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Name Sameshiga
Kanji サメシガ
Race Human
Age 17 (X926)
Gender ♂ Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Symbol of the Phoenix Wing GuildPhoenix Wing
Occupation Dark Mage
Personal Status
Relatives Hakuhyō (Twin Sister)
Magic Take Over (Bahamut Soul)
Moulding Magic (Water-Make)
Water Magic

Sameshiga (サメシガ Sameshiga) is a Dark Mage from the Phoenix Wing Guild, wherein he leads his own personal team.


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Sameshiga and Hakuhyō

Sameshiga with his sister, Hakuhyō.

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Magic and Abilities

Take Over (接収, Teiku Ōbā): Sameshiga is a practitioner of a particularly fickle type of Take Over Magic, known as "Bahamut Soul" (バハムート・ソウル, Bahamūto Sōru), which allows him to absorb, record and imitate the appearances, abilities and characteristics of various underwater creatures.

  • "Bahamut Soul: Megalodon" (メガロドン, Megarodon): Sameshiga transforms into a bipedal white shark, with white and blue scales covering his whole body. He grows several fins, large and jagged teeth, a tail, claws, gills, and a pair of gauntlets that allow him to traverse through water in greater speeds. Sameshiga's skin hardens immensely, and his build becomes significantly more muscular.
    • Water Magic (水系各種魔法, Mizu Kei Kakushu Mahō): While under the "Megalodon" transformation, Sameshiga gains access to this particular type of magic, allowing him to manipulate water on a higher degree.
      • "Deep Abyss" (ディープ・アビス, Dīpu Abisu): Sameshiga manipulates large tides of water that engulf and flood everything within their range of vicinity, creating a vast watery space. Sameshiga is then able to use his "Megalodon" transformation to an indisputable advantage, whereas his opponents have their movement weighed down by water pressure as they're being deprived of oxygen.
    • Coral Palm (珊瑚掌, Sangoshō): Upon physical contact, Sameshiga is able produce large formations of coral that spreads and hardens quickly, restricting the enemy's mobility.

Water-Make (水造形, Wōtā Meiku): A type of Moulding Magic that allows Sameshiga to create and manipulate water.

  • "Water-Make: Lance" (槍騎兵, Ransu): Sameshiga creates a lance, which he can use for melee combat. He can, alternatively, create a myriad of lance-like projectiles to serve as a long-ranged attack.
  • "Water-Make: Urchin" (雲丹, Āchin):
  • "Water-Make: Whirlpool" (渦潮, Wārupūru): Sameshiga generates a whirlpool beneath his feet, the tides of which create powerful crashing waves that function as an omnidirectional shield. To execute this spell, Sameshiga has to remain immobile.


  • "Sameshiga" (鮫歯牙) means "shark teeth" in Japanese.
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