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The Scraken
Additional Information
Primary Ability

Fire Proof Skin, Acid Spit

Located In The Desert of Kzaar

The Scraken are, arguably, the more peaceful inhabitants of The Desert of Kzaar and are well known for their unique ability to travel the surface of the desert without any trouble what so ever, even the hot sand doesn't bother them. They are creatures that can be ridden and the only way they would obey the rider is via intimidation as they are reasonably hostile towards strangers.


The Scraken are two legged magical creatures that are around the size (or just bigger) than a horse. Their skin is made up of white armour similar to the Kzaar and it covers mainly their top half. Their legs are exposed with black skin and their tails are heavily armoured. They can either be used as weapons or for balance,  the latter is their primary use.


Their only known habitat is in the Desert of Kzaar where they live on the surface in groups, they hunt the desert in pack where they scavenge the wastelands for any meat left on the enormous bones that litter it or ,if they ar lucky, an unlucky traveller that can serve as a meal. They themselves are also prey to the Kzaar and they are hurded like cattle underground by them.


Just like the Kzaar, the Scraken are extremely versatile creatures. Unlike the Kzaar, however,they are not bothered much by sunlight and can travel over grounf via their extremely sturdy feet. Their feet are ablt to withsatnd extremely high temperatures and they have high endurance. Theur primary ways to dfend themselves are via biting their opponent or swinging their tail. Their only other defence mehcanism is the heavily acidic spit that they can luanch from their mouths.

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