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Sandman's Kaleidoscope
Parent Magic

Illusion Magic


Manito Doufu

Sandman's Kaleidoscope is a Caster-Type branching out from Illusion Magic. It is a quicken spell that produces a breath-like gesture of rainbow of various effects.


A type of Magic that produces a vivid cone of clashing colors that springs forth from either one hand or both hands, causing all creatures in range to become stunned, blinded, and sleep.

The range of the spell is 15' from the caster's hands in a cone-shape burst with a diameter of 10'.

First, the affected creatures fall asleep instantly. Then, upon waking up, they become blind and stunned. While stunned, the creature drops all of their equipments (including undergarments), and cannot take any actions.

The effects of blind and stun lasts for 30 seconds.

This spell has a recharge time of 20 seconds after the effects of blind and stun wears off. So, this spell cannot be recasted after it is casted.

As a quicken spell, the user may choose to have this spell's effect take place before any other effect.

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