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Sea Dragon's Crushing Fang



Umiryū no Saiga

Parent Magic

Sea Dragon Slayer Magic


Tsun Gravier

Sea Dragon's Crushing Fang is a Sea Dragon Slayer Magic Spell.


The user surrounds one of their hands with water before lashing out with the engulfed hand, striking with the fingertips and leaving a wake of water behind them as they do so. Altering the temperature can result in scalding hot slashes, or cold strikes that can numb the pain and conceal the lengths of the damage caused. Heat and Freeze Magic can result in searing hot strikes that burn enemies, or fingernails covered in ice and used like actual claws. The wake of water can also be used as a method of attack.

When used with Dragon Force active, the slicing power of the attack is amplified vastly, and the wakes of water can be used as additional ranged attacks with a high degree of cutting power on their own.

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