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"Really Flick her name is Livella, that's "All Evil" spelt backwards, come on..."
— Sophia commenting on Flick's obliviousness towards people

"Really Flick, her name is Livella, thats "all evil" spelt backwards, and look at her, come on,"

— Sophia commenting on Flick's obliviousness towards women

Sebastian Zazel (セバスチャンザセントオブラブ, Sebasuchanzasentooburabumore commonly known as Flick (due to his always flicking out no matter how much Evelyn tried to get it down, Most members dont know thats the reason) by most of his guild: He is also a S-Class mage of Griffin Fall, and also tied for second strongest in the guild. Along with beinng an adopted son of Evelyn Zazel as well as the adopted borther of Seraph Zazel.Unknowningly to him he is also the younger biological brother to Zeke Kor.

Sebastian Zazel


Kanji セバスチャンザセントオブラブ
Rōmaji Sebasuchanzasentooburabu

Blood Lord (血卿,Chi kyō)











Unique Traits Red eyes
Professional Status

GriffinFallGriffin Fall

Guild Mark Location

Wrist Right


S-Class Mage

Previous Occupation

Independent Mage

Team ?
Base of Operations

Griffin Fall HQ

Personal Status



Evelyn Zazel (Foster Mother)

Seraph Zazel (Foster Brother)

Unnamed Parents 

Zeke Kor (Brother)

Andraste Zazel (Foster Sister)


Will Magic

Sword Magic

Soul Weapon Magic  

Re-equip (basic)

Blast Magic 

Soul Weapons Ragnarok 


Flick (Sebastian Zezel
Flick is a young man of average height and is considered by most to be quite handsome. He normally wears formal clothing, but has it in an informal manner. He achieves this by having his tie loose and his shirt unbuttoned at the top. He has been known to wear more casual clothing, but they are always black and white, which are his favorite shades of colour.


Flcik is confident, cocky and a moron when it comes to reading a situation. He is also kind and caring which means he will get involved when he shouldn't. But more than anything, he is selfish, he follows his own logic to a fault, and will do what he thinks is right even if that is against the rules laid before him. Flick is also a sucker for a damsel in distress and is blind to the truth .He is also known to be quite slack when people others are trying to imply things, like when Misacora was trying to imply that Sophia likes flick he had no clue what so ever. 


Magic and AbilitIes

Keen Intellect: It has been said by several people that Flick is one of the most talent mages they have ever seen, and when it comes to magic he is able to figure how the user is using the magic, and work around it. He can be easily fooled into thinking someone is in danger when they themselves are the ones putting people in danger. Flick generally looks to others in regards to when someone is bad or good as he is a terrible judge of character.

Colossal Magical Power

Master Hand-to-Hand:

Will Magic (意志魔法 Ishi mahō): Will magic is a form of caster magic the takes different forms depending on the users will, Flick is the most proficient user in WIll magic, as his Will is iron clad meaning he believes in himself one hundred percent even when he is wrong, he'd just simply laughed it off.

  • Blood Will (血意志Chi ishi): Flick will manafests it self in the form of blood due to the first thing he remembers is his village being destoyed and the ground covered in blood.
    • Blood Field (血フィールド,Chi fīrudo)
      • Blood Typhoon (血台風Chi taifū):
      • Blood Storm (血嵐,Chi arashi):

Soul Weapon Magic: 


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