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Scholomance Academy of Magical Arts
Kanji スコーローマンス魔法魔術院
Romanji Sukōrōmansu Mahōmajutsuin
Administrative Information
Leader(s) Melampus Vegoia
Founder(s) Circe Melinoe
Hecate Trivia
Hermes Trismegistus
Headquarters Folkvang Castle, Valhalla
Purpose Educating Mages
Administrative History
Departments School of Abjuration
School of Conjuration
School of Dinivation
School of Enchantment
School of Evocation
School of Illusion
School of Necromancy
School of Transmutation
Heads of Department Ambrosius Aurelianus
Bendis Ningirama
Heka Isis
Medea Semiramis
Merlinus Caledonensis
Myrddin Wyllt
Sirsir Gwydion
Veles Zinitra
The Scholomance Academy of Magical Arts (スコーローマンス魔法魔術院, Sukōrōmansu Mahōmajutsuin), otherwise known informally as the Scholomance Institute or simply as Scholomance for short, is a collegiate research and educational institution of magic located in the city-state of Valhalla, situated inside Folkvang Castle. Established around the year X181 by Circe Melinoe, Hecate Trivia and Hermes Trismegistus, the Scholomance is hailed as the world's oldest surviving magical institution, predating even the Magic Council itself, and considered by many to be one of the finest schools of magic of all times. It is currently headed by the Ninth Grand Maester, Melampus Vegoia.


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The Scholomance Academy is located in Folkvang Castle, a large, nine-story high fortress standing upon the plug of Mount Surtr, situated at the western edge of Ironwoods and north of the eastern branch of the Vimur Slidr. Joining the castle is the Solomonar Colosseum, an elliptical amphitheatre built in the year X280 to commemorate the 99th anniversary of the academy's foundation. The castle complex also overlooks the nearby town of Midgard to the southeast and the Elivagar River to the southwest.

The Folkvang Castle is protected by three curtain walls, sprawling across 27 acres of green fertile land and standing 108 feet tall. Inside the castle walls, the castle complex is composed of numerous courtyards and small open spaces, together with a vast network of buildings, such as storehouses, towers, gates, corridors, turrets, and dungeons. Standing at the centre of the fortress are the Vanaheim Library, the Alfheim Fields, and the inner castle of Asgaror. The Folkvang Castle also contains many extensive grounds, including sloping lawns, flowerbeds and vegetable patches, several greenhouses and other outbuildings.



The Scholomance was founded sometime during the year X181 by the great sorceress Circe Melinoe and her two comrades Hecate Trivia and Hermes Trismegistus.

Early History

Middle History

Recent History


Core Subjects


Extra-curricular Subjects

Grading System





Admission to the Academy

Apprenticeship Years

Daily Routines at the Academy


Journeyman Years

Maester's Trial



  • Apprentice (弟子, アプレンティス, Apurentisu)
  • Journeyman (職人, ジャーニー, Jānī)
  • Maester (老師, マイスター, Maisutā)
  • Archmaester (総老師, アークマイスター, Ākumaisutā)
  • Elder (元老師, エルダー, Erudā)
  • Grand Maester (大老師, グランドマイスター, Gurandomaisutā)


  • Black Spell (黒魔法隊, ブラックスペル, Burakkusuperu)
  • Blue Spell (青魔法隊, ブルースペル, Burūsuperu)
  • Red Spell (赤魔法隊, レッドスペル, Reddosuperu)
  • Green Spell (緑魔法隊, グリーンスペル, Gurīnsuperu)
  • White Spell (白魔法隊, ホワイトスペル, Howaitosuperu)


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