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Satanic Awakening
Satanic Awakening



Satanikku Kakusei

Parent Magic

Darkness Magic


Richard Buchanan

Satanic Awakening (悪魔の覚醒 Akuma no Kakusei, "Lit"; Awakening of the Devil) is a very powerful Darkness Magic spell used by Richard Buchanan.


Satanic Awakening is one of Richard's most powerful spells, evident by how he hasn't shown it before. It is the extreme build up of magical energy into an unstable, crackling orb of darkness which he keeps in his palm before directing it towards the ground. At the moment it makes contact, it explodes by immediately absorbing surrounding magical power, causing it to become an extremely large pillar of dark energy. It seems that to invoke the spell, one must recite an incantation.

  • Incantation: Mary Immaculate, Star of the Morning. Chosen before the creation began, Destined to bring, through the Light of your Feathers, Satan's conquest, Purge through Iblis, it begins anew! (朝のメアリー原罪スター。作成はあなたの羽の光を通じて持っ運命、開始前に選択し、悪魔の征服、パージはイブリースを介して、それが新たに始まる! Asa no mearī genzai sutā. Sakusei wa anata no hane no hikari o tsūjite mo~tsu unmei, kaishi mae ni sentaku shi, akuma no seifuku, pāji wa iburīsu o kaishite, sore ga arata ni hajimaru!)
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