heat and sand to her fist in preparation for the technique while enhancing her power.

  • Albaria Tahnit (渋色竜の乾燥熱把手(アルバリア·タニト), Arubaria Tanito; lit. "Beige Dragon's Aridly-Hot Grip"): Something that was based on Genghis's Vermillion Dragon's Red-Hot Iron Fist — following the same principles and nearly inducing the same effects, this spell is one of the more physical spells in Sahara's arsenal — requiring contact with her opponent; this spell makes extreme use of the temperature and aridity of the sand over all other qualities it possesses, thus denotes to the spell's namesake. In fact, this spell doesn't make use of sand at all — but the traits mentioned above. By gathering most of the heat in Sahara's body into her hand and amplifies it using her magical power — making it hotter than prior, she grabs the opponent and transfer such temperatures into their body — raising the inner temperatures, literally "boiling them alive". Alternatively, she uses the technique to amplify certain parts of her body in order to increase the offensive power of her strikes; it can also be used to enhance the power of her other spells — specifically the "dehydration" aspect of her sand. In this sense, her spells' potency are magnified, making them even more dangerous than originally conceived. It's known that whenever this spell is activated, there are intense shivering waves of heat around Sahara's person — similar to when Genghis utilizes any of his spells. At times, she can ignite the heat — turning them into conflagrations using her own magical power, thus bringing on more severe degrees of immolation to her target. This spell is mainly useful for slowly torturing her opponent, prolonging the pain she inflicts on them, or disabling and slowing down their movements while making it nearly impossible for a quick recovery.
Sahara Patagonia - Beige DS Magic - Mirage

An opponent fighting an illusion induced by this technique while trapped in another one of Sahara's spells.

  • Albaria Qatal (渋色竜の蠍蜃気楼毒素(アルバリア·カタール), Arubaria Katāru; lit. "Beige Dragon's Scorpion Mirage Toxin"): An illusionary technique, born from the concept of mirages — a phenomenon that happens normally in deserts and extremely arid and hot wastelands, it's considered to be both imposing and volatile in its own right — something that no combatant should take lightly; Sahara notes that this technique matches her nature as a deceiver, using her "talents" to dupe those into doing whatever she asks. As such, this technique is considered to be the one that most represents her as an individual, thus her avid use of it in tandem with the others in her arsenal and its constant employment in nearly all of her combat tactics; even during her journey to "change herself", she still favors this technique, as it reminds her of her old self and acts a sign of avoiding her prior habits should she want to improve. This technique is known to take Sahara's craftiness and ingenuity into account, making full use of her combat experience and tactical prowess. In order to invoke such a spell, Sahara has two methods: either exert great amounts of heat from her body or mold the surrounding temperature in the atmosphere, raising it to extreme degrees — both cases needing the use of her excellent magical control. When such an event occurs, the heat would naturally enter the opponent's body due to their skin's functions — travelling straight to their brain via. their nerves and blood cells. To them, they would feel that they've been in the sun for too long, as their skin becomes a bit red from the heat's exposure; it's here that technique activates, as the heat reached the brain — disorienting the sensory functions and equilibrium at the same time, bringing about multiple effects — one of which has to deal with how they perceive things. Since the heat is influenced by magical properties, specifically that of Sahara's own, she's able to control the degree of the technique, showing them complex illusions and allow their body to feel various types of sensations. This alone can possibly end their lives if taken too far, as Sahara can cause them to experience the worst pain by overloading the brain and nerves' respective pain limiters — entering a state of shock. Tactically, the technique is used to fool opponents by the heat that lingers in the air, which works in tandem with the heat that's entered the body; this is seen when she's able to show them complex illusions, most of which seem to work on their fears and doubts — making something seem more innocent and dangerous than it actually is. The only weakness in this technique is that it doesn't work on heat-based mages or in cold environments; in any other case, this proves to be useful, being more effective when used either on a group of enemies or in-tandem with other techniques in her arsenal.
Sahara Patagonia - Beige DS Magic - Desert Weapon

Sahara forming an incredibly deadly weapon out of sand, which is larger than herself.

  • Albaria Zalam (渋色竜の大砂漠王国処刑器(アルバリア·ザラム), Arubaria Zaramu; lit. "Beige Dragon's Execution Arms of Great Desert Kingdom"): Something that completely relies on her ability to mold sand, it's one of the many techniques that's considered to be free-forming and constantly changes shape upon the user's will; it's principles are based on the same ones found in Molding Magic, which is only shared with a few other techniques in her possession. By turning a part of her body into sand, Sahara is able to shape it into any weapon of her choosing — causing said arid substance to take on its qualities; this is good when fighting armed opponents, thus able to counter their strikes with a weapon of her own. The sand that forms the weaponry isn't exclusive to her body, but from her surroundings or something she formed using various materials as a basis — done through "dehydration"; also, the minerals in the sand help form its density, making it more durable than originally perceived. The only way they can be destroyed is trough Sahara's will or if she happens to be out of magical power. Sahara notes that the technique is technically useless on its own, as she doesn't have the skills to compensate for wielding the weapon of choice; however, given her ability to quickly adapt to the situation and her knowledge garnered over numerous decades fighting various armed opponents, she will rapidly developed the necessary assets needed to be on-par with her adversary. Alternatively, this technique can be used long-range, gathering sand and molding it into various weaponry — shot at the opponents moments after its formation, similar to a hail of energy bullets aimed at piercing its target. Sahara prefers this option, as the opponent is bombarded by various types of weaponry — thus take on various types of damage of varying degrees. As the sand still retains its same qualities, all the weaponry formed through this technique are considered to be lethal to the opponent should they take it head-on.

Coffin | Burial

Sahara Patagonia - Beige DS Magic - Sand Prison

The opponent helplessly trapped within Sahara's sand coffin.....

  • Albaria Jinaza (渋色竜の御砂土葬(アルバリア·ジンアザ), Arubaria Jin'aza; lit. "Beige Dragon's Imperial Sand Obsequies"): A rather unique technique, Sahara based it around the way people are buried in various cultures; she was most interested in the way this tribe of sand people buried their dead in the depths of sandpits, letting them "become one" with their home and become the foundation of their future generations. It's through this technique that homage is paid, as Sahara stated that such a method is similar to the way that her people were buried when their time has arrived — the remains serving to aid in the environment that provided for them in the time span they've spent there. Using her magical power to manipulate the sand that's either from her body, artificially made from the sediment deposits, or found in her surroundings, she wraps it around her opponents — entrapping all aspects of her body, sans their heads; this prevents them from moving in any kind of fashion. It's here that the true terror of the technique shows itself; upon command, she continually compresses the sand — easily causing extreme pain and havoc on the body, until it reaches a point where she causes their body to implode from the built-up pressure. She states that the end result is the blood and bones of her enemies are ingrained in the sand she used to do them in, thus refrains from using the technique too much — seeing it as a bit.... barbaric. She's able to use this technique on certain parts of the body, rather than the whole, crushing them in the same fashion and disabling the opponent for a prolonged period. It's also possible to dehydrate the opponent through this technique rather than crushing them — being a special quality of the sand itself produced through the Dragon Slayer Magic, thus Sahara has two options to choose from to either maim or outright kill her adversaries.
Sahara Patagonia - Beige DS Magic - Tsunami

An opponent being faced with large tsunamis of sand conjured through Sahara's machinations.

  • Albaria Easifa (渋色竜の汚染土製塵波動(アルバリア·エアシファ), Arubaria Eashifa; lit. "Beige Dragon's Undulation of Tainted Earthen Dust"): One of the most powerful techniques outside of her Secret Arts, it's considered be the "pure embodiment of the desert's wrath" and known to be something cast on a wide-scale; it's power and casting time is dependent on how much sand is in the area. The less sand there is, the longer it takes to call forth the technique and the less power it contains; this technique should be executed in places abundant with either sand or earth to bring out the technique's full-power. By exerting her power along the surface of the area, Sahara calls forth all the sand there is on a great span; upon command, she molds them all in the form of tsunamis of various larger sizes — enough to dwarf even the largest of humanoid opponents. The volumes of sand seems to be nearly endless in the view of others, and because of the density — mainly due to the minerals garnered by the material used to form it, it's impossible to break through by normal means. Even avoiding it will be a chore due to the onslaught of endless sand tsunamis crashing into the opponents at breakneck speeds; the aftermath of the technique is that the targets will be buried deep beneath the endless volumes of sand, thus causing their death due to its properties, lack of oxygen, and the amount of pressure the incredible volumes of sand imposes on their fragile bodies. Sahara admits that, while the technique is powerful in its own right, it merely serves as an introductory technique; it's true purpose is to provide enough sand to employ for her other techniques, thus wasting less of her magical power. This spell creates a "desert" out of nothingness, or so Sahara boldly states. It's nearly impossible for normal opponents for survive against this technique; only those S-class or higher have a slim chance standing up against its onslaught.
Sahara Patagonia - Beige DS Magic - Antlion Pit

Sahara's antlion pit called forth by this technique sucks up everything caught in it with great strides, regardless of size or density.

  • Albaria Himaya (渋色竜の蟻地獄坎要塞(アルバリア·ヒーマヤ), Arubaria Hīmaya; lit. "Beige Dragon's Antlion Pit Fortification"): This technique is considered be the sister technique to one prior, seen as an alternative method of burying the opponent; it's known that this technique also requires Sahara to have a great amount of sand at her disposal, but it's much easier to cast because it's restricted to a certain radius — basically the area around her opponent. The main aspect here is "dehydration" — withering the opponent's grounding into nothingness, turning it into sand and causing those located within said vicinity to sink deeper and deeper as a result — making reference to the technique's namesake. Sahara basically exerts her magical power and flows it through the surface where her and her opponent(s) are standing; upon command, the power gets superheated and takes on the properties of her Dragon Slayer Magic, turning the floor into sand and continually spanning outward. The sandpit gets larger in diameter as time passes, trapping more and more opponents within its range; it should be noted that the sand's density and attributes makes it difficult to free one's self from without Sahara's aid. Also, the technique can only be stopped upon Sahara's command; typically air-borne opponents are immune to its effects, only ensnared upon landing anywhere near its range. Sahara has stated that the technique takes on the qualities of quicksand as well, thus the partial reason for its rapid expansion & flow along with its incredible strength. It seems that Sahara can freely attack the opponents whilst this technique is active, causing deadly blows moments before their eventual burial below its depths and in-turn, their demise.

Wall | Barrier

Sahara Patagonia - Beige DS Magic - Desert Wall

Sahara remotely creating a wall of sand separating her ally and an opponent.

  • Albaria Masala (渋色竜の記念碑石柱噴火式(アルバリア·マサラ), Arubaria Masara; lit. "Beige Dragon's Monumental Stone Pillar Eruption Ritual"): Considered to be the only defensive technique Sahara has on-hand, something she states that she needs to work on sometime in the future for various reasons; this spell was mainly inspired by the commonly seen Defenser spell employed by myriad of mages, regardless of skill level. By utilizing her sand in such a fashion, she either fashions a wall of sand that blocks attacks from certain directions or an incredibly dense sphere of sand that protects her being but leaves her to be a bit immobile; the first option makes the sand malleable, allowing her to form it in any shape she wishes — thus allowing for simultaneous offense and defense, keeping her opponent on their toes. This is seen when she forms the walls of sand into clones of herself or projectiles and vice-versa; the second variant of the technique increases her defensive power incredibly — the sand's density being comparable to steel itself, in exchange for mobility — keeping her in a single place. While it doesn't offer her much offensive power, it does allow her to prepare for other techniques and possible transformations that would allow her to turn the tide of battle considerably; whichever variant she employs would depend on the situation, but can be considered useful nonetheless. The greater the volume of sand, the more effective the technique becomes.
Sahara Patagonia - Beige DS Magic - Healing

Sahara using ample amounts of magic-enhanced heat produced from her body to heal an ally's wounds.

  • Wahh Naeim (渋色竜の自然浄化(ワウ·ナーイム), Wau Nāimu; lit. "Beige Dragon's Natural Purification"): This is considered to be one of the few techniques that's not classified as neither offensive nor defensive; it's purely for the sake of either healing or enhancing Sahara in some aspect. In order to invoke this spell, Sahara gathers ample amounts of heat to her hand — magnifying it with her magical power; however, this technique follows the principles of the famed Aceso technique utilized by many medical mages, but utilizes the aspects of the sand at the same time. In this case, in the form of cauterization — utilization of heat to heal various types of wounds; the heat gathered by Sahara manifests itself as a warm energy surrounding her hand(s), which — when applied to a wound, uses such magical heat to sear up all open wounds of the target while cleansing any and all bacteria that happens to enter the target's body — including poisons and the like. Sahara noted that this technique is useful in many ways, acting as a quick first-aid treatment, but is no substitute for actual treatment. This is due to the technique being able to heal most wounds through heat alone, thus anything beyond serious wounds out of the technique's jurisdiction; this includes terminal illnesses and replacement of missing organs. This spell requires Sahara to have perfect control of her magical power and something of her design, feeling the need to have it on hand should anything happen to her or her allies.
  • Sekhet-Aaru (渋色竜の楽園笛原(せックへトー·エール), Sekkuetō Ēru; lit. "Beige Dragon's Paradise Reed Fields"): Thought to be exclusive to Sky Dragon Slayer Magic, this spell is a ancient form of enhancement that many Beige Dragon Slayers used in order to boost their stats to deal out more damage and protect themselves from certain hazards that's either around them or their opponent concocted. Sahara later learned this spell from Laharash, being one of the few spells that is crucial to her overall battling style. Through a series of unique hand movements, the caster forms various magical seals — which in-turn forms a magical formula under the user's being; this causes the ample amounts of power in their surroundings to gather to a single point and pour into their bodies in great extremities. The end result is that they're surrounded by an orange-brown glow and their physical and magical prowess are increased dramatically, specifically nearly ten times the original amount; it's such that many would mistake their newfound power as another transformation and respond accordingly. Whilst in this state, not only are their stats increased, but their resistance to outside influences are bolstered as well. Though this "power-up" takes up much power and de-activates after some time, it's very useful to utilize nonetheless, especially during the heat of battle. However, it doesn't substitute for an actual transformation — something Sahara makes note of every time she uses it for her given purposes.
Sahara Patagonia - Beige DS Magic - Eye

A "third eye" formed from the sand found in Sahara's environment, ready to serve its purposes.

  • Thoth-Heshaz (渋色竜の心眼平静(トート·へシャズ), Tōto Shazu; lit. "Beige Dragon's Mind's Eye Serenity"): This is a stationary technique, meant to extend Sahara's senses and detection skills; by gathering and molding sand in the form of an eye — causing it to float in mid-air upon command, she's able to extend her vision — garnering her psuedo-omnipresence, due to the sand eye being connected to her actual one. This spell is often employed to spy on multiple opponents at once, allowing Sahara to get a read on their movements and plan accordingly; through the use of sand polarization, she can make the eye invisible — thus undetectable by normal means. She often hides these eyes in the most secretive of places and moves them in the same way she would her sand; it's known that these eyes can't be blinded, protected by a magical film of energy — thus only destroyed by a powerful magical attack due to their composition of dense minerals. In the event of their destruction, Sahara doesn't take damage to her sight and all information they've captured up to a certain point is transferred directly to her consciousness. This spell is excellent for espionage missions and the like or compensation for one's actual sight should it be lost through any means.
  • Khonos Vegala (渋色竜の辛辣砂漠浮遊(コノス·ベガラ), Konosu Begara; lit. "Beige Dragon's Acrimonious Desert Suspension"): Sahara has a means of flight through the use of the Dragon Race style, manifesting wings of great span and power from her back using magical power; however, this is for herself and can't carry others through this method. In such an event where she needs to carry multiple people, she invented this technique; by molding sand into a hardened platform and using gravitons to cause it to levitate and move freely, Sahara is able to transport multiple people at once. She can form multiple smaller platforms or one large one, depending on the situation at hand. Since it's her sand, she's able to manipulate it freely, thus helping her allies to avoid enemy fire whilst in mid-air; in a weakened state, she can employ the technique as a quick getaway, as it barely uses any magical power to form and control effectively. Even when she's controlling this technique, she can freely battle her opponents — employing her other spells without worry; Sahara likes the technique for simplicity's sake and often uses it to transport her allies over great distances at breakneck speeds.
Advanced Techniques
"I congratulate you for pushing me this far. As my sign of respect of your power, let me show you what only a select few have the privilege to see. This, my dear opponent is one of the few things that makes a Dragon Slayer, or any Slayer for that matter, truly fearsome. Behold, my Hidden Art!"
— Sahara to an opponent moments before activating one of her Hidden Arts.

Dragon Slayer's Hidden Arts (滅竜奥義, Metsuryū Ōgi):

  • Great Mausoleum of the Baneful Desert: Qahil Fatra (甚荒野の大霊廟·時神聖職砂(カーヒル·ファトラ), Jinkōya no Daireibyō: Kāhiru Fatora; lit. "Ordained Sands of the Time Deity"):
  • Great Mausoleum of the Baneful Desert: Qahil Alttanbu (甚荒野の大霊廟·気象神不使者(カーヒル·アルタンブー), Jinkōya no Daireibyō: Kāhiru Arutanbū; lit. "Immortal Emissary of the Weather God"):
  • Great Mausoleum of the Baneful Desert: Qahil Lamean (甚荒野の大霊廟·塔雷美無(カーヒル·ラミーン), Jinkōya no Daireibyō: Kāhiru Ramīn; lit. "Thundering Pagoda of Beautiful Nothingness"):
  • Great Mausoleum of the Baneful Desert: Qahil Kathib (甚荒野の大霊廟·洋諸神乾燥区(カーヒル·カーティブー), Jinkōya no Daireibyō: Kāhiru Kātibū; lit. "Arid Realms of the Western Gods"):
  • Great Mausoleum of the Baneful Desert: Qahil Rwh (甚荒野の大霊廟·砂漠霊天謀反(カーヒル·ルー), Jinkōya no Daireibyō: Kāhiru Rū; lit. "Heavenly Revolution of Desert Spirits"):
Ultimate Art
"Hmph. To think that it will end in this manner. How pathetic, I should be ashamed of myself. Well, if we're gonna end things off here — might as well do it with a bang. Thank god I have my final trump card to pull off such a feat; all good things must come to a close, as some would say."
— Sahara's final words before activating her ultimate technique, which will cause her inevitable demise soon after.

Dragon Slayer's Ultimate Art (滅竜極義, Metsuryū Gokugi):

  • Curse of the Desert Pantheon: Set-Nephthys (荒野天部罰·天地壊滅黄泉砂(セット·ネフティス), Kouya Tenbubachi: Setto Nefutisu; lit. "Heaven and Earth's Destruction by the Underworld Sands"):
Barren Desert Execution
"Let me show you.... The true terror of the desert!"
— Sahara to an opponent before unleashing this form.
Sahara Patagonia - Beige DS Magic - Barren Desert Execution

Sahara utilizing the immense heat that's condensed in her sand, scorching her surroundings as a result; it's a unique trait denoting her tribe & its origins.

Barren Desert Execution (砂竜の有機形相·激暑埋葬(バーレン・デザート·エクスエキューション), Bāren Dezāto Ekusuekyūshon; lit. "Organic Aspect of the Sand Dragon: Intense Heat Burial"):

  • True Sand Heated Nightmare: Atenism (真砂温悪夢·過熱渋色竜の太神乱舞(アテンイズム), Masago Onakumu: Atenizumu; lit. "Overheated Beige Dragon's Sun Deity Wild Dance"):
  • True Sand Heated Nightmare: Jafaf (真砂温悪夢·過熱渋色竜の火星冶刃(ジャファフ), Masago Onakumu: Jafafu; lit. "Overheated Beige Dragon's Red Planet Melting Edge"):
  • True Sand Heated Nightmare: Horus (真砂温悪夢·過熱渋色竜の焼夷葬獄(ホルス), Masago Onakumu: Horusu; lit. "Overheated Beige Dragon's Incendiary Funeral Hell"):
Iron-Beige Dragon Mode
"Heh.... Iron Sand. Who knew that was still a thing. Oh yeah, got some electricity too. Neat-o's. This could be of some... possible use."
— Sahara impression of her Dual-Element upon obtaining it.
Sahara Patagonia - Beige DS Magic - Iron Sand Mode

In a fury, Sahara entering her unique Dual-Element form — calling upon great amounts of Iron Sand.

Iron-Beige Dragon Mode (渋色の滅竜魔法調整·砂鉄偏(アイアン·ベージュ·ドラゴン·モード), Aian Bēju Doragon Mōdo; lit. "Beige Dragon Slayer Magic Modification: Iron Sand Polarization"):

Sahara Patagonia - Beige DS Magic - Iron Sand Mode - Electrical Currents

The electrical currents that's found running through the Iron Sand, increasing its potency and versatility.

  • Falz Saeiqa (鉄渋色竜の電磁殺害(ファルース·サイカ), Farūsu Saika; lit. "Iron-Beige Dragon's Electromagnetic Murder"):
  • Falz Almas (鉄渋色竜の鋼超電磁砲流出(ファルース·アルマス), Farūsu Arumasu; lit. "Iron-Beige Dragon's Steel Railgun Discharge"):
  • Falz Tuearid (鉄渋色竜の極性繁雑(ファルース·ツーアルイド), Farūsu Tsūaruido; lit. "Iron-Beige Dragon's Polarity Complex"):
  • Falz Mighntisia (鉄渋色竜の重力世界秩序(ファルース·ミグティーシーア), Farūsu Migutīshīa; lit. "Iron-Beige Dragon's Gravitational World Order"):
  • Falz 'Iind (鉄渋色竜の建御雷(ファルース·ジエンド), Farūsu Jiendo; lit. "Iron-Beige Dragon's Brave-Awful Possessing"):

Dragon Slayer's Hidden Art Revision (滅竜奥義・改, Metsuryū Ōgi Kai):

  • Great Mausoleum of the Baneful Desert: Bard Longineus (甚荒野の大霊廟・万物貫通破壊砂鉄具(バルド·ロンジーネオス), Jinkōya no Daireibyō: Barudo Ronjīneosu; lit. "All-Piercing Iron Sand Tool of Destruction"):
  • Great Mausoleum of the Baneful Desert: Bard Romh (甚荒野の大霊廟・重視沙漠電圧百万逆襲(バルド・ロムフ), Jinkōya no Daireibyō: Barudo Romufu; lit. "One Million Strikes of Focused Desert Voltage"):
  • Great Mausoleum of the Baneful Desert: Bard Madraga (甚荒野の大霊廟・双末端重力爆轟(バルド·マドラーガ), Jinkōya no Daireibyō: Barudo Madorāga; lit. "Twin Extremities Gravitational Detonation"):
Draconic Upsurge
"Welp, apparently it's time for me to get serious; my opponent is actually putting up a fight. Been a while since I get to have a "proper" workout. Might as well enjoy this while I can."
— Sahara moments before activating her Upsurge.
Sahara Patagonia - Beige DS Magic - Draconic Upsurge

Sahara's usage of Draconic Upsurge, noted to be able to overpower the Drive used by Third Generation Dragon Slayers because of her mastery of it.

Draconic Upsurge (龍脈半権限委譲(ドラコニック・アップサージ), Dorakonikku Appusāji; lit. "Dragon's Vein Semi-Empowerment"):

Dragon Force
"Bitch, this isn't even my final form!"
— A typical response of Sahara after activating her Dragon Force.
Sahara Patagonia - Beige DS Magic - Dragon Force

Sahara entering her perfected version of Dragon Force.

Dragon Force (竜語威勢の体現(ドラゴン・フォース), Doragon Fōsu; lit. "Personification of Draconian Might"):

  • Mnevis Ta-Bitjet (重土生命力脈(ネビス·タ·ビットジェット), Nebisu Ta Bittojetto; lit. "Heavy-Earth Vitality Pulse"):
  • Aker-Hu (砂纏竜皇后服(アーカー·フー), Ākā Fū; lit. "Sand-Clad Dragon Empress Robes"):
Draconic Sovereign
"I, who is about to awaken, am the Heavenly Dragon who dominates the sands of time. The personification of flow and the origin of life, all things are lost in my power — wearing down into utter nothingness. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, I cherish the "origin" and despise the "future" as everything is transient and ephemeral in nature. The desert acting as the bridge linking genesis and death, I shall become the embodiment of the everlasting soil that acts as the foundation — engulfing all creation in an arid tempest. In the face of my fury and overwhelming power, all things are swallowed by the dunes of perpetual chaos!"
— Sahara's unique chant that activates her final transformation.
Sahara Patagonia - Beige DS Magic - Draconic Sovereign

Sahara in her ultimate form, inheriting traits of a real dragon.

Draconic Sovereign (覇龍神の極進化(ドラコニック・ソブリン), Dorakonikku Soburin; lit. "Ultimate Evolution of the Tyrant Dragon God"):

  • Laharash Eawil Taghia (高渋色竜妃の砂漠激変咆哮(ラハラッシュ·アウィル·タハイア), Raharasshu Awiru Tahaia; lit. "Supreme Beige Dragon Queen's Desert Cataclysmic Roar"):
  • Laharash Kthyb Jaddar (高渋色竜妃の八重空砂要塞(ラハラッシュ·タイブ·ジャダール), Raharasshu Taibu Jadāru; lit. "Supreme Beige Dragon Queen's Multi-Layered Vacuum Sand Fortification"):
  • Laharash Qanun Almudqie (高渋色竜妃の天津乾生治略(ラハラッシュ·カノン·アルマッドキー), Raharasshu Kanon Arumaddokī; lit. "Supreme Beige Dragon Queen's Heavenly Desert Governance"):
  • Laharash Baladi Majdi (高渋色竜妃の焦死神武装(ラハラッシュ·バラディ·マジディ), Raharasshu Baradi Majidi; lit. "Supreme Beige Dragon Queen's Scorching Grim Reaper Armament"):
  • Laharash Sandammin (高渋色竜妃の聖砂境界滅妖精(ラハラッシュ·サンダムミン), Raharasshu Sandamumin; lit. "Supreme Beige Dragon Queen's Holy Sand Boundary Destruction Fairy"):

Dragon Slayer's Hidden Arts Transcendence (滅竜奥義・超絶, Metsuryū Ōgi Chōzetsu):

  • Great Mausoleum of the Baneful Desert: Khamsin Anubis (甚荒野の大霊廟·真砂百万億死大葬陣(カムシン·アヌビス), Jinkōya no Daireibyō: Kamuashin Anubisu; lit. "Vast Burial Ranks of the Hundred Trillion Sand Dead"):
  • Great Mausoleum of the Baneful Desert: Khamsin Osiris (甚荒野の大霊廟·灰殻々塵々(カムシン·オシリス), Jinkōya no Daireibyō: Kamuashin Oshirisu; lit. "Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust"):
  • Great Mausoleum of the Baneful Desert: Khamsin Hethor (甚荒野の大霊廟·緑極楽の反転活性化(カムシン·ヘトール), Jinkōya no Daireibyō: Kamuashin Hetōru; lit. "Inverted Revitalization of the Green Paradise"):
Aura Synthesis
"Is it hard to bear, my friend? My overwhelming power. It's weight, it's.... girth."
— Sahara's perverted innuendo while exuding her draconian aura that's suffocating her opponent.
Sahara Patagonia - Beige DS Magic - Aura Synthesis

The uniquely savage & lifelike form of Sahara's draconian aura, having some resemblance to her foster mother.

Aura Synthesis (竜の堂々意地(アウラ·シンセシス), Aura Shinseshisu; lit. "Imposing Spirit of the Dragon"):

  • Albaria Khayr (渋色竜の鎮圧砂丘霊(アルバリア·ケイエア), Arubaria Keiea; lit. "Beige Dragon's Quelled Dune Spirit"):

Various Spells & Charms

Seen as somewhat of an extension of her magical talents, Sahara has also mastered a variety of spells belonging to different categories of magic; each spell is noted to be incredibly powerful in its own right and sticks to theme surrounding Sahara's Dragon Slayer Magic — making some sort of connection to it. The reason that Sahara mastered such spell stems from the belief that any competent mage would agree with: too much reliance on a single magic can lead to their downfall, thus it's wise to have back-ups in case the situation arises and something would go awry. To this end, she's in possession of spells that she feels are necessary to her being and won't cause too much of a strain on her being; though they are advanced, they are easy to cast while still holding a considerable amount of both power and versatility.

Collectively, these spells are known as the "Five Judgments of the Desert Spirit" (砂霊の五刑罰, Sagorei no Gokeibatsu) — denoting to the desert-based theme Sahara has set up for herself.

Five Judgments of the Desert Spirit
Sahara Patagonia - Sound Magic

Sahara producing a melody through the use of a harp crafted from her sandy body.

  • Sound Magic: Allonerit (音響の魔法·沃地気魄の神秘主義聖歌(アロネリイ), Onkyō no Mahō: Aronerito; lit. "Mystical Hymns of the Oasis Spirits"): A spell derived from the very essence of Sound Magic, it's based on the folk songs sung by her tribe whenever they traveled the world, looking for a place to permanently reside; Sahara later reveals that such songs also had combat purposes as well, as the sound frequencies caused disturbances within the opponent(s), causing them to experience various side-effects, most of which were known to be very potent and debilitating. Also, they were used as a form of healing and enhancement for allies as well, certain frequencies acting on the body's stimulus to jump-start certain functions and improve them to considerable degrees. It's through such a "song", that they were able to survive most of their encounters with others; Sahara made an attempt at replicating this, using her knowledge of her people's traditions along with the musical interests found in other cultures — all the while fully analyzing and breaking down the properties of Sound Magic; though this took her a couple of years to accomplish, she ended up with a "unique rhythm" — one that has various purposes while having a relation to the desert theme she's set up for herself. While this spell is often employed through the unique instrument she always carries on her person, it's preferred when done through the use of her sand body — which has a better outlet, due to it coursing with magical power in its own right, thus allows for stronger effects and a better range. By turning her left underarm into a small harp using the power of her sand, Sahara is able to string it in such a fashion — releasing magical wavelengths the longer its played; such wavelengths travels through the air and enter the ear canals of the target(s) in-question, inducing various effects — depending on the type of wavelength emitted. Sahara notes that there are two main types of wavelengths she plays: high-tone — which induces healing and enhancement, and low-tone — which causes debilitation and hallucinations. As this technique is selective, being made up of Sahara's own powers, it can be heard only by those she chooses — even herself. She further states that there's a third tone that she can use for offensive usage: sending waves of incredible air pressure to dole out serious damage to the opponent. Since this technique is omnidirectional, it covers an incredible range. It should be noted that, despite it's various benefits, those who are deaf or masters of wind-based magic are immune to the technique itself — having unique ways of counteracting it effectively and unintentionally.

Sahara Patagonia - Teleportation Magic

Sahara using a quick burst of teleportation in-tandem with one of her enhancements, increasing its effectiveness by a margin; its used to close in on an opponent while off-guard, one of the many uses of said magic.

  • Teleportation Magic: Lagidseah (瞬身の魔法·擬人太陽神の車(ラグイドセヤー), Shunshin no Mahō: Raguidoseyā; lit. "Chariot of the Anthropomorphic Solar God"): This is unique spell of Sahara's design that's derived from Teleportation Magic; she decided that this will be useful in movement between to locations in a brief instance and serve as a combat aid whenever the chance made itself known. Though it's something that's easily cast, it's powerful and versatile in its own right — being one of her biggest assets on-hand. It should be noted that Sahara took a page from other magics such as Jutsu Shiki and Rune Magic in order to better suit the magic's effects and activation time, thus allowing her for easier access and less strain on her end. In order to invoke this spell, Sahara flows her magical power into her legs — which reacts with the muscles and engraves said legs with rune-based designs; this helps stabilize the flow of magical power in said parts, which is key to properly utilizing the spell's effects. Upon moving, her movement's velocity becomes such that she temporarily vanishes from sight; this is due to her body breaking down into matter and travelling through a wormhole created by the combination of the eternano particles in the atmosphere and the slipstream induced by her movements propelling her faster; normally, many are unable to ascertain their proper trajectory whenever warping. However, the designs on Sahara's legs act as a formula that connects the distances between the two locations that her thoughts are imposing, creating an invisible link & anchor. In the same instant she disappears, she reappears in the given location without harm to herself — performing her version of teleportation; Sahara notes that this is excellent for engaging in close-combat and closing the distance between herself and the opponent. It's also useful for quick getaways, avoiding attacks at close-range or outpacing a barrage of techniques. Despite all these advantages, the spell wears off after a given time — due to the magical power stimulating her muscles too much. This causes her legs to become fatigued, leaving her unable to move and reducing her speed to absolute zero. In this sense, this spell is a double-edged sword, only to be used in the most critical of moments. Sahara tends to use this spell in quick bursts, thus avoiding the weakness altogether.

Sahara Patagonia - Nature Magic

An opponent caught in the onslaught of Sahara's variation of her signature spell — known to cause incredible damage upon contact.

  • Nature Magic: Gaia's Prominence (自然の魔法·仏神の地縛余慶(ガイア·プロミネンス), Shizen no Mahō: Gaea Purominensu; lit. "Earthly Blessings of the Merciful Deity"): It's not surprising that Sahara would craft and subsequentially master a spell in this category, given her love and appreciation of nature — something garnered from both her people and her mother, both of whom she cherishes very much; she also utilizes the spell out of guilt, due to the effects her Dragon Slayer Magic has on the surroundings, "dehydrating" them and causing all things around her to die as a result. By gathering magical energy to her palms and slamming it on a surface, she's able to use it to either create or stimulate the plantlife within it, causing great amounts of trees and plants to bloom profusely and without limit; this spell can be used in several ways, some of which are unique to Sahara's person. The first is that she can generate different types of plants — limited to only by what she knows, thus able to create poisonous and beneficial ones alike, she can generate spores that induce various allergic reactions and the like — similar to status ailments, debilitating all those caught up in it, sans herself — the creator, make the plants more realistic — giving it more human-esque qualities, thus becoming sentient and much more dangerous, etc. One of the most potent ways that she uses this technique is as a form of explosive: by ensnaring her opponents in the roots of the technique, she's able to send her magical power down through the roots — similar to a fuse. Upon contact, everything made from this technique will detonate, ending in a large blaze of hellfire and utter destruction. The limitations of the technique are Sahara's imagination, knowledge, and innovation; while naturally inheriting the weakness of their natural counterparts, the effects of said plantlife is magnified to some degrees because of being enhanced by Sahara's potent magical power. She typically uses the spell to repair the surroundings she's damaged during her battles or revitalize lands parched of plantlife for one reason or another; despite this, they serve their purpose during battle nonetheless, thus can be seen as a powerful tool at her disposal.

Sahara Patagonia - Wind Magic Usage

The might gusts of wind that Sahara is able to conjure through the use of this spell, swallowing up her target entirely.

  • Wind Magic: Eurynome (風の魔法·砂漠の昼乾燥嵐(エウリュノメー), Kaze no Mahō: Euryunomē; lit. "Midday Arid Tempest of the Desert"): This spell is based on one of the many guardian deities that her people believed in during their travels, the winds created by such acting as their guide whilst on their travels; such winds tend to be arid, which serves as the foundations of this spell — said winds acting as the compass directed to other arid lands in the world. Also, it acted as a form of protection, creating sandstorms and mirages that surrounded the tribe, camouflaging them and protecting them from their enemies and the wild carnivorous creatures in the various environments they've traversed. For many years, Sahara has tried to find a way to produce such winds to her benefit, but failed multiple times due to her somewhat incompatibility with the element; only when meeting Vincent and Camellia and experiencing first-hand how wind is formed that she was able to fully grasp and utilize it to her ends. She was able to combine the wind with the heated and dehydrated effects of her sand, causing this spell to become reality; she often utilizes it in-tandem with her other magic, serving as a form of booster, but noted that it's powerful in its own right. By gathering vast amounts of violent air currents around her arms in the similar fashion of a certain Slayer Magic, using her magical energy as a conduit, and lacing it with the effects of her sand — changing its properties outright, Sahara is able to command "dry winds" — wind currents potent enough to destroy and desertify anything that they make contact with. In the similar fashion to the typical wind mage, such currents can be used offensively and defensively — its various forms being limited to Sahara's imagination. While not powerful enough to overpower winds created through various forms of Lost Magic, they are powerful enough to rank in the same class as mid-tier to high-tier normal wind spells & techniques. Sahara has become an eventual master over this type of wind of her design, with the lovely assistance of both Vincent and Camellia — her "mentors" in the air of windcraft. It's become one of the most commonly used spells outside of her Slayer Magic, being favored in nearly all of her battles.

Heavy | Light

Sahara Patagonia - Gravity-Change

In the face of Sahara's usage of this spell, even airborne opponents are unable to move — stripping them of any mobility freedoms they had prior.

  • Gravity Change: Untuatus (重力変化·惑星勢力法(アンツーアタス), Jūryoku Henka: Antsūatasu; lit. "Law of the Planetary Forces"): An interesting spell that Sahara developed in order to better enhance the power and speed of the sand and everything else under her control, derived from the very principles of Gravity Change — a magic that alters the weight of the target in-question, making it lighter or heavier, depending on the user's preferences. She learned of the usefulness of this magic when she faced a mage who constantly used it to improve their battle prowess while impeding her own at the same time, making the battle less in her favor; the only way she won was by outsmarting them using the simplest of tactics and then overwhelming them with her immense power. Since then, she made it her duty to craft some art out of the magic in order to improve her situations and better her other forms of combat when needed — something that took a few years to do until perfected to its utmost degree. It was easy to understand considering her knowledge and gravity in-relation to the earth itself, and by extension — her Dragon Slayer Magic, which is basically a form of earth. Using her magical power, she gathers great amount of gravitons that stabilize the planet in great quantities; through her knowledge of the laws of physics, she applies said gravitons to given objects — changing their weight as a result. She typically uses such a spell in order to make her sand lighter, thus increasing her speed; however, such particles can be used on the air within a certain range, making it heavier — thus create a dense weighted zone that causes all things located within to become heavier as a result. This is excellent to use on opponents who fly, "grounding" them and stripping them of said ability in a swift fashion. Sahara notes that such particles can be used in other ways if one studied them and their reaction with certain concepts; she tends to the most simplistic methods, as it helps preserve more of her magical power. This spell is deemed helpful, regardless of any adverse effects it may have.

Additional Spells
Sahara Patagonia - Beige Surging Dragon Fist

Sahara's dragon forged through her own power, known to be a destructive in its own right.

  • Surging Dragon Fist (波動竜拳, Hadōryūken): An ancient technique that's as old as Fa Jin itself; it's considered to be one of the most basic techniques, alongside the Magic Ray and Magic Splinter Orb — requiring the user to have incredible control over their magical power and the eternano surrounding them. This spell is considered to be one the few spells that can be synchronized with Dragon Slayer Magic, adopting its properties and becoming more powerful as a result; this is due to it being pure eternano that can be molded into anything the user's desire. By concentrating abundant amounts of eternano and magical energy into her fists, Sahara forms of magical ball of orange-brown energy — which releases an incredible amounts of discharge due to the density and incredible aura it gives off; on command, she releases it forward in the form of a large Chinese Dragon of epic proportions — roughly the same size of an actual Dragon and having an incredible length. Whatever path it travels, destruction is left in its wake; it's claws and jaws possess incredible powers in their own right, crushing anything they make contact with. Even the horns are durable enough to pierce even the most hardened of defenses. It's true potential lies in its charging power, traveling at high speeds — gaining velocity as a result, and in-turn charging power. The faster the Dragon travels, the more power it gains; its movements are able to manipulated by Sahara through simple hand motions and can act as a conduit for her other spells in her collection. It can be fired from any other part of her body, making it even more versatile in-nature and adopts the qualities of her Dragon Slayer Magic, being able to conjure large amounts of sand and "dry up" all things within its range, moisture, energy, or all things in-between. This makes it one of the most destructive spells outside of her main magic, and because it doesn't require her much energy to cast due to her mastery over it — the spell is seen as one of her greatest assets to-date.

Other Skills

Genius-Level Intellect: Despite her princess-ish attitude and self-centeredness, Sahara is noted to be one of the few geniuses of her generation — proof being her magical talents, noted to be much higher than the typical mage. While she doesn't often display her intellectual level, putting her vanity before anything else — thus something people tend to notice more often, there are moments where her smarts are deemed helpful and strategic to one's success, in lieu of the form it takes. So whenever she says something "smart" not the smart y'all art thinking of, it often surprises others — the members of her guild, and later her small group, being victim to this; it's noted that people temporarily change their respective views of her moments before reverts to her usual persona. Basically, if it wasn't for her personality flaws being the forefront of her being, Sahara would have more respect from others, if anything.

Sahara is noted to have mastered a wide variety of subjects, both inside and outside the realm of magic; this makes her knowledge more dependable than others, as it covers more information than the average human being. She's noted to be skilled in cultural matters, history and those dealing with politics. This mainly denotes to her travels over the course of many centuries, witnessing the rise and fall of many civilizations and the occurrence of many events that shaped the magical world into what it is today — some of which she was inadvertently involved with for one reason or another. In terms of magic and warfare, she skills in such areas are unmatched by any other; one would think that she would be more fit for "girly-girl" things due to appearances alone. It's only when they see her battle prowess do they take her more seriously and acknowledge her incredulous skills. For one who's been fighting for long periods and did everything to improve herself to survive, it's not surprising that her magical talents and war-based tactics and strategies are on-point. While not well known as P.T. in terms of knowledge, a far outcry to the former, Sahara is still smart enough to be seen as a potential threat to others.

  • Multilingual: For one who prides herself on culture, having experience different ones over the course of her lifetime, Sahara is noted to mastered everything related to the subject — especially in terms of language & communication; it's unknown how many languages she's able to speak, but Vincent has hinted that it's well over a hundred — most of which were from former civilizations. It's also because of such multilingualism that she's able to read texts in foreign languages, even those native to other dimensions. Such knowledge has allowed her to blend into the surrounding culture and commune with the locals freely; it's noted by Eugene that such a skill is important in their group, as they traveled all over the word and the diversity is greatly noticed.

Combat Will: Something that's derived from her strong will to live and her incredible thirst for combat, Sahara is noted to have an innate desire to win all of her battles — using any and all means to do so. This is based on how she lived her life up to the current point, using various means to elude or defeat her adversaries; such will is manifested in her magical aura, making it more potent than prior and tricking people into thinking that she's undefeatable by normal means. Even when beaten to the brink of death and her magical power on low, her combat will's demand to "win" will continually drive the body to keep fighting; nay, the only way to stop this trait in its tracks is to kill her outright — something many noted to be a tall order, given Sahara's incredulous vitality and lifespan.

Miscellaneous Skills: Typical of someone who's supported herself for such a long time, Sahara has excellent homemaking and survival skills that could potential put other women to shame; even in the most difficult of situations, where she and her comrades are deprived of the most "basic" of needs, she's able to improvise and better the situation using the materials found within the given surroundings, using her knowledge to fully make use of them. As one who had taken on multiple occupations in order to improve both her living and financial situations, Sahara became a polyglot and assembled a vast amount of experience doing various tasks that would normally take a good while to master; such things steadily improved over time as she put it more into practice until reaching a point where she can be considered to be a high-class expert in the field. When combined with her high levels of intellect, it leaves a considerable impression on others — which, sadly, is later beguiled by her personality flaws. Vincent jokingly stated that Sahara could, theoretically, "quit her job as a mage in lieu of something better" — something she comically took offense to.


  • "Feel the wrath of the desert tempest!" (砂漠嵐の怒りと感じる!, Sabakuran no ikari to kanjiru!) — Sahara's battle catchphrase.
  • "May the souls of my fellow tribal men rest in peace. I hope there's vast desert where your souls can rest, free of any humidity. If only I could've joined you. Then, we could've been together... forever." — Sahara praying for the souls of her deceased tribe.
  • "I hope that mother is alright. I've heard that there's few of her kind left; she's one of the few survivors, just like me. I just pray she doesn't leave me like everyone else I knew." — Sahara thinking about her foster mother's well-being in private.
  • "His fighting style, it's as if it's destruction itself. His heat melts anything it touches, no leaving a trace of its existence left. His martial skills resembles that of the hard style — focusing on explosive power and dealing much external damage to his target as possible. He covers any openings with the mere onslaught of attacks produced by his incredible speed and reflexes. Combined with his immense magical power — stifling as it may be, it's like fighting against a juggernaut. It's a bad option to face him in close-quarters combat." — Sahara commenting on Genghis' fighting style & overwhelming power after witnessing it firsthand.
  • "Wow, he's kinda... cute. But in a stupid brotherly way. He seems so innocent and he looks like he can hold his own. Why am I so attracted to him all of a sudden. This has never happened to me before; is this what they call "love at first sight"? Such an awkward, gooey feeling." — Sahara upon meeting a "certain mage", expressing her crush on him.


  • Her name is based on two locations related to the theme of her magic; her first name (if anyone couldn't tell) is based off of the Sahara Desert. Her last name is based off of Patagonia — a location in South America known for its arid weather and dry seasons, having little moisture in the air each year — leading to the development of constant hot weather.
  • For the etymology of her name: Sahara is the literal translation of the word Desert in Hebrew while Patagonia means Big Feet in Portugese. Thus, her name can be translated to "Desert's Big Feet" — making reference to the vastness of most deserts; it could also reference her abilities with her Dragon Slayer Magic, which is noted to be as "vast as a desert" in terms of mastery and versatility — which would make sense, given her origins and lifespan.
  • Continue reference to the desert is seen in the naming of her attacks, specifically in her Secret Arts and Ultimate Art — paying tribute to events, cultures, or even deities related to such an environment; it's mainly going to be either Arabic or Egyptian at best — the best places well-known for their desert-based environment.
  • She's based off of Tourran from the manga series, Monster Soul; this is seen in her ability to manipulate sand to such an extent, something the character had done in the manga. Her timeskip appearance is based off of Irie Jeskar from the manga series, Monster Hunter Orage; it should be noted that some parts of her relationship with Vincent is mirrored from Irie's relationship with Shiki Ryûhô — the protagonist of the series and the very character that Vincent is based off of in terms of appearance, personality, and background respectively.
  • On many levels, she's based off of Bitch Puddin' from the cartoon short, Robot Chicken; this is especially seen in terms of her personality, and to an extent — her quotes. Admittedly, she's mainly based off of Asuka from the EvAbridged 2.0 Preview — something the author was aiming for, seen in some of Sahara's various aspects. It should be noted that she's also based on Weiss Schnee from RWBY, personality-wise — specifically if she never got an attitude adjustment and was still a spoiled heiress.
  • Fitting her theme of a "bitch", her theme is this song according to the author. He has no shame in choosing it =w=
  • If anything, this is the author's only attempt at making a Dragon Slayer outside of canon, given the fact that he hates them for multiple reasons.
  • When looked at from a certain perspective, her use of Dragon Slayer Magic is modeled after Crocodile and his use of the Suna Suna no Mi from the anime/manga series, One Piece. This is due to the author's preference of power over versatility in terms of this specific Slayer.
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