Celestial dragon by beastofoblivion-d4a967g
Race Dragon
Age ?
Gender M
Eyes golden
Hair none
Professional Status
Affiliation dragons
Base of Operations Earth Land
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Alias Star Dragon
Magic Star Dragon Slayer Magic
Sakon, better known as the Star Dragon, is a dragon who served as the foster father to Melanie Treely.


Sakon is a large, shining dragon, with pure white scales, and golden wings. He has very large claws, and a ridge going down his back, ending at his tail. Around Sakon's head, is series of horns resembling a crown, as well as two large horns that curve back.


Accorindg to Melanie, Sakon was very serious, often drilling her hard while training her. However, Melanie also regards Sakon with a sense of respect, and says that he was fiercely protective of her.


At some point, Sakon found Melanie, and raised her as his own. He would teach her the way to read and write, and how to fight using Star Dragon Magic. However, on July 7, x777, he mysteriously disappeared, leaving Melanie to fend for herself.

Magic and Abilities

Star Dragon Magic: Since Sakon was the one who taught Melanie, it can be inferred that he can use the magic as well, though at a much greater extent.

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