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Screw magic
Screw Magic



Caster Type


Yuu Ume

Screw Magic (ネジの魔法, Neji no Mahō) Is a Caster Type Magic which allows the user to create different varities of screws, It is the signature magic that Yuu Ume both created and uses.


This magic allows Yuu to create any kind of screw in any form or size he can even make a screw that is taller and bigger than him, even though he cannot create his own kind of screws he can still change the screw's weight and height
Screw sword

An example of Yuu changing the screw's form

making it smaller, bigger, thinner, lighter or even make them sharper which allows him to change the screws characteristics to his liking. Even after creating a screw Yuu is still capable of changing the screw's characteristics.

When a screw is created it's as weak as an ordinary screw which can be changed easily if the user enhances the screws capabilities.

The process of creating a screw is not very difficult, all that is needed for Yuu to do is completely open his hand and then materialize a the type of screw with the changes Yuu wishes to change in the screws characteristics asside its type, then the screw that he materialized will apear out of thin air in his palm. The exact limit of screws that Yuu can create is currently unknown.


  • So far, Yuu has used the Drywall Screw as a sword the most out of all the other screws that are available for use.
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