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Sanctum Tree
Name Sanctum Tree
Kanji 神聖な木
Rōmaji Shinsei na Ki
Symbol Sanctumtreesymbl
Master Shrewder Aethervault
S-Class Mages Shinichi Ambrose
Lew Reigns
Affonso Rollins
Lorelei Cobblepot
Type Legal Guild
Location Mt. Gath

A fairly strong guild in the Creek of Wolves Alliance, the Sanctum Tree guild caters to the rehabilitation of former Dark Mages.




More than often the Guild Master, Shrewder Aethervault, takes in many powerful Dark Mages ready for rehabilitation. Their strength carries over to the guild and adds to the overall strength of the guild. Because of this, the Sanctum Tree guild has risen to one of the strongest guilds in the Creek of Wolves Alliance, competing with guilds such as Giant Hunter and Warrior Soul


Name Role Magic Team Status
Shrewder Aethervault Guild Master Active
Lorelei Cobblepot Guild Ace Active
Shinichi Ambrose S-Class Mage Emotion Magic
Take Over
Affonso Rollins S-Class Mage Plague Magic
Take Over
Lew Reigns S-Class Mage Human Arsenal
Take Over
Phyll Skellington Mage Active
Nigel Rybaxis Mage Active
Albert Wollberton Mage Active
Deedee Brisby Mage Active
Meville Balor Mage Rorschach Magic
Lima Mage Deceased
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