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Scarecrow Magic



Kakashi Mahō


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Reina Glory

Scarecrow Magic (かかし魔法, "Kakashi Mahō")


This Magic works by allowing Reina to utilize her Eternano to conjure a large Scarecrow-like being out of thin air. The conjured Scarecrow comes equipped with either a scythe or a pair of nail-shaped claws, depending on the spell used, and functions much like an automaton would as it is capable of thinking on its own accord in order to battle opponents. However, the true power of this magic does not show through the conjured warrior, but shines once the Scarecrow is destroyed by the opponent's attack.

Once the Scarecrow is struck by a sufficient force, it will burst into a cloud of thin magically-laced straws that will fly about an area until they come in contact with an object or person, be they friend or foe. Once these straws have become attached to an individual they involuntarily become a living voodoo doll for Reina. This allows her to shift any sort of damage that would have been inflicted upon her, onto any of those cursed with the voodoo affliction.

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