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Separation from the world
Separation from the world




Parent Magic

Disassembly Magic


Harry Houdini

Separation from the world (轗軻 Kanka) is a Disassembly Magic spell.


The user, unlike traditional Disassembly Magic, casts Disassembly Magic upon themselves. This in turn allows them to split themselves as well as their magical power proportionally into smaller versions of themselves. This can be used in a variety of situations, including; escaping from a binding, dodging a noticeably sudden attack, or merely using it for comedic situations. A masterful practitioner of this spell may even be able to control the proportion of "splitting" to the extent where they don't create many "chibi" versions of themselves, but rather, five-six real clones, which can inflict and take damage on the user's behalf. These can also be used as a learning tool, as these clones share experiences, and once turned into the original, all their experiences converge into the one individual.

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