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Rin vocaloid


Name Sammy
Race human
Birthday May 3
Age 15
Gender Female
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Blood Type B-
Professional Status
Affiliation Six Wing
Occupation Guild mage
Personal Status
Magic Light Magic

Sammy is a young and relatively inexperienced mage belonging to the Six Wing magic Guild.


Sammy is about five feet one inch with chin length blonde hair and blue eyes. She usually dresses in thin, light clothing colored white and black.


Cheerful and optimistic Sammy rarely lets the hardships of life get her down for long and laughs off misfortune. Though she isn't completely immune to sadness or suffering Sammy believes people are at their best when they're happy and strives to always maintain a positive attitude.


Sammy was orphaned in a house fire only days after her parents first moved into town. After that point though she rested under the auspicious of the local orphanage she was essentially raised by the local magic Guild, Six Wing. Sammy idolized the mages of the guilt and mages in general and strove to learn magic so as to be more like them.

Magic and abilities

Light Magic - Sammy is competent user of Light Magic. Though she is not extraordinarily powerful or skilled she is capable of using all common light magic spells proficiently.


Sammy is based on the Vocaloid character Kagamine Rin.

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