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Saya Komuro
Name Saya Komuro
Kanji N/A
Rōmaji N/A
Race Mage
Age 21
Gender Female
Height 5"6
Weight 126 Lbs
Eyes Purple
Hair Purple
Unusual Features Tattoo, on right shoulder. Usually covered.
Professional Status
Affiliation The Dragons
Previous Affiliation None
Occupation Mage
Previous Occupation None
Team None
Base of Operations Dragon's Stronghold
Personal Status
Relatives None
Marital Status Single
Alias N/A
Magic Sword Magic

"So Beatiful....Yet, so deadly. Do not let her looks fool you. She can, and will kill you "
— Parius, about Saya

Saya is a member of the guild, The Dragons. She helped form it, and would lay down her life for it. She also has some sort of connection to the wandering mage, Parius Chitose. Why there is connection, no one really knows. Saya is an accomplished Sword Magic user, and is widely recognized for this.


Saya Komuro Battle Clothes

Saya Komuro, in her battle attire

Saya is a beautiful woman, with a voluptuous figure. She has waist length, purple hair, with two of her bangs framing her face, while a point is on her forehead. She can be seen wearing, what looks like a High School top, colored green. She wears a short, black skirt underneath this. Though, in battle situations, she will wear black shorts. She can also be seen carrying her katana around, and it rarely leaves her side. She also puts her hair into a ponytail, against a strong opponent. Also, while in battles, she will wear black, armored boots, which reach up past her knees.


Saya is somewhat like Parius, in regards to personality. She is care-free, and generally enjoys her life, to the fullest. However, she is not above using her figure, to get what she wants. She can be serious, especially if someone from her guild is in trouble. She is fiercly loyal to her Guild, and is willing, and able to risk her life for it. She is also a flirt, as she has tried it with Parius, multiple times. Parius turns her down, however. She is easily entertained, but she loves practicing her Sword magic, more than anything.


Saya was born to a normal family, and she was the only one born into it. At 13, she discovered her proficiency with a blade, when she fended off a bully, from a helpless little girl. She started training, and soon discovered a innate specialty, in Sword Magic. She excelled at it, and, by the time she was 16, she had completely mastered her own style of it. Wanting to set out, and make a name for herself, she left her humble home, and ventured into Earth-Land. A week later, she was near dead, from not preparing for the journey. she was found, by a traveling Parius Chitose. He healed her, and she decided to follow him, much to Parius's surprise.

She traveled with parius for a time, learning from Parius about his Sword Magic. she even learned one of his spells, and added her own spin to it. However, Parius knew he couldn't watch her forever. He dropped her off, at the nearest town. Using some of his contacts, he got her into a lesser known Guild. However, Saya made Parius promise to see her, every once and a while. He accepted, and left. It would be years until she saw him again.

Saya soon left the Guild, and strted one of her own, with an unknown benefactor. The Dragons became her pride, and joy, and she defended it fiercly, up until her current years.

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