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Sakura Fujimoto
Sakura Kimura
Name Sakura Fujimoto
Kanji 桜藤本
Rōmaji Sakura Fujimoto
Alias Witch of the Pink Forest (ピンク森林の魔女 Pinku Shinrin no Majo
Race Human
Birthdate April 22
Age 39

Female Female

Hair Color Pink
Blood Type O
Guild Mark Location Left Thigh
Unusual Features Looks too young for her age
Professional Status
Affiliation Kimura Clan

Soul Strings 

Occupation Guild Master
Previous Occupation S-Class Wizard
Previous Partner Tsubaki Kimura 
Base of Operations Soul Strings Guild Hall
Personal Status
Status Alive
Marital Status Widow
Relatives Fujimoto(Husband, Deceased)
Unnamed(Daughter, Stillborn)
Tsubaki Kimura(Younger Brother)
Ren Kimura(Nephew)
Alignment Legal Mage
Magic Wood-Make
Sakura Fujimoto (桜藤本 Sakura Fujimoto)


Sakura, like the rest of her clan, has a youthful appearance. Although she undergone maturity, she still has child-like features. She also inherited her pink hair from the Kimura Clan. Sakura doesn't ties her hair, but just let it loose.

Sakura is often seen wearing disturbing clothes which are too revealing.


Sakura has tough and strict personality. She shows her love to her guild members by disciplining them by dropping a wooden mallet over their heads.


  • Tsubaki Kimura
    Sakura is over-protective to her younger brother. Though old enough to take care of himself, she still supervises him. Sakura and Tsubaki share a very close relationship, as seen when the latter asks advice from the former.



Magic and Abilities

Natural Abilities

  • Hand to Hand Combatant:
  • Enhanced Durarability

Magical Abilities

Wood-Make (木の造形魔法, ウッドメイク, Uddo Meiku)

  • Wood-Make: Chains (鎖 , チェインズ, Cheinsu):A Wood-Make Spell which creates several chains that bind the target
  • Wood-Make: Mallet (杵, マレツ, Maretu): Sakura creates a mallet that always fall on the head of the target
  • Wood Make: Homing Knuckles (ホーミングナックルス, Homingu Nakkurusu): Sakura makes two large wooden knuckles from each of the her hand that follows the target by doing a fist bump with herself.


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