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Sando Meiku


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Sand-Make (砂の造形魔法(サンド·メイク), Sando Meiku; lit. "Sand Molding Magic") is one of the various forms of Molding Magic, thus counted as one of the various known forms Caster Magic; as the name would imply, it's also a form of Elemental Magic — making use of sand in its craft, thus counted as a Subspecies Magic unsurprisingly enough.

Like all other Molding Magic variations, Sand-Make lacks power but makes it up with versatility; due to the density of sand, it's considered to be weaker and much slower than other Molding Magics like Ice-Make and Earth-Make. This makes it one of harder and unpopular forms of the art — requiring various conditions in order to efficiently wield it, having very few practitioners.



  • With permission from Per, the current author was able to take ownership of this page, which was abandoned by its previous user — who was inactive for a long period.
  • This form of Molding Magic was based on the way on Gaara's versatile manipulation of his sand from the anime/manga series, Naruto. The author finds this magic appropriate when paired with Beige Dragon Slayer Magic — which represents the "power of the sand", which was ironically based off of Crocodile's usage of the element from the anime/manga series, One Piece.
  • Like all basic forms of Molding Magic, this one is for free use, thus doesn't require the author's permission for use. Basically, go wild! I don't give two shits.
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