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Sasayaki Yugana
Sentinel Sasayaki Yugana
Name Sasayaki Yugana
Kanji 囁き優雅な
Romanji Sasayaki yūgana
Alias Mujōna (無情な, Soulless)
Shi no aijin (死の愛人, Death Mistress)
Race Human
Birthdate April 27
Age 32
Gender Female
Height 6'5'
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Blood Type D
Professional Status
Affiliation Sentinel Order SymbolSentinels
Previous Affiliation Herself
Occupation Senior Member of the Sentinels
Previous Occupation Independent Mage/Mercenary
Base of Operations Heavenly Palace
Personal Status
Status Active
Marital Status Single
Relatives Shosai Yugana (Foster Father) (Deceased)
Magic Scythe Magic
Wind Magic
Lightning Magic
Darkness Magic
Water Magic
Cutter Magic
Weapons Shukaku
Various Spears and Scythes

Sasayaki Yugana (囁き優雅な, A Whisper Elegance) is a former Independent Mage/Mercenary who took on various jobs. Now she is a member of the secret order of the Sentinels, being one of its senior members at the moment and is held highly for her skills in weaponry and on the field during missions.




Magica and Abilities

Natural Abilities

Immense Magical Powers

Weapon Combat Expert

Field Specialist

Hunter Expert

Marksman Expert

Immense Reflexes

Immense Speed

Magical Abilities

Scythe Magic

Darkness Magic

Wind Magic

Lightning Magic


Cutter Magic

Water Magic




Shukaku (収穫, Harvest): The Shukaku is a powerful scythe that some say was forged and wielded by Death himself before he lost it in battle and it feel into Earth Land over 1,000 years ago. Shosai, Sasayaki's foster father, somehow came into possession of this item and handed it down to Sasayaki before his death. The mere sight of Shukaku is capable of bring fear towards the wielder's enemies due to its demonic markings and the presence of Death himself around it. The main ability of the weapon is that despite its size its very light and can cut through anything, even magical spells themselves.

Various Spears and Scythes:

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