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Sakka Sutoro
Pre-Timeskip | Post-Timeskip
Sakka Post-Timeskip
Name Sakka Sutoro
Race Human
Birthday August 7th
Age (17 Pre-Timeskip)

(24 Post-Timeskip)

Gender Male
Height 5"11
Eyes Red
Hair Red
Blood Type A
Unusual Features Demon Eyes
Professional Status
Affiliation Criterion Dagger
Occupation Dark Mage
Team Unknown
Partner Shisuto Redford
Base of Operations Temple of Nirvana
Personal Status
Relatives Sakuro Sutoro, Suta Sutoro
Marital Status Alive
Alias Demon God Sakka

The Destroyer

Magic Darkness Magic and Disassembly Magic

Sakka is the a dark mage of the guild Criterion Dagger. He is the ace of the guild, and the younger brother of Suta, and Sakuro.His Criterion Dagger stamp is on his left arm. Shisuto RedFord is his partner, and Sakka's best friend.


Sakka Appearence

Sakka is tall,slender teenage boy, his hair and eyes are red. His original hair color was blonde, but he dyed his hair.

After the time-skip he started to wear suits. He received a large scar on his back, from one of his missions.


He seems to be shy,uncoordinated and clumsy. He doesn't seem to act like other dark mages. But when his friends are harmed he changes into a stronger, more confident mage.


Suta Sutoro had brought Sakka with him, at the train station he meet a mage by the name of Satsuei Fairmount, who promised to make Sakka stronger. Satsuei faked Sakka's death using illusions to fool Suta.

After a year of training Satsuei had tricked Sakka into believing that his sister was murdered. So Sakka vowed to find and kill the murder of his sister.

Magic and ability


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