Scarin is a prominent member of the Watcher Eye Guild. Scarin was also a former member of the gang of theives that Sparrow used to lead.


Before Scarin joined the guild he, along with Sparrow, Akashiro and Yomi, were members of a noble group of theives, that stole from the Royal Family and other opressive rich people and gave it to the poor. While he was member of the gang he learned about how Sparrow had narrowly escaped from Arkaeus' massacre of Sparrow's village.

One day, Scarin along with Sparrow and the rest of their gang, by chance they met Sparrow's father Marco, who had survived the attack. After their tearful reunion Marco offered his son and the rest of the gang a place in his guild. Scarin is one of the members that joined the main guild.


Scarin is an extremely laid back person who is nearly always smiling ( although not with as large a grin as Sparrow ). Scarin also has a more competitive side, as he and Akashiro frequently get into arguements over who did the best on their jobs.

Magic and Abilities

Dimension Split: Scarin is able to empower his sword with two special abilities:

  • Trick Blade: After empowering his sword Scarin slashes an opponent separating their limbs, without physically harming them, thereby incapacitating them without actually injuring them. However, the opponent's limbs only remain separated so long as Scarin remains focused on them. Should his concentration be broken the opponent's limbs will reattach themselves. Objects that are touched by Scarin's sword while empowered with this ability can also be controlled by Scarin.
  • Repulse: Using the flat of his blade Scarin causes attacks to repelled away from him.

Master Swordsmanship: Scarin is also an incredibly skilled swordsman.

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