Saito Aruji

Saito Aruji

Saito Aruji is a powerful wandering mage from the country of Narciso. He wanders the world seeking people who need help.


Saito's past is a mystery. All that is known is that Saito is a traveller from the country of Narciso and only recently arrived in Fiore.


Saito is highly honorable and always treats those around him with respect, even those who are weaker than he is. He refuses to give up when he believes something is wrong and will do whatever it takes to do what is right.

Magic and Abilities

Environment Sync: Saito utilizes a powerful Lost Magic that allows him to manipulate the energies in his surronding environment affording him different abilities based on his current location. Saito is also able to sense the life-force of people in his area pinpointing their location. Saito is also able to transport himself and other anywhere within his current area.

  • City: In a city Saito's senses are heightened allowing him to see and hear things from where he is to as far way as the outskirts of the city. Saito is also able to control the various materials present, using them to attack his opponents or create platforms to reach greater heights.
  • Fields: In a field Saito is able to move at incredible speeds. Saito is also able to create powerful winds to overpower his opponents
  • Mountain or other rocky terrain: Saito is able to burrow into the ground and travel through it at great speeds. Saito is also able to freely manipulate the earth and telekinetically control the rocks.
    • Gaia Force: Saito creates a powerful earthquake.
    • Craggy Fang: Saito causes spikes of earth to come out of the ground.
    • Crusher Rock: Saito telekinetically throws a large rock at his opponent which then shatters into a barrage a smaller rocks.
    • Stone Knuckle: Saito covers his fist in rock to increase his punching power
  • Forests: Saito is able to control wood and plants to attack his opponents. Saito is also able to communicate with the voices of the trees and other plants.
Hakai Sukui

Hakai Sukui

Hakai Sukui: Saito also possesses the ability to summon a powerful magic being known as Hakai Sukui which takes the form of two stone giants that are joined together. The left one known as Sukui is the lighter of the two and has a large shield that he is able to throw and control telekinetically. The right one known as Hakai is the darker of the two wields a giant spear. Hakai Sukui is also to separate from each and fight independently.
  • Gae Bolg: Sukui raises his shield which then begins spinning drawing in magic energy. The energy then travels from Sukui into Hakai who then fires a powerful blast from his spear completely devestating the surronding area.