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Scorpius is a young female mage with long black hair, red eyes, and a womanly body. She can attract anyone of either gender and ask them to do her bidding if she liked.


Scorpia is very outspoken about her feelings, and will charm everyone one, either gender, with her smooth talk and looks. She could be considered very sexually open. She likes to help people, but mostly likes to flirt.


Scorpia was born to a family that loved magic, and anything to do with it. Most of her family are water mages, but a select few have chosen other types of magic that attracted them better. She joined Koma Inu at the age of 19 at the blessing of her family in order to train, become stronger, see the world, and help people.

Magic Abilities

Water Spout- A ferocious and dangerous twister of water that can be made to turn any direction and shoot you out the top.

Geyser- A string of steaming hot pillars of water shooting up from her enemies feet, throwing them up in the air!

Water cannon- A cannon of water that shoots from Scorpia's hands; it's direction of travel can change after it is fired like a homing missile.

Water Pistol- This attack consists of tiny droplets of water traveling at the speed of sound, piercing through any object in their path!

Water Manipulation- The ability to move water in any shape and form that Scorpia chooses.

Water Body- The ability to turn Scorpia whole body (and any items on herself) into water. Used mostly for stealth.


Old friends, new beginnings: Our first introduction to Scorpia and her long time friend, Timothy Futuro.

Extra Information

Scorpia is the Hylion version of Scorpius.

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