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Sai Kaze
BTOOOM - 09 - Large 14
Name Sai Kaze
Kanji サイ風
Rōmaji Sai-fū
Race Human
Birthday 10 May
Age 20
Gender Male
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Blood Type A
Unusual Features None
Professional Status
Occupation Mage
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Magic Sand Magic

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Sai has a depressed, serious and calm appearance, is quite tall for his age and is repeatedly mistaken for an adult. Sai  has long black hair, his eyes are a light brown color. Usually he wears clothes in dark colors (black, brown, dark blue, etc.), sometimes opaque and rarely  wears clothes with a light or bright color.



Magical Abilites

Sand Magic: Sand Magic is a form of Magic revolving around the use of sand, which is placed under the user's command for them to employ for various purposes. The user manipulates sand and shapes it into a variety of forms for different purposes, with the most prominent so far being for combat, with sand-made bullets being the most common attacks.Due to the sheer amount used in its casting, the sand itself is very powerful. Sand Knifes: After manipulate sand, Sai is able to shape it as pulse-sharp projectiles and is also able to recreate swords with high hardness that fortifies his speed. After a cut, the sand itself begins to drain moisture from the affected body, so if one is cut by this technique can be considered dead. 

Shield of Sand: Sai Raises all the sand or at least most of it, and then gives way to a shield that can withstand even fire magic. Often Sai gives the shield the shape of his mother way and the only person who cared whose hands rest in Sai.

Sensitive Sand: Sai disperses his  sand  around the battlefield, making a thin layer of sand filled with magic, with which can detect by the sensitivity of the location of the enemy or potential pitfalls in the environment. 

Sand Tsunami: Sai mixes the immense amount of sand that has filtered the ground to create an overwhelming amount of sand. Once he mixes the sand right in front of him appears a giant Tsunami Sand that destroys everything in its path. 

Levitation Magic: is a form of Magic that allows the user to levitate objects and use them on his benefit however there is a limit of how much te user can levitate at the same time.

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