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Sei is from a small village located in the country of Bellum called Warriors Village.She was trained to hunt, fight and become like that of a monster capable of defeating anyone and anything. Thanks to a fateful meeting with a young Wizard named Zero she able to leave her village and explore the wonders of Earthland. Do to her inexperience and lack of knowledge of the world she became a mercenary out of necessity. Mostly entailing the hunt of Dark guilds. She became so good at it the underworld gave her the name "The Reaper"
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Lower Back(Left Side)


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Ura's Outpost

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Zero Isdeth(Spouse)
Gale Isdeth(Father)


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Sei Isdeth 1

Sei is a slim, but very athletic individual with long soft blonde hair that she usually has tied up on a ponytail that she either likes to part to the side or the back depending on her mood, usually a good sign when parted to the side as she is mostly in a good mood. Her eyes are a stunning blue, that despite the nature of her previous job, she has been able to keep them looking so confident and serene making anyone that looks her way think everything will be okay. Though her enemies think otherwise when looking at her outward appearance as she sports a black and grey tuxedo, with black silk gloves and black dress pants and shoes, making her look like a professional assassin. beneath her black jacket she wears a grey dress shirt with a silver tie.

Sei Skip 2
After going back home accompanied by most of the members of the Mercenaries and her husband Zero to train, she spent three years amongst them training and perfecting their abilities also garnering a new look. Having learned Hair Magic, just like her deceased mother. She began to wear a black shirt with an orange custom fitted jacket that has a belt near her right and left shoulder that peers over her right and left arm slightly while the bottom of the jacket having a black cloth making it look like she is wearing a short skirt. Also, Wearing Black tight pants and sporting white short heels.


During her younger days when she was still living in her village, she was quite outgoing always full of energy, being one of the strongest despite her age which also garnered her respect from her fellow villagers which she returned with smiles and humility. She was never one to boast about her strength or status even though she was the village chiefs daughter. Sei was never one to think herself above others and treated everyone equally, though at times she would have to show her serious side to those that would bring potential harm to the village and people. She would not hesitate to make harsh decisions even if it earned her the scorn of those around her. She has always had the well being of the village first before anything else, even personal belief or want. That is until she met her husband Zero Isdeth, who at that time was just a young traveling Wizard who was in search of clues regarding his past. Although he was treated kindly, everyone was on edge not really sure of his motives or goal. That is except for Sei who was more curious then anything. Sei was more open minded then most of the villagers. Unlike them, she would be excited for new things, for change. She desired knowledge. She was oblivious to the rest of the world through no fault of her own as no villagers ever wished to talk much of the world outside the village. Almost no one untill Zero, ever visited. She was the first to greet Zero and the first to help him open up little by little as he was distant at first. What Sei wished for more then power was knowledge. Weeks went by as she and Zero would talk almost every night about his travels and the different people he had met. Sei was genuinely intrigued always asking questions always wanting to know more with each story, showing much wonder gleaming from her eyes. Sei was set to marry the strongest warrior in the village, but thanks to Zero botching the wedding, she was able to speak her mind and ask her father for a chance to explore the world, which she was granted, but not before being wed to Zero, do to his interference in the wedding. Majorly do to some village customs, Sei and Zero had to uphold. Though Zero offered to accompany her during their travels, Sei declined knowing full well he had a mission of his own and asked Zero to travel separately. Thanks to some advice from Zero, Sei managed to reach a nearby town that was home to a Mercenary guild, that Sei later joined. What attracted her to this guild was the huge library within its walls and after going everyday to read, she was eventually asked to join which she did. During these times, Sei would take on a more serious demeanor as her new job required her to mostly hunt down, Dark Guilds who terrorized the people of Earthland. At times she seemed to be cold, uncaring, not easily approachable. Mainly do to the things she witnessed during her hunts and how far Dark Guilds are really able to go. She tried to shut her emotions down to a minimum thinking they would be a weakness that could be easily exploited by those who have made her their enemy. She was even branded as "The Reaper" by her enemies who began to think of her in the same way they did death. Her very presence was like a malicious dark entity who's only purpose was to kill. This was something she acknowledged as something that had to change, but thought that she was to far gone to return to the way she was, that is until Zero interfered yet again. With the help of Zero and some friends she had made, Sei slowly regained herself back, promising herself she would never be just a cold,calculating, killing machine again. Though Zero's interference was brief and they went their separate ways, they did agree to meet several times each month to spend time together. Though they were married do to some circumstance. They both did have feelings for each other after spending so much time together and agreed to remain as husband and wife.

Sei eventually joined Ura's Mercenaries who was run by Ura Fulgur, one of her old teammates and close friend. During these times, Sei was back to her old self being confident, kind and humble. Still looking at people as equals, always helping where help was needed. She did keep her serious demeanor though, but only during serious bouts where she had to go all out, as Dark Guilds were still part of her life and would be as long as she was part of a guild. Though this time around, Sei knew she was making a difference, even if it was just small one. She was truly happy and even more so, knowing she lives closer to Zero who was part of Koma Inu in the town of Onibus in Fiore. She will never openly admit it though. She still gets rather shy when shown affection, specially by Zero, but she plays it off with serious tones even though Zero never fails to catch a glimpse of her faint smiles and blushing.


Sei grew up in a large village located in Bellum called Warriors Village.The village is full of strong Wizards that are taught to hunt and kill since they can walk. Sei was exceptionally good as she was born with great talent allowing her to pick up things faster than most, plus her diligence towards her training always kept her above the rest. Warriors Village was all Sei knew and didn't worry about the rest of the world until a young traveler happened to stop by. Normally the village never gets travelers do to the fact it is so isolated from the rest of the world. The young traveler piqued the interest of Sei as all new things would. The young traveler was named Zero. He looked to be about 17 years old and was traveling Earthland in search of answers. He stayed two weeks in the village mostly to train with the villagers,but every night Sei would be told stories of the places Zero had traveled only to increase her curiosity further. Sei was to be wed to the strongest warrior in the village' as told by the village's rules. Something she had come to terms with. Until she began to wonder what the outside world was like. Up until now she was never really given a choice about how to live her life. It was always what was best for the village as a whole.,but thanks to Zero's interference Sei was able to find new conviction in her life and wanted to explore. After a few events during the wedding Sei was free to choose her path and was allowed to leave the village. Although Zero offered to tag along on her travels, she refused knowing he had his own answers to find and asked to see what she can do herself even though she was extremely grateful that Zero was able to give her the chance. It took quite a while for her to get used to the outside world as she had never experienced anything like it before. For jewels and food she had to take on jobs from the different villages she visited eventually stumbling upon a mercenary group that dealt specifically in dealing with dark guilds. She actually joined the group and became a top member in no time thinking to herself she might be able to find something to help Zero. she learned different kinds of magic and even acquired several different fighting styles along the way. Hunting down Dark Guilds became a typical day for Sei and eventually the dark guilds came to know her as "The Reaper" Ten Years passed in a flash and now Sei leaving her old mercenary group behind joined a new group who is run by one of her old acquaintance who happens to be friends with Zero.

Magic and Abilities

Expert Hand-to-Hand: Sei has mastered numerous styles of fighting, though she is mostly adept at those that target pressure points and those that require to hold her opponents for tossing or breaking bones. Do to her immense flexibility, she is able to mix in her attacks from almost any position at almost anytimes. She likes to study her opponents during battle to learn their habits,read their movements and make it as easiest as possible to render her opponents unconscious as fast as possible being one or two steps ahead of them, for what seems to be almost all the time. During her Mercenary days, she would take on numerous dark mages with just her fist and still come out on top. Even in her new guild Ura's Mercenaries, she is probably the most skilled at fighting at close range. One of her more impressive aspects of her fighting style is the ability to slip through attacks,blocking them before the opponent has time to gain full momentum with their attacks. This causes many attacks to be lessened to a great degree giving her a means to overpower her opponents a great deal of the time. This proving that Sei's most proficient weapon is her body, being able use her whole body to gain the upper hand against her opponents and even being able to throw lighting fast punches capable of breaking through steel and her legs capable of the same.

Expert Sword Play: Sei uses her swords as an extension of her body and not just a simple tool. Sei's style of sword fighting is quite unique and something she herself learned, being able to slash and change course in an instant, thus allowing for a better chance to land hits. She is even capable of using her legs to maneuver her sword and attack that way, making it a great way to surprise her opponents. With all her swords, she is able to slash with such great speed and intensity, that it even looks like she is cutting through the air, as gusts of wind seem to always leave her sword as she is swings. These backlash of winds being strong enough to cut her opponents to a great degree. Her swords seem to be able to cut through steel with ease as though it was simple paper. One impressive display of sword skill is when she uses her sword magic, which not only allows her to infuse her blades with her different magics, but lets her maneuver them freely without having physical contact, into her regular attacks. Even more impressive is her ability to switch her sword between hands during her barrages, this decreasing the time an opponent has to react to her ever changing attacks. She is even fully capable of wielding two swords at once to attack with great precision.

Great Marksmen: Her shooting skills are impeccable, almost always hitting her targets, even when they try to dodge or block. Do to her vast arsenal of bullets at her disposal, with impressive abilities, her shooting has become a great threat to those that stand in her way. She is incredibly adept at using her surroundings to her advantage for the likes of camouflaging her attacks or making her bullets ricochet to hit their opponents, even distracting them to land more devastating spells.

Immense Speed: Sei's speed can only be described as monstrous, as she is able to appear and disappear in different locations making it look like she teleports rather then runs. She is able to zip pass her opponents before they can react or even realize what is happening. Her speed is probably the most devastating aspect of all her abilities as not many are capable of keeping up, and even less are capable to actually follow her with their eyes. Even those with sensory abilities have trouble keeping up with her speed, not because they lose track of her, but because even after being able to see her movements most still can't react in time to stop her attacks.

Immense Strength: She may not look it physically, but she is in fact outrageously strong bordering on pure physical strength of giants. She is fully capable of slamming her fist into the ground and creating a massive crater and shaking the very ground. She could lift objects several times her size, one handed and with no visible strains. Crushing rocks with her barehands seems to be quite easy. More impressive is that her strength even allows her to catch weapons mid-swing and hold them so tightly, they don't budge no matter how much her opponent tries. with enough pressure, she is even able to crack or break said weapons, depending on how well the weapon is made and how strong it is.

Immense Intelligence: She loves to gather information in regards to almost anything.She feels any piece of information is vital and will try to learn anything from any chance she gets. She takes great pride in studying her opponents before or during a fight. She would rather fight smart then use brute strength to win. She plans out her actions to a great degree coming up with plans for almost any contingency allowing her to be quite a few steps ahead of her opponent.

Immense Durability: Sei's massive strength is second only to her durability, as Sei can take hits magical and physical and seem as though she received no damage. Her body seems to always have a protective layer of magic around it, which considerably lessens any damage she might receive. Even at times, her skin feels like if her opponents are hitting steel rather then flesh. Though she does dislike taking hits, and has taken great measure no receive as little damage as possible thanks to her ability to read her opponents movements and her incredible reaction time.

Massive Magical Power: Sei's Magic power is definitely something to not take lightly. She seems to always have a little bit of her magic seeping out at all times, though not dangerous or visible, it serves to have her attacks at the ready, should a fight or emergency break out. Sei is capable of using her magic spells over and over again in consecutive manner and make it seem as though her magic never runs out. She is even able to exude her magic in a way that the concentration of her magic shatters the ground and shakes the surrounding. Her very magical presence causes the area to be stifling and for those unable to resist usually faint. Even more impressive is being able to stop magical attacks with her pure concentrated magic, being able to stop a fireball with her barehand and crushing it, even swords have a hard time cutting through her thin layer of magic that she always has seeping out.

Hair Magic

Sei 3

Hair Magic (髪の魔法 Kami no Mahō) is a Caster Type of magic that involves the manipulation of one's hair, even being able to extend their hair to great lengths. Sei is able to manipulate her hair in such a way that she could shape her hair into almost any form she could think of, being able to create wings, flowers, drills, swords and many other useful shapes. Sei has been able to master this magic to a great extend and even integrate it into her fighting style, even allowing her to use her weapons along with her hair, giving her so many more ways to attack or defend. Her hair is not only able to absorb moisture which gives her an advantage against water mages, but she could also generate so much magic, her hair is also able to become a brilliant red capable of burning her targets. This type of magic also has quite a unique ability to block attacks, as the hair never comes in contact with any spell it blocks but rather the magic gathered around her hair blocks the attacks making it look like they were stopped by an invisible force. Since Sei is a Fire Mage already, she is able to combine her fire to surround her hair, not damaging her hair the slightest bit, but giving her a more protective layer against incoming attacks, or increasing her own attacks greatly. She is also able to make her hair penetrate the ground and peer out again in another location, being able to travel long distances.

Sei Hair 2
  • Wings (ウイングスUingusu): Sei is able to create wings from her hair that not only grant her the ability of flight, but she could use to defend or attack her foes. She could create these wings in almost any size, depending on the usage Sei has in mind. She could maneuver in mid air at great speeds and change direction almost instantly. She is also able to have her wings place in front of her when diving down so she could block incoming attacks and continue her charge.
    Sei Hair 1
    which she usually slams her wings into her opponent using the momentum of the dive to severely damage her foes. Sei has mastered her Hair magic so intensively she could cause the wings to either smack her opponents around with great blunt force, or she could increase the sharpness of her hair to slash at her foes causing serious damage, since her hair is capable of cutting through rock cleanly. Another way Sei like to use her wings is by having them cover to work like a shield or while covering her and then spinning at incredible speeds making the wings and herself act like a drill capable of going even through the ground.
  • Locks Barrage (髪の弾幕Kami no danmaku): This spell starts by having the ends of her hair change into fists. She can either have her hair split to make numerous fists or join together to main one giant fist, but she can use these fists to send an unending barrage towards her foe at incredible speeds. The strength of these punches is capable of taking down a thick steel door. Another way Sei like to use this spell is by having the ends change into swords rather than fists to give her great piercing capabilities. If one doesn't have the proper defenses, they would most likely be riddled with holes throughout their whole body.
  • Flower Grave (花の墓Hana no haka): This attack first works by extending her hair to ensnare her opponent. This could be done either by being close and doing it closen range or her more used method is having her hair first shoot down the ground making the attack traverse without being seen, and then having the hair rise up in her opponents location and trapping them. Once the opponent is trapped, Sei's hair begins to squeeze with great force, crushing the bone of her opponemts while also suffocating them from the lack of air. Just like her Flower Shield, Sei likes to shape parts of her hair to that of flowers.
  • Flower Shield (フラワーシールドFurawāshīrudo):This spell works by having Sei swirl her hair around her covering her from head to toe,
    Sei Hair Magic
    making it into an impressive shield that impedes many attacks from causing damage. Throughout the whole length of her hair, she shapes spots that have what seems to be flowers, though they have no additional effects. Sei much rather likes the design and is used only for her preference. Sei is fully capable of having only part of her body be covered by her swirling her as well. The purpose of this would be in creating a drill like affect, that would actually let her drill through the floor to evade attacks or if she is high above her opponent she could use this drill to directly attack her foe while at the same time working as a shield, should her opponent try to counter. Thanks to the drilling affect this spell causes, breaking through spells is made a lot easier.


Transformation (変身魔法 Henshin Mahō) is a Caster Magic that allows Sei to transform into almost anyone. Making a perfect copy of sorts, being able to copy their voice,mannerisms and when studied enough even their fighting habits. Though it does not mean she could copy their magics. With this Magic, she has also be able to perform Take Over Magic which is essentially being able to transform into certain beasts, either whole body or certain limbs. Each beast giving Sei a boost in stats or different abilities, as can be seen by her strongest take over and her only Demon Take Over at the moment, Honō no Joō.

Honō no Joō

Hono no joo

Honō no Joō (炎の女王Flame Queen) is Sei's strongest Take-Over and her only Demon Soul Take-over. She obtained this form after defeating a horned magma demon located inside an active volcano that was moments away from ravaging the land surrounding it and it's many inhabitants. In this form her Fire Magic increases to a great degree being able to form it at least five times faster then before and with a higher intensity to the point regular weapons would melt instantly.This is also true should someone try to swing at Sei with a weapon. The weapon would either pass through her body being melted in the process or she will block the attack and cause the weapon to melt or super heat in seconds. This form also grants her great control over heat in many ways such as creating heat based attacks or even flight. Some of her clothing are as hot as magma and give out an incredible heat that permeates the air causing it to become incredibly hard to breath and it seems as if everyone around is slowly getting their energy sapped away. The horns around her body and head are always lit on fire and seem to be able to absorb Fire based attacks. Although it won't heal Sei or give her back stamina it does help to increase her own fire power and stats further. This demon Form is also able to use all of Sei's other Magics,but don't necessarily gain a boost

All Parameters: Sei's all ready impressive physical and magical prowess gets at outrages boost making her quite an adversary to almost anyone. Her fire can destroy whole towns in mere seconds,turn a beautiful green lush field into a barren wasteland of ferocious fire. Even have lakes or streams evaporate from the intensity of her flames,but of course Sei has great control over her hightened prowess and would never even think of committing these acts and only uses this power to protect her comrades or anyone in need.

Fire Absorption: Sei's body can absorb any type of flame attack or natural flame through her horns located on her head and various other places in her body. It does not regain her health or even replenish her magic or stamina,but it does increase her own power further for much more devastating attacks. Another use of this is storing the absorbed attacks into a condensed form usually a small sphere or spear that when launched,depending on how much was absorbed could have devastating results.

Flight: Using the heat that is generated from her own body and clothes, Sei manipulates the heat to surround and engulf her,thus allowing the heat to move her freely about the air. The heat allows her to traverse through the air without using too much of her magic and she can move even faster by having a constant flames burst from the bottom of her feet, like if they were rocket boots. Increasing the intensity of course gives her greater speeds.

  • Fire Burst (火災バーストKasai bāsuto): This spell starts by Sei creating a Fire orb of anysize, then proceeding to punch,kick or push the orb which causes it to burst into numerous smaller orbs charging in the direction it was pushed. These smaller orbs burn everything they come in contact with providing not only a strong attack, but a widespread one capable of hitting numerous targets. This spell does have another ability, which is when it's hit by another person besides Sei, the orb will burst in the direction of the aggressor pelting them with the fireballs and burning them greatly. 
  • Prism (プリズムPurizumu): Sei starts this spell by first pointing at her intended target with her palm and then creating a large fire sphere around the intended target. The sphere is made up of fire magic circles that shoot fireballs inward towards the target trapped inside. These fireballs not only burn but create small explosion when coming in contact with the target for added damage. After its initial attack is done and all the fireballs have been released, then the sphere constricts to the size of the target and then proceeds to explode and cause massive damage leaving a large crater in its wake and causing serious damage to the one trapped inside.
  • Demon's Tear (悪魔はティアAkuma wa tia): Sei starts by gathering her magic along with the Eternano in the surrounding area to create a giant fireball above her opponents. This giant fireball has numerous rings made up of magic circles that spin around it in an erratic manner. After the ball of fire is formed and the rings begin to circle it, then it proceeds to let out a highly concentrated beam of fire that incinerates anything in it's path. The aftermath of the blast usually leaves a large and deep hole with fire burning strongly in the immediate vicinity do to the shockwave it creates when it hits the ground. This spell is capable of leveling a large city leaving nothing but a sea of fire.
  • Rising Meteor Shower (ライジングメテオシャワーRaijingumeteoshawā): Sei gathers her magic and the Eternano in the area to create a large fire magic circle in the ground, that proceeds to shoot up numerous large fireballs that looks like meteors. They cause major bludgeoning damage while they rise and once they get high enough, they will explode but cause hundreds of fireballs to rain down in a large spread area, this being one of Sei's strongest spells.
  • Demon's Wrath (悪魔の怒りAkuma no ikari): Concentrates a large amount of Magic in her hands and then proceeds to slam said Magic into the ground causing a small scale earthquake only affecting the immediate vicinity.While also having numerous fire pillars rise up from the ground in many different locations. The only safe zone is a small radius on Sei's exact location.
  • Fire Rising (火はライジングHi wa raijingu): Causes a strong concentrated stream of fire almost like a tornado to rise up around herself. This works as a great defense and offense, as not only will it block attacks, but anyone caught in it will suffer grievous burns. Sei also applies this technique to when surrounded as she is also able to cause the stream to burst and create a shockwave of ferocious flames to traverse the area.
  • Demon's Rule (悪魔のルールAkuma no rūru): Creates an area of burning flames that are constantly trying to wrap around the intended target or targets. Much like if the target was trapped in a fiery hell. The heat is so intense in makes it hard for the targets to think straight, Water seems to vaporize almost instantly in this area and the air is quite stifling for anyone not with an affinity for fire. The skin of the user seems to have the feeling of constant burning. The unique part of this spells is that should anyone try to fly and get away, they are met by small demon like fire creatures that have taken the sky as their home. While on the ground they are met with snake like fire creatures that are immune to physical attacks and are constantly trying to bite and wrap around the targets. On top of everything, Sei uses the flames as cover to let her move around unnoticed and continue her own barrage of attacks.

Fire Magic

Fire Magic (火の魔法 Hi no Mahō) Is a Caster Type magic that makes use of the element of fire.This type of magic allows Sei to create,shape and control the element as she sees fit for various purposes. Even changing the properties of this element from gas to solid depending on the usage. She is able to freely control the magical particles in the air to control her flames in anyway she sees fit, but she can also use hand motions to increase the speed of her attacks and their respond time.(ex: If she fires a fireball. She can direct where and how it moves by moving her hands in the direction she wants the fireball to go.) she has learned to change the colors at will, but the different colors have no added affects even though she could master Rainbow Fire as it is one of the sub-magics of Fire Magic. Her flames are not affected by nature such as water and ice since she can create fire under water and can melt ice easily and thanks to her inner flames most temperatures will not bother her at all whether it be ice cold or extremely hot. She is also granted some control over the heat in the surrounding area, that allows her to create shields or platforms even making her capable of standing or jumping in mid-air.

  • Budō Flames (格闘技炎Kakutōgi-en): Sei combines martial arts with her flames. This spell requires little magical energy and Sei can hold it for more than a day. She can combine most of her attacks with her martial arts allowing a vast possibility of combinations.
    • Blast (ブラストBurasuto): This is an added ability of her Budō Flames that lets her shoot fire balls from her fists or feet, mainly used while in close range to cause more damage. Since these attacks are near instant, they do not travel for extended distances, unless she takes time to gather magic.
  • Rolling Pillars (ローリング柱Rōringu hashira): This spell starts by first gathering her magic in her hands and then either slamming her palm or fist into the ground which then proceeds to create rows of fire pillars to rise up and charge forward at an incredible speed. This spell alone is capable of destroying numerous buildings in a row and can also work as an impressive shield to block strong attacks. Or creating some distance between her and her opponents..
  • Giant Crash (ジャイアントクラッシュJaiantokurasshu) This spell works by first gathering her magic into her hands and then slamming it in to the ground, thus creating her fire to shoot up around her engulfing anything around her with strong flames. This spell works great as a shield and a widespread attack as the initial slam to the floor will also release a small shockwave of fire.
  • Explosive contact (爆発に連絡Bakuhatsu ni renraku): Can make any part of her body that is covered in flames explode on contact. She suffers no damage do to the fact she shields her limbs by increasing her defenses at the moment of impact.She creates a veil of fire that is stronger than the explosion allowing her to be unscathed from her own attacks.
  • Pain (痛みItami): Engulfs her fists with flames and as soon as she makes contact her magic is actually dispersed within the targets body causing small explosions within the targets body. This technique is incredibly painful and can make almost anyone pass out. This technique will also not leave any lasting damage within the body.


Requip (換装, Kansō) is Holder Type Magic that allows Sei to store her weapons and equipment into a dimensional pocket that she is able to call forth at any moment, thus allowing her easy access to her weapons even during battle. Though this does have a limit of 100 items within her dimensional pocket, she keeps her other belongings in her room in the guild and can switch them with others when she wishes.

Armor: White Fire

Armor-White Fire

Sei's armor White Fire (Howaitofaiaホワイトファイア) has control over Light and Fire Magic and combining the two has brought about a special affect that has turned the Flames it uses to white. Although it does not increase the intensity of the flames that are already strong thanks to Sei's Magical Power, it does get a few added abilities such as; the flames can emit a blinding light from all it's attacks, which is useful for blinding the target or targets to enable Sei to be more aggressive with her attacks or to run away if she has to.Also, this armor has one special ability called Flames of Purification that works like dispel. The Flames can also be changed to different shapes and objects much how Light Magic can be shaped to different things like whips,ropes, shields,walls etc.

Increased Speed: This armor gives Sei an outstanding boost in speed being able to dart about the room in a flash in a continues manner. Allowing her to dodge attacks easily or to get close to her targets and land attacks of her own. She can also increase.her speed further, that each time she moves about, an afterimage is created in the previous place. This allows her to confuse her enemies greatly bya making it seems as if there are like 20 Sei's running around while letting her attack as well during the confusion.

Flame Control: Using her white flames to wrap around another flame based attack, she could essentially take over the attack and make it her own, thus allowing her to send the attack right back at her opponent. This can only work if the flames are as strong or weaker then her own flames. She cannot take over flames that are stronger than hers.

Flames of Purification: This spell works like dispel, with the slight change that it is in flame form. Sei can control how the flames move. Sei usually sends this spell in wave form,but is not limited to it as she can also send this spell as a stream,curved projectiles or fireballs. This spell does not cause any damage and only works to dispel magic, but she is able to engulf an opponent in these white flames to disable their magic for a short period of time allowing her a chance to land attacks of her own.

  • Brilliant Bomb (ブリリアント爆弾Buririanto bakudan): Shoots a White Fire ball at the intended target that not only causes a blinding light,but once it gets close enough to its target, the White Fire ball will burst and release numerous rays of light in every direction. These rays of light have quite the piercing power being able to burn holes through the ground and other obstacles, but it can burn through steel easily.
  • Illusionist Blade (イリュージョニストブレイドIryūjonisutobureido): Engulfs her blade in her White Flame and then Proceeds to throw it at her target. Once the blade leaves Sei's hand it gives out a ray of light creating hundreds of blades to fly towards the target. All the other blades created are small White Fire needles that cause minor damage. Should the Blade it self hit the target, it will cause a small explosion that gives the target severe burns.
  • Rising Beast (ビーストライジングBīsutoraijingu): Engulfs her blade with a large amount of her White Flames and then proceeds to stab it in the ground. From the blade a large rising pillar emerges charging towards her intended target, burning everything it its path. When it reaches her target, it causes a large explosion.
  • Wrath of the Eight Beasts (エイト獣の怒りEito-jū no ikari): Engulfs herself and her blade with White Flames. She proceeds to attack her opponent with an 8 hit combo. Each slash she throws, goes through her opponent like if it was a ghost. leaving a white line on her opponent where ever she slashed them. Once she has landed all 8 hits, all the eight lines begin to burst in order they were made. Each burst stronger then the previous one, ultimately causing severe cuts and burns on her opponent in the end.


Water Sword:Impersonator (モノマネMonomane): Brings forth a sword imbued with water.This sword is able to extend and retract at the behest of its owner.

  • Whip (ホイップHoippu):The sword can extend and become a long whip that Sei can use to attack or capture her foes. She can also use it to wrap around objects or people and toss them with ease.
  • Water Sickle (水鎌Mizu kama): Shoots curved like projectiles everytime she swings her sword that have quite a blunt force.
  • Water Fairies (水の妖精Mizu no yōsei): Can break the sword down to multiple water orbs that she can command to attack her targets. They are quite fast and attack with an incredible blunt force.

Thunder Sword:Sight Blinder (サイトブラインダーSaitoburaindā): Brings forth a sword imbued with lighting.

  • Snake (ヘビHebi): The lightning infused blade turns in to a large snake made of lightning. Only the blade part is transformed while the hilt part remains in the users hands. She can control the movements of the snake by moving the hilt in the direction she wishes the snake to go.
  • Lighting Shield (ライトニングシールドRaitoningushīrudo): By swinging her sword in a crossing motion the sword leaves a trail of lighting that is capable of blocking major attacks.

Wind Sword:Anemoi: Brings forth a sword imbued with wind.

  • Updraft (上昇気流Jōshō kiryū): Swings her sword upward creating a massive wind that blast anything nearby to the sky while at the same time cutting anything that gets caught in the wind.
  • Wind Drill (風のドリルKaze no doriru): Makes the air around the blade circle the sword at an unbelievable speed making the blade look like a large drill. It has quite the piercing power being able to go through large rock formations cleanly.
  • Wind Sickle (風鎌Kazakama): Shoots curved like projectiles everytime she swings her sword that have quite the cutting power.

Guns Magic

Is a Holder Type of Magic that deals with the shooting of Magical bullets. The Magical bullets can have varying effects. The Bullets vary from Fire,Wind and Light but is not limited to those. Sei's main gun would be a handgun made of adamantine that she calls Muerte.

Gun- Muerte (死神Shinigami): Is a Handgun made of Adamantine that Sei custom built with the help of numerous weapon makers.

  • Void Shot (ボイドショットBoidoshotto): Loads her gun with dispelling Magic Bullet that allows Sei to negate any spell that makes contact with the bullet. The bullet cannot dispel multiple spells at once, but Sei is able to fire quite a numerous amount allowing her to fire multiple times in case she is targeted from multiple sides.
  • Sun Shot (日ショットNi~Tsu shotto): Fires bullets that can let out a flash of light. They can either blind an opponent or she can concentrate the blast to pierce her targets.
  • Fire Shot (火災ショットKasai shotto): Fires bullets made of fire. She can either shoot a single shot or she can shoot a constant barrage of them.
    • Area bomb (エリア爆弾Eria bakudan): Can fire a bullet of fire that implodes when it makes contact with any magic or object that causes the target to be absorbed into the blast allowing for great defensive strategies. If the bullet hits a living being then the bullet explodes creating a concentrated blast only the size of a foot causing massive damage.
  • Homing Shot (ホーミングショットHōmingushotto): Shoots mulitple bullets of energy towards the desired target. The bullets wont vanish until they hit their mark or are stopped by another magic. They can easily pierce threw rock or other obstacles.
  • Bouncing Bullet (バウンス弾丸Baunsu dangan): Shoots a magical bullet that will ricochet of everything until the desired target is hit. The more the bullet ricochets the more damage it will inflict when it makes contact. It can get so strong that a single bullet is capable of destroying a large building.
  • Energy Shot ((エネルギーショットEnerugīshotto): Shoots bullets of pure magical power. They can either be incredibly powerful or extremely weak depending on how Much energy Sei puts into the shot. Sei likes to use these bullets as a blunt force when she wishes to defeat her foe without killing them, or when she needs to move something from a great distance. She mostly uses these shots for close range battles mixing in her sword or martial arts with it.

Sword Magic

Is a Holder Type of Magic involving the use of swords. The weapons act as mediums for the Sei to use many different attacks. She can change extend her attacks through the use of her weapons allowing for short to mid-range attacks. Like shooting a curved projectile of energy from the blade able to cut or damage her targets greatly. She is also able to remotely control her weapons. Sei can add the properties of her magic to the sword or even change the physical properties of the blade like making it extend to a great length or retracting it turning it like a dagger or short sword. She can also turn it to a blunt weapon or increase the sharpness.

Sword- Liberator (リベレーターRiberētā): Sei's Favorite sword and the one she has mastered most.

  • Extend and Retract: Can change the swords properties allowing the blade to extend to a longer reach almost instantly and can also make it retract to form a dagger or short sword should she wish to. The sword is capable of extending to 20ft.
  • Projectiles: Can concentrate energy into the sword to shoot Projectiles from the tip or if she swings her sword. The sword lets out a curved projectile that is the length of the sword.
  • Absorb: Can infuse the blade with her other magics like, Fire,Dispelling and Teleportation.
    • Fire: Imbues sword with Fire.
      • Fire Bullet (火災弾丸Kasai dangan): Throws a single or barrage of fire bullets from the tip of the blade.
      • Explosive Contact (爆発に連絡Bakuhatsu ni renraku): She can make it to where every time the sword makes contact, it creates a small explosion.
      • Flame Absorb (炎が吸収しますHonō ga kyūshū shimasu): When blocking or attacking any fire based attack the sword is able to absorb it and increase its fire power.
      • Wheel (ホイールHoīru): Freely maneuvering the sword she can make it spin incredibly fast and make it chase her target in form of a giant flaming disc. It burns and cuts anything it its way.
      • The End (終わりOwari): Sei imbues Liberator with a large amount of Magical Power that contains both Fire and Teleportation Magic. She then Jams the blade into the ground and instantly a large Seven sided pentagram made of fire is formed on the ground. From each end of the seven sides, large Fire snake like creatures with dragon heads, rise up. No physical or magical attacks work on the creatures or Sei at this point do to the activation of Teleportation making Sei and her dragons intangible the moment they are attacked.. The dragons have an immense heat capable of melting rock and attack by crashing and slamming into their targets from all sides. After a short while, they begin to wrap themselves around their target, exploding one after the other. The explosions become stronger after each one. Meaning the first dragon deals moderate damage while the second does even more then the third and so on. Once the last dragon is remaining it will have gathered enough heat and fire to create a large explosion capable of leveling a town. This attack can only be achieved with Liberator.
  • Dispelling: Adds Dispelling magic to the sword. While doing so she cannot combine any other magic to the sword at the same time do to the nature of Dispelling Magic. She is able to change between magics rather fast.
  • Teleportation: Adds her Teleportation Magic to her blade which makes the blade invisible. Making it incredibly hard for anyone to predict the swords trajectory or the length.

Dispelling Magic: Is a type of magic that allows Sei to negate any spell.


Liberator: Is Sei's favorite Sword that is made of a strong alloy that seems to be almost unbreakable. It is quite lightweight and extremely sharp.

Long sword

Muerte: Is the first Gun Sei ever acquired. This gun is jet black and made completely of Adamantine. It took quite a few skilled weapon makers to make and it took a whole year to actually complete.

Sei's Handgun Muerte

  • Impersonator
  • Sight Blinder
  • Anemoi



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